Matsui Rena's Official Blog - 14\03\2014

Many lols.


It’s Rena(・ω・)

The performance in Music Station is over.

Today I unusually tied my hair up in a bun.
I tried out an hairstyle different from everyone else’s.
How was it?

Dunno if it’s because I was making merry into the upper frame, but…during the broadcasting I received a mail from a friend saying: “Please stop, you’re creepy”.
I’m sorry I got crazy over Kannachan, Ebichuu and X21.
I’ll properly reflect upon my behavior!
(tln: Referring to things such as this)

It was the 2nd performance in a row, for us.
I’m really, really happy about it.
Yet this should not be taken as for granted, not at all.
I think we should treasure every single appearance.
I’ll be working hard so that they’ll call us for our next single too!