ebi furai


You can be anything you want son, don’t let them stop you… ebi furai… i cant breathe…

But you were really cool doing push up that is so out of context but at least they gave me InuTen endcarrdddd yasss! And ToraTen eyecatchhhh!!!

I’m gonna stop expecting anything, just gonna let the show do whatever they want lol! Btw, get well soon Hosoyann~

Fukurodani Volleyball Club Members’ Profile
Members' Profile:
Datekougyou - Aobajousai - FUKUROUDANI - Nekoma

Hello Haikyuu tag! Can I ask for help finding the information about the rest of Fukurodani’s members profile that was apparently shown in volume 11? I’m mainly missing their recent trouble and ability parameter, so if you know about it, please tell me! Thank you! ^^ (also I might read their kanji wrongly so please tell me if I made mistake too!)

Under the read more are their profile that I found (Konoha’s name is so pretty and Onaga’s favorite food is just too cute!)

EDIT: Finally completed thanks to this post!

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