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and max finding out that david was abandoned because of him being trans and cutting the guy some slack when he seems worn out and then max saves up his money and buys david a new binder cause his current one is all raggedey from years of use and david just cries and max is freaking and then david just hugs him because hes never had someone so supportive of him before

and just david slowly learning to fka ebetter care of himself but theres always going to be that one asshole and its time for camp again and david forgot to get a haircut like an idiot so he looks more feminine and a new parents commenta that “your a beautiful young lady why did you cut your hair?” and david just flinching because of dysphoria and the kids are just /pissed/ and nikki and max lead david away while the kids explain to the parent and max just makes david hot coco and AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

and just the campers slowly finding out what a good day and bad day is for david and helping him out in anyway on bad days ( letting him play the theme song 10 times in a row , bringing him hot chocolate , letting him successfully do a camp class ) and just cutting him slack on he good days cause they can quickly turn into bad days and david just doesnt know what to do cause no ones ever really done stuff like this for him before

Can I have a moment of silence for my heart?

It just broke to pieces of the sheer amount of cuteness and I`m staring at it, I`ll never be able to fix this, I don`t have enough tape for this like what do I add? This is beautiful start to finish…