Random Confession time!

When I was young, ( like 4 yrs old I believe.. ) my first ever cartoon crush was.. Get ready for it.. Scrooge Mcduck.

Yeah, I think I still need to explain this one.. When I watched the Disney’s Christmas Carol, when Scrooge first showed up, acting like how Ebenzer ( hope I spell that right.. ) Scrooge in the original story, I didn’t like him that much at first but when the story progressed, I started to feel empathize and a bit sorry for him. And I the scene where Pete try’s to put Scrooge in the pits of hell, I believe.. What? It’s been years since I’ve seen it.. Anyways, moving on.. I was down right terrified and was hoping Scrooge would make it out alive, which he did at the end.. And when I first started watching Ducktales around that age, ( my library had a bunch of VHS.. ) that’s where I started really crushing on him.. That soon faded away when Launchpad Mcquack came in, I started crushing on him..

So, yeah, looking back on it.. I was a very strange child. And that doesn’t really surprised me one bit..