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hi! i'm a wiccan death witch who recently started exploring symbols and ideas that i was drawn to when i was younger and one of those things was old egypt, especially the deities [mostly anubis] and mummification practices. i've been trying to learn more about how i can incorporate that into my practice, but i can't seem to find any good resources on that subject and i have no idea what to look for. (1/2)

I got this ask so long ago and I’m sorry I’m answering it late. It’s difficult to hunt down and list death work sources.

Recently I compiled many sources for a discord I’m on, but I’d like to share them with Tumblr since a lot of people ask me for my sources. Here are some that have helped me:

Medieval Necromancy / Traditional Death Work: 

Ancient Greek Necromancy: 

 Ancient Egyptian Death Work: 

 Modern Death Workers: 

Some Fun and Morbid Youtube Channels: 

  • Ask A Mortician 
  • Under the Knife

Have fun!!!


Ebenezer Sibly. The Harmony of the World, A View of Man in his Primeval State as Invested with Power by his Creator to Rule and Govern the Elements, The Lapsed State of Man when Contaminated by Lucifer, and Under the Dominion of Sideral and Elementary, A Laboratory. A New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology. 1826.