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When will we get to see more Parent Bokuto and Teacher Akaashi XD

Anonymous said:Hey (sticks out leg) you should(flutters eyes) do more teacher au(starts crying) I miss it so much I want them back please I’m begging you hand them over

Anonymous said to askbokuaka: More single bou and teacher aka please I need it is needed so much more it’s my life source I’m begging you

hina-matsu said to askbokuaka: Are you ever going to do more about the BokuAkaHina teacher thing?

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé, photographed on a yacht in St. Tropez, France on August 19, 2003.

That Summer Hov had coached his “S. Carter” team through to the final of the infamous Rucker Park “Entertainers Basketball Classic.” His power clique had included two Rucker veterans, rebound machine John “Franchise” Strickland and sweet shooter Reggie “Hi-5” Freeman, along with NBA players Lamar Odom, LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, Jamal Crawford, Kenyon Martin, Shaquille O’Neal and Sebastian Telfair.

On August 14 in the final game they were due to face the reigning champs, Fat Joe’s “Terror Squad" team. But disaster struck the day of the final: a massive blackout engulfed New York City; leaving over 55 million citizens in the United States and Canada without electricity for nearly twenty-four hours. Tournament organizers planned to reschedule the game for the following week, but there was a major problem: Jay had already booked a private jet for August 15 to fly himself and Beyoncé to Europe for a two-week vacation. This was one of their first vacations together so, as committed as he was to his basketball team, he refused to reschedule or cancel the trip and risk alienating Bey in the early stages of their relationship.

The “S. Carter’ team would officially forfeit the match, meaning the “Terror Squad” were uncontested back-to-back champions. Putting his girlfriend over the game would mean that the beef between Jay and Fat Joe became stronger than ever.

friends to lovers!ten

prompt: how about a scenario in which the reader enters a convenience store, late night, wearing super fancy clothes and ten works in this store and they talk and sparks fly and there’s a little bit of angst but lots of fluff?

Originally posted by sunnyten0227

  • okay well so this request immediately made me think of that ten gif where he is wearing those pajama pants nd the black sweater
  • y'all KNOW the one
  • i found it and added it ^^
  • but that outfit comes in a lot later in this scenario so we’ll skip it for now
  • okay so the setting is prom
  • nd the most popular boy in school asked you so you bought this super fancy dress and wore your nicest heals and jewelry
  • you even wore fake eyelashes like you wanted to look n i c e
  • bc you’re not very popular in school and you thought your senior year would’ve gone unnoticed by everyone
  • but the cutest (*´꒳`*) boy in school asked YOU out and so ofc you accepted
  • but :(((

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David, could you please help me? I have a few (like 600) package files and my game is taking sooo long to load. Do i have too much package files? What should I do to make it load faster? Thank you :-(

Hello Anon! :]
Well, I can help you with some stuff I tried, too many things I’d say…
600 packages are not too much, in my Mods folder I have 210 Packages but I Really have 1417 files plus 61 plus 80 so I have 1558 files as total :]

So I’ve tried too many things, look this unordered list —before you start reading let me say you that this become a “Solve Your Problem” guide LOL:

  • Merging packages: The “First” Way

    With S3PE and doing it manually, you can see a tutorial in case you don’t know how Here, start at step 5

  • Merging Packages: The “Cool” Way

    With CCMagic —which is Great and saves you a Lot of time!—, at start it can be confusing but this guide is good, not the one I learned from but still nice.
    The thing with CCMagic is that I’m very organized and I have All in folders and they contain all by category so all is even more organized, look:

    And there I save the things that have a prefix :]
    I rename all my files

    A friend of mine aka Kilhian told me that CCMagic made her game run a lot lot faster because she had around 10GB of CC plus All AroundTheSims files

  • Having packages of Less than 200MB - 250MB is recommended

    So make sure any of your Merged files is more than 200MB or 250MB

  • Cleaning your Save

    It happens that sometimes your save can be of 1GB or so :0 My first save file had that size and the load times changed Too Much!
    What I did too much times was this:
    To Clean it through Save Cleaner which is the modern and programmed way to do the old way which is shown here at NRaas, this can reduce your file a lot But have this in mind:

    It will delete All the Thumbnails of your sims and the sims in the town plus some more things, the game will generate that again and again so clean it often, one per two weeks is nice —if you play too much!

    Thing I cannot do so often

  • Or Moving your Sims again

    It happens that sometimes the world can get buggy or have too many sims, I don’t know if you’d ever had that problem when the game saves forever but I’ve had, so you may want to une all your sims in a house and then saving it to library with their pictures, paintings and remembers in their pocket or library and load a new world or the same as a new game and start again :]

  • Saving As instead of Save As

    The woman at the video says —I think— that EA suggest to always Save As instead of Save, I learnt and could discover that Saving As would take a little less time for me to save —which is strange— and the save does not get corrupted as it used to get, I’ve had the same save from January or so, but don’t be excesive, use better the NRaas Saver for that, a Pop-up appears every 30 minutes asking you for save and give a name

    Watch the Video here

  • Monitoring your Town

    This game has weird things, so many I’d say, but one of these are the Wild Animals and the constant creation of NPC (Non Playable Character) in the town

    So for that I use a few Mods as are:

  • Seeing What your game Reads and why!

    There is a Great tool called Process Monitor and that thing can say you what your game is Reading and not why, you discover the why iin the next link, I learnt from Here the SimsWiki

    But I will give you a tip when you’re angry at the game, While loading and you think it’s been a while press either ALT+TAB or the Windows Key, open your ProcessMonitor.exe —previously configured— and if the game is reading per example “TheSimsSupernatural” folder toooooo much and veeery often or another EP or SP enter to the game again —if you play Fullscreen— and then start pressing random keys such as ESC | Space Bar | Enter | Shift | and in a minute or less the game will Load! That’s weird, isn’t it? But I could play by knowing that

  • Deleting your Caches

    It is good to do this, the game saves in the caches even the recolors you don’t used —And Multiple times!— so it starts getting bigger and bigger, every once a month or the time you want is nice :)
    Remember that are those:

    • compositorCache.package → This thing contains All your CASt presets and rendered objects
    • simCompositorCache.package → This things contains all your sims textures and CASt presets rendered too
    • socialCache.package → This thing downloads the news at TS3 site and your friends activity and Showtime shows and more
    • scriptCache.package → Try to delete this if you have problems with Mods or removed one and the game acts weird
    • Your WoldCaches folder can be deleted if you’re really hardcore LOL Or delete one by one
    • Your Thumbnails folder, you can leave DownloadsThumbnails.package if you use the Launcher

  • Being Really Hardcore

    This means to delete your The Sims 3 folder as this tutorial says, but don’t be That hardcore, save some useful files as these:

    • userPresets.package → Your CASt presets and saved patterns and colors
    • Options.ini → Your options of the game
    • DeviceConfig.log → Other Options
    • Your folders: Collections | ContentPatch | DCCache and the CCMerged.package inside it | Downloads if you have any | Exports if you have any, try to remove the files on this thing | InstalledWorlds if you have any | Library because OH MY GOD | SavedSims | Saves | Screenshots —those are the most important files of the game.

    Or just Rename the folder at Electronics Arts for The Sims 3 Old and move the files I say to not delete

  • Move your DCCache Files to Mods!

    I’ve not tried this one yet, but I’ve read that it can make your game faster, you basically move the files from the DCCache folder aka dcdb0.dbc —and so— and dcdb0.ebc —if you have legit Store content— to the Mods folder in another subfolder called “DCCache” and modifying the Resource.cfg by this thing —I suppose you have an Overrides Subfolder too:

    Priority 1000
    PackedFile "Overrides/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*/*/*.package"

    Priority 500
    PackedFile Packages/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*/*.package

    Priority 500
    PackedFile DCCache/*.dbc
    PackedFile DCCache/*/*.dbc
    PackedFile DCCache/*/*.world

    Priority 499
    PackedFile Test/*.package

    Priority 499
    PackedFile Probation/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*/*/*.package

  • Compressing your Stuff!

    This is more useful before merge all the CC
    You can do it with the Compressorizer Redux, I learnded from Mirrah —I’m sorry that it does not have HTML format but w/e— See it here

  • In Case your game is Crashing

    Try this tool The Sims Crash Log Analyzer —or without Register here— and if it says that one EP or SP need to be updated then use this tool called The Sims 3 Patch Downloader

  • Disabling some Memories of sims

    I use this mod called Only Important Memories and it keeps your save smaller than a regular EA one because it does not saves the “OH I went to a Park 100 Times this week” Memories, plus it is nice

And I think that it is All, long enough LOL
But I hope you can find a solution to your problem, some people uses this program Razer Game Booster, and don’t be downloading all the things you see, there are so many broken things and a lot that need to be recategorized, see how here. By the way I have a few other mods.

Plus I save my Mods in the Overrides Folder, plus the content I don’t want to merge or just does not appears in Packages, and CCMagic has its own folder but leave it alone

Have a Beautiful day Anon! Let me know if you understood LOL


Max Machine Markup
1989 240sx
BC racing coils
Custom valving
Swift springs 16/14k
Heat maker hotside knuckle
Heat maker hotside 40mm extended FLCA
Heat maker powerbrace
Ikeya Formula iner tierod
Tien outer tierod
Pbm tension rods
Pbm rack bushings
Moog ball joints
Energy suspension flca bushings
Pbm drop knuckles
Spl toe rods
Energy suspension subframe bushings
GK tech subframe reinforcement
Redtop sr20det
Apexi power fc d-jetro
Wiring specialties pro harness
Yellow top subaru 550cc injectors
s15 spec-r t28
Tomei head gasket
Tomei expreme exhaust mani
Tomei oil cap
Tomei spark plug cover
Aem boost controller
Aem wideband
Aem air filter
Arp head studs
Arp main studs
Arp flywheel bolts
Acl bearings
Aeromotive stealth 340 fuel pump
Moroso oil pan
Chase bays ps kit
GK tech catch can
GK tech fan
CX fmic
Greddy pulleys
Koyorad radiator
Custom downpipe with flex
Dual exhaust with vibrant race muffler
DSS one piece drive shaft
Xtd stock replacement clutch
Xtd light weight flywheel
Welded diff with Villains plates
Villains z33 conversion stub shafts
Z33 axles
4.3 final drive
Pbm front bbk
Pbm front z32 calipers
Braded ss brakelines
Z32 1 1/16" bmc
Acadia rear rotors + custom brackets
Ebc green rear pads
Hot road front bumper
Home made splitter
Car modify wonder skirts
Car modify wonder rear bumper
Ls460 exhaust tips
Gt-1 break ito spoiler
Dmax roof spoiler
Shaved and painted oem tail lights
Dmax hood
Dmax front position lights
Ebay rain visors
Aeromarker mirrors
Gramlights 17x9 +12, 18x9.5 +22
Arp extended studs
Muteki sr48 lug nuts
Slip-on spacers out the ass
Bride zeta iii
Buddy club rails
Bride brix ii
Bride rails
Noname hub
Nrg short quick release
Jdm woodgrain 330mm wheel
Og nissan horn button
Tomei shift knob
Aem gauges
Pbm drift button
Brown recluse garage 4pt with door bars
Slamburglars plaque
Hella dog hair


‘Camren is real!’ is the most commented thing under Camila Cabello’s and Lauren Jauregui’s posts on Twitter and Instagram. Tons and tons of video’s are made of Camila glancing at Lauren or vice versa. Video’s containing proofs of moments of the two girls barely interacting are shown as them having feelings for one another, moments of them laughing at one another etc, which btw is common in any friendship. But why has Camren, like Larry, been blown out of proportion, and why does it continue to be the number one thing on a Harmonizer’s mind when watching a video with the girls? Why, after countless times of shutting down the rumours, do Lauren and Camila still get shipped? 

Let’s start with one of the first iconic moments - 'the look’. For many harmonizers, this is the beginning of Camren. 

Let’s dissect this photo - At first glance, it does look pretty incriminating - they’re seems to be quite a bit of supposed sexual tension as they  look at one another’s lips and eyes. Or it could just be them looking at one another - because that’s what humans who are friends do? 

Here’s some other photo’s were Lauren and Camila can’t take their eyes off one another 

Now let’s have a look at a well known friendship - Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl - 

If we didn’t know who they were, Blair and Serena could look like your typical lesbian couple, could they not? But because we know their life story and the ins and outs of what goes on with them, we barely assume they’re in a relationship. Unlike Camren, we have 0 ideas of what goes on in their personal lives apart from what they show us. 

Now let’s look at how Blair and Serena LOOK at one another and compare it to the Camren Look 

Look at how both Blair and Serena look at one another - with love and care. Look at their hands, almost touching. Do we ever assume that they’re dating or have a crush on one another? No. We simply take it that they care about one another VERY deeply. Just as Camila and Lauren do. 

My next point is the hand touching and holding - 

OMG THEY’RE HANDS ARE TOUCHING, THEY MUST BE DATING. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Agreed - they ARE touching/ holding hands- but does this mean that Camren is real? No. It’s just like Serena and Blair, who also continue to look each other + hold hands and touch one another, but in the least sexual way possible. 

Let’s continue to look at Blair and Serena who are bff goals - 

OMG  don’t they look like they’re dating one another? If I didn’t know that they were best friends I’d certainly think that they were together. Wouldn’t you? 

Let’s look at some iconic Camren selfies 

Just your average friendly selfies, much like Blair and Serena's 

So far - we have put down the staring and hand holding to the fact that they care deeply about one another and were/are really good friends. 

Now let’s look at their Twitter interactions - 

Yes, Lauren started the whole Camren thing BUT we are all aware of the fact that celebrities rarely if ever have control of their own social media - ESPECIALLY Twitter. So if I’m right, management planned these tweets OR it could simply be a way for them to express their friendship. The latter seems more true. 

Oh Dinah - Also played by management to fuel Camren rumours and give 5h more publicity 

Let’s not bring up the fact that so many other celebrities ship Camren - why? Because this is a moot point. Just because somebody ships something doesn’t make it exist nor make it come into existence.

But for those of you who are still convinced that Camren is real and that they’re dating, let us take a look at the technicalities behind their relationship. I for one think that Camren was public relations (PR) and their is a lot evidence pointing towards this idea. 

Let’s begin with the fact that Camila was JEALOUS of Lauren at one point - the evidence lies in her personal notes which were leaked from her phone; she wrote this a motivational thing for herself 

She says and I quote 'you were struggling with a terrible insecurity, made even more terrible by how jealous you were of L , like you were obsessively jealous and hated her.’ 

Why would Camila be jealous of Lauren? It doesn’t make sense - if they did have feelings for one another then surely Camila wouldn’t feel jealous of Lauren.. Hmm 

Look at this message from 2012, soon after 5h were first formed, Camila is chatting shit about all her band mates but is starting to like Lauren which suggests their FRIENDSHIP 

How about the fact that Camila dated Austin Mahone and Lauren dated Brad from The Vamps. Surely these weren’t staged? 

Well we definitely know that Camila and Austin weren’t staged because of Sinu’s (Camila’s mum) tweets to Hollywood life after they accused Camila and Austin to be dating only for album promotion: 

What about Shawn Mendes? Well, Camila and Shawn ALWAYS denied dating rumours, so the majority of their interactions were PR - 

This was all for PR to boost I Know What You Did Last Summer (I guess it worked) 

(texts from Camila discussing IKWYDLS) 

And then the incriminating texts between Micheal from 5SOS and Camila - you can read the full story about that here (this basically proves that Camren is FAKE because of Camila’s heterosexuality which is pretty evident). I know that she could be bisexual or even gay, but her interactions with male counterparts seem to suggest her avid interest in guys rather than girls.

Let’s not forget the many times that Lauren and Camila have denied Camren 

And the interviews where they denied Camren -




And the biggest PR stunt of it all - The Vamp’s song 'I Found a girl’ which you can listen to here 

Now, let’s talk about who writes songs for bands in general - NOT the band members, but songwriters that the bands label and management choose. The actual band members have such little input about what they’re going to sing. Who wrote 'I Found A Girl’? Was it The Vamps? Nope, it was some singer/songwriter called James Blunt. 

The truth is - Camren isn’t real. That’s all there is to it. It was all for PR (to push forward sales and views) which worked. Look how dedicated Larry fans are to One Direction. 5h’s label & management obviously wanted something like that so that 5h would get big (which they did) 

Not to mention that it’s rumoured that Camila almost forced Lauren to post those initial #Camren selfies - no wonder Lauren always calls fans out for supporting Camren but Camila hardly ever does. 

Therefore, Camila also wanted a Larry type thing in 5h - look how she’s obsessed with Harry, almost as if she wants to be him 

You can believe what you wanna believe, after all - my evidence for Camren being fake is as good as your evidence for Camren being real. But let’s be realistic - Camren is staged AF. They might have a good friendship, but relationship wise, well, that’s non existent. But you can believe whatever you want to believe. 

That’s it for now! If you’d like to see more posts like this - please let me know :) What other topics should I expose or shed light on? 

Base camp day!

Gorak shep is 5100m. And Base camp is 5300m. It’s going to be a tough day no matter what the hike is like.
It’s ‘nepalese flat’, which means it’s not flat at all, but a constant up and down.
It started cruisy enough and the constant view of the worlds largest mountains always makes it easier. But eventually we were scrambling up and down massive piles of boulders and rocks. By scrambling I of course mean ‘slowly making my way up, catching my breath, coughing, continuing the slow walk. Slipping over the odd rock, but always managing to catch my footing before an injury occurs’

Luckily when you reach Gorak Shep you can put your pack down before you continue the hike to Everest Base Camp (EBC to those in the know). Unluckily for me, I’m a photographer, so my bag still consists of 5kg’s of camera gear.
We ran into a couple who had just got back from the hike, they were energised, fresh faced, not suffering any illnesses. They told us ‘it’s a pretty easy hike, took us 2 - 3 hours return’. Stupidly I took them at their word, forgetting I still have several kilo’s to carry, and my rattling lungs (which by now I was starting to suspect wasn’t a simple cold) made every expulsion of energy into a difficult and time consuming challenge.
For the fit and healthy it’s a 2 - 3 hour hike. For our group it took maybe 4 - 4.5 hours.
I take full responsibility for the hold up. Bob is an absolute gun and Spencer, who was also sick, still managed. Though we did often sit down together and hold an orchestra of coughing. I hate being the slow one. I have lived my life trying to prove to myself/the world, that I can do anything I set my mind to. Except apparently walk to base camp in an upbeat and timely manner.

We finally reached a bunch of prayer flags, a sure sign we’d reached a destination. I celebrated too early, I looked down and realised base camp was below us, it was a swift descent down and then back up to actually be able to walk in amongst the few tents that were left (most of base camp had packed up in the preceding week)I considered not making the effort but I didn’t trek for 9 days to sit on my tired sick butt and NOT go explore base camp.
So down we walked, right up to the khumbu glacier. The ice fall. The most dangerous part of the everest summit ascent. The part that has claimed so many lives.
Also the first glacier i’d seen up close.
So many doco’s, movies, pictures, books. So many years of dreaming of this moment and here I finally was. Standing ON the worlds tallest mountain, maybe standing on the place where one day i’d start my ascent to the summit (although we’ll wait and see how expensive it gets, I am just a struggling artist)

These moments are always so anticlimactic. It’s hard to sit in awe when you’re so breathless and cold and tired. But sit in awe I eventually did. My brain just needed to time to warm up to the fact.
What a beautiful desolate wasteland base camp is.

Ama Dablam in the light of the rising Moon, by kirillpolishchuk

Ama Dablam in the light of the rising Moon That small spot right above the ridge on the left is Andromeda Galaxy (aka M31) one of the galaxies that are visible to the naked-eye, which cannot be seen from New Zealand :( Luckily in the Southern Hemisphere we can observe Magellanic Clouds. Just imagine, M31 consists of one trillion stars and lays 2.5 million light-years away from us. For comparison, the closest star system to the Solar System is Alpha Centauri which is at 4.32 ly from us and our Sun just at 8 min 19 s at light speed.


[Eng subbed] 170728 Seungri - BIGBANG10 The Exhibition A TO Z in Taipei Interview from EBC news

Dailymotion: Here

Credit: bb_siangvips