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OKAY I just sent in my this but I JUST saw that Genji and McCree one. How's about Hanzo and Reinhardt with their SO being killed in front of them? (I'm sorry I'm so annoying ;-;)

You’re not annoying!! We really do appreciate the prompts and I’m so in love with writing angst that you just made my day tbh. I hope that you enjoy!!!


Hanzo watched as they slipped through his fingers, notching another arrow as they disappeared further behind enemy lines and out of his sights and seconds later, their voice rang loudly over the comms, screams until the line fell silent. Desperately pushing his way to the front, certain to make every arrow count so that there is one less person between himself and his beloved who was still silent over the comms, and turning the corner, he found them in Soldier 76’s arms, biotic field around them both, their arm reaching out for Hanzo as soon as they saw him. Softly approaching, he takes their hand in his, pressing a gentle kiss to their knuckles as 76 steps back to give them privacy on the now quiet battlefield, apologies fall from their lips, for moving too far out, for leaving them alone after everything he’s been through – they both knew that the only thing keeping them alive was the biotic field thrumming through the area. His arms wrap around them, forehead pressed to theirs as he whispers words of love and appreciation for all they’ve done for him, their hand cups his cheek as the press a final kiss to his lips as the last of the biotic field ebbs away. Leaving him alone in this world again as he mourns their loss, no one saying a word of the sobs that echo across the otherwise silent comms.

Returning to their shared apartment, Hanzo is certain that he’ll be haunted by the memory for years to come and so he embraces it; leaving their home as it was when they were alive, and at first, there are mornings he forgets, their smell still on the sheets and pillows he reaches for them, only to wake fully and remember that he’s alone again. Genji comes over, mostly unannounced and at first, Hanzo sits there, unwilling to say anything to the man who was once his brother, but he always brings tea and his presence is a comfort, a reminder that perhaps, he hasn’t lost everyone who cares for him. They had said that they always wanted to see him in a suit, but this wasn’t how he had imagined it, not with the white lily in his lapel matching those that surrounded the one he loved. Not with his brother sitting beside him in the body that he had put him in, watching his brother lose another person that he loved more dearly than he had in such a long time. By this time, however, he had finished crying – there were no more tears for the man who had now lost everything and regained so little; the words of apologies and loss rolled off of him in waves, now numb at the loss. Eventually, he expects the ninja’s presence, tea and quiet conversations about loss and coming to peace with what had happen – Hanzo isn’t certain that it’ll ever stop hurting, but his brother’s returned presence in his life is a burden lifted from his shoulders.

Even in the years that follow, there’s always this piece of him that’s hollow – always reaching out for them in the nights, haunted by the nightmares of them dying in his arms. He sees them in everyone he meets; and it’s as if the wound of losing them is new once again. Fresh white lilies were always on their grave, never browning, never wilting because he always replaced them before it could happen – and even when he was out on missions, the lilies were still replaced and even if he didn’t say anything, Hanzo knew it was Genji’s doing.


It was supposed to be a routine mission – Reinhardt could remember their lips pressed to his as they told him that they’d see him soon, and not to worry because they had Mercy and 76 watching their backs, so what could possibly go wrong? Athena’s voice rang through their shared living area; informing him that he’s needed in the MedBay and he’s rushing through the halls, watching the people part as he quickly makes his way through the MedBay only to find Angela standing over his lover, frown deepening as the sound of machines beeping is the only noise that echoed against the empty walls. Pulling a seat over to their bed his hand reaches out for theirs as Angela tells him that there were charges set in the building and that instead of evacuating they helped the civilians trapped on the higher floors, only to end up crushed by the debris as the last of the civilians escaped. Angela and Jack had stabilized them; but the internal damage was too severe for them to pull through; she tells him that she can reduce sedatives enough for the two of them to say goodbye without them being in pain. It took fifteen minutes before their eyes fluttered open, muttering his name as they came to and as soon as he heard them, he began pressing kisses everywhere available as tears began to fall and that’s when they realize there’s more wrong than they can feel and they move over on the bed so that he can hold them in his arms until they slip under once again, for the final time.

Funerals have always been hard for Reinhardt; he had lost so many friends, and stood at all of their funerals, and has experienced more loss than most do in their entire lives. This time – he refuses to hold back his tears because there’s no coming back from this, that he’ll never hear their laughter, or see their smile, or wake up next to them again. Angela holds his hand while Jack’s hand doesn’t leave his shoulder as the sobs wrack his body – the people his lover saved were all there, and they all approached them, sincere in their thanks and apologies because if they loved him; they owed him that much in the wake of losing such a kind, gentle person in his life to save them. Going home – to their home, not an Overwatch base or a safehouse but their home was hard, every reminder of them made him ache but he refused to change anything – afraid he would lose what he had left of them and so it remained; a testament to a love of his life who would remain in his heart and in his mind for the rest of his life.

In the months and years that follow, Reinhardt is adamant in protecting those that need him – in memory of the one he loved and had lost. Jack and Angela were always with him when he visited their grave; they were teammates and they loved them too, there was never a time that the three of them visited that there weren’t already at least three bouquets decorating the grave and it always brought tears to his eyes because there were other people who loved and appreciated the love of his life as much as he did.