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montynavarro  asked:

hey there! im doing a heather chandler (musical version) cosplay for a con soon and i'm having some trouble gathering some pieces, mainly the coat and the plaid skirt. could you help me out? thanks!

Looking at it now, I can see how tricky this might be! Especially the coat - that’s really something!

My tip is, as always, to do some thrift shopping, or, if that makes you uncomfortable, go to consignment stores. If you live in the US, places like Buffalo Exchange and Second Time Around are great!

Let’s start with the skirt. Here are some options:

$15 / $15.90 / $22.90$28 / $40$59

Now for the jacket. Heather’s jacket is super unique, so I’d say Ebay/Etsy/vintage stores are your best bet. Here’s what I found:

$15 / $18 / $28$29.06 / $30$34 / 

As for the button chains, it gets a bit tricky. This is the best I could find, but you could get creative and try to wrap a necklace chain or something around the buttons.

Hope this helped! Have fun!