ebay skirt


Ok, so I bought this skirt off eBay on a hunch because it was pretty cheap and looked good in the product photos, but now that I got it, I’m not so sure any more. I might still be able to find something that goes with it or modify it or something, but as it is now, not a big fan. 😕


森の妖精 ー Forest Fairy

Day 5 of 87 in Japan:
Today we made sushi! My group got first for presentation. ^_^

Also here is another sketch from my notebook. This little cat used to be a fairy but I didn’t like it so I colored it in and decided it looked like a cat so i made the ears bigger and added a tail. Funny how the best cat I’ve ever drawn I wasn’t even trying to make a cat.

Skirt - EBay
Shirt - Thrifted
Poncho - Isabella’s Treasures


I thought I’d try my skirt out with some of my more sparkly underwear… but it also looked really nice with just my lace bra, too 😅 Sadly it is WAAAAYYYY too cold for me to even consider going out like that, so on went the layers! (I can’t help but think I look like a crime-writer in the top picture 😋)
ALSO this is my new lipstick from Nyx, it’s called “Oh, put it on” and it’s a reeeeaally dark purple! Love it!

Necklace: @thepumpkincoven
Cape: Queen Of Darkness
Bra: Primark
Top: eBay
Skirt: @corvuscoronefashionphotography (COMING SOON)