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If you are a Marble Hornets fan and enjoy either cosplay or collecting memorabilia (or both!), keep an eye on this blog, because within the next 12 hours I’m going to be posting links to eBay auctions featuring shirts and props that I wore in Marble Hornets and THAC videos. Stay tuned!

[EDIT: for some reason my phone autocorrected this post to say “and enjoy either costly or” so i fixed it]


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i need more bandshirts but i can't decide, help

by the three headed jesus marilyn manson shirt on ebay for £250. i’m wearing 1 right now we can be twins see

Heath Ledger’s Charity Work

Areas supported: AIDS | Children
Born: April 4, 1979

An auction on eBay raised $101,000 for shirts he and Jake Gyllenhaal wore in Brokeback Mountain for Variety – The Children’s Charity

Ledger died on January 22, 2008, 4 months shy of a charity trip to Africa with Elissa Sursara to speak on behalf on anti-poaching campaigners.

Charities supported

   * ALAFA
   * LIFEbeat
   * Variety - The Children’s Charity

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hey emma what's @savethelesbee's paypal link??? i need to send her money. also if she sees this and asks this is NOT someone named xora

omgjfjr i don’t even know her paypal she straight up bought me a shirt on ebay and wouldn’t let me paypal her back so i’m sorry omg