ebay outsider


So I have to move across the country. I had to quit my job a few weeks ago because of my mental health. I don’t have anywhere to live here in Michigan, I’m losing my current housing situation. 

 It would be really cool or something if you could reblog my ebay or something so maybe more stuff will be seen / purchased. 

If you’re interested in buying something outside of ebay just let me know and we can do that. I mostly just need to get rid of stuff before I move to California to stay with my friend’s family.

my ebay <– is here. Thank you a lot, and here’s to hoping for a better future. I’m going to tag some of the stuff that’s selling, I’m sorry for entering the tag with my bs but there’s some stuff that might be appreciated or something, including manga, figures / vinyl toys, and plus size clothing.  

Thanks a lot for reading this and stuff, I appreciate all the support I have gotten this whole month. 

“Ant Man Bee”, 24"x 22", acrylic, etc. on recycled wood, Hoke, outsider/raw artist…clik link for more ebay insect rock and roll!


“Summer in the City”, 11"x *“, acrylic, etc. on recycled wood, T-Marie Nolan, outsider/folk artist…clik for more gritty ebay stuff…


“Over Under”, 20"x 13", acrylic, etc. on recycled wood, Hoke, outsider/raw artist…clik the link to place your ebay bets…


“Rev. Horton Heat”,24"x 12", acrylic, etc. on recycled wood, Hoke, outsider/raw artist…clik link for more ebay head bangin!