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Wonderful morning starts when you see this beauty in your mailbox <3 Straight from Japan, fuuuck yeesss– ;;v;;

Also a week ago got this lovely doujinshi by DEATHROCK <3 Dang I love Internet for letting me have stuff I always dreamed off *A* …hopefully mom won’t kill me when I order more 14 doujinshi’s… x’D But they are worth it since they aren’t on the Internet qvq


Happy New Year Happy-Lucky Bags Part 5 - Precure!

Our last set of series fukubukuro includes series within a series, the immortal Precure series! We’ve put together one Allstars set, two sets with a featured series and a few Allstars added in as bonus, and FOUR individual series sets!

Now available in our ebay store (in order of the photos above)

Precure All Stars set

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (and 5 GoGo) set

Futari Wa Pretty Cure (and Max Heart) set

Go! Princess Precure set

Fresh Precure set

Heart Catch Precure + All Stars (DokiDoki and Maho Girls) set

Smile Precure + All Stars (Suite and others) set

angelbabymelody  asked:

Hi :) I was wondering where do you order your cd ? And are they expensives ? PS I love your writting so much and you and your bae are so cute ;)

Hello, love! I order albums from amazon or ebay. Lately I’ve been finding great prices on ebay. I used to order albums from koreanmall, because they offered free shipping for orders over $49. They recently stopped doing that, so I don’t purchase from them anymore. Amazon has a lot of albums available and albums bought from amazon itself (not other sellers) will qualify for free shipping on orders over $50. If there’s an album I’m after, I check it on both amazon and ebay to see which is cheaper and where it’s being shipped from (whether domestic or international.) Some are expensive, others are cheaper. If you get an album when it’s brand new and just released, it will be expensive, but this is also when the purchases are counted toward the charts for the group to get points toward show wins. If you wait a little while, the album will be cheaper. Also albums that are bigger, thicker, have more tracks, etc will be more expensive. The priciest one I ever bought was T.O.P’s Doom Dada which was HUGE and cost about $30 bucks. Oh and thank you! :)

Loosing the first one part -1
  • NOTE: I keep getting so many questions asking if I have any plans to remove one of both of my testicles. In case you missed it - they are both gone!! Maybe there is some confusion from recent pictures but these are simply the "before". So maybe I should explain some things. Lest go back to when I took the first one.
  • My castration was years ago. Took them separately. It was something I played at and pretended quite a bit, I used furniture clamps closed in cooler kids and sat on cooler, squeezed a ball through door jam and then would close my bedroom door; extreme cases would cause me to cum, but then I would loose any and all desire to be castrated and hate the idea. This went on for some time, but then I found a burdizzo on eBay ordered and made sure I checked the mail everyday until in came in. Then I was "sick" and stayed home from school and on the very first time of playing with it, could not help myself. I just had to slam it closed on one of them. No pain med just my excitement. But I was then terrified right after and released it. The pain was so bad after I broke out in bad sweat and passed out on bed and was there hours later when my mom came home. Knowing know right and wrong ways, I know I did not do it correctly, by there was still some damage, enough to cause swelling. By the next day there was more swelling and pain.
  • - out of time I'll write more later-

Happy New Year Happy-Lucky Bags - Part 4!

Only one each of three series specific fukubukuro and two mixed anime packs for when you just can choose your favorite!

Now available in our ebay store (in order of photos above)

JUMP manga series set

Big name anime series set

Monogatari Series set

Vocaloid set

Sailor Moon set

Aikatsu and Aikatsu Stars set


Okay that settles it, I’ll be modding every pc build I do in some way from now on cx

This could have been a normal green and black prodigy build, but I really wanted something unique and I think it turned out great!
Tbh it would have looked amazing all black too… But you know me, be creative or go home!

I was gonna go with heatshaped plexi shrouds n’ stuff, but the colors where off so I ended up using this purple carbon fiber looking vinyl that I had ordered on ebay a few weeks prior.

I’m not happy about the cables, but since Bitfenix decided to put all the io on the side the cable management room is quite diminished…

I think the best thing about this build is that the only warranty voided was the case’s, everything else is just stickers and screws cx


But yeah! That’s my personal rig starting 2017
Time to get back into Overwatch

I ordered this Rapunzel tiara from Moonfire Charms on ebay and it is GORGEOUS. Like I can’t explain how happy it makes me to finally own an accurate Rapunzel crown. I’ve wanted one since I first saw Tangled, and now I have the perfect excuse to get one. My family is planning a trip to Disney later this summer and I’m planning to Disneybound as Rapunzel on my birthday, with my boyfriend Disneybounding as Flynn. I am SO EXCITED. I still need a Rapunzel-esque dress but it should be kind of fun to search for that. The crown is the really important thing and it was totally worth the money ;)


Happy New Year Happy/Lucky Bags Part 2 - Pokemon Center Exclusives!

The next series fukubukuro (see this post for explanation if necessary) we have available is Pokemon! We have 3  sets available each including one T-shirt from the Pokemon Center limited edition Secret Teams merchandise series. The shirts came in random packs and originally sold for around $16 each. Shirt packages have been opened only (a bit) to determine which shirt was contained in them. Each lucky pack we’ve compiled contains the shirt and Pokemon Doll figure shown here plus mini figures, plushes and other goodies!

Available now in our ebay store (in order of the photos above)

Team Galactic

Team Aqua

Team Flare

ametrinember  asked:

Cosplay questions! 2: Favorite thing to cosplay?11: Which cosplay took you the longest time to make?12: Shortest time to make?19: Do you consider cosplay an art?20: Have you ever had to get help with a cosplay?22: Ever been in a cosplay contest?

Thank you!!

2: Favorite thing to cosplay? Right now, it’s Haikyuu!! The cosplays are super comfortable and the community is INCREDIBLY nice and welcoming.

11: Which cosplay took you the longest time to make? Probably Anders?? it was 2-3ish months of working on it off and on and required a lot of tedious details. Plus he’s not technically 100% finished yet either.

12: Shortest time to make? …anything I ordered from ebay? lol I mean. Oikawa and Akaashi were both ordered online then I took about 30min-1hr to style their wigs, so I’d say them.

19: Do you consider cosplay an art? DOES ANYONE NOT…. it fits so well into “art” like I will fight someone who says it’s not an art.

20: Have you ever had to get help with a cosplay? I have! Usually I’ll reference tutorials online or get suggestions from people; but recently I commissioned someone for a prop, too, so.

22: Ever been in a cosplay contest? not yet. I was going to at Sac but didn’t want to commit my Saturday to standing around for judging. We might at AX!


=V= I make some ST bookmarks! 

Enterprise bookmarks set →Ebay ← \

Jim/Spock/Bone bookmarks set  →Ebay ← 

Thank you so much for your support! <3 For the order of both Enterprise book marks set and the Jim/Spock/Bone book marks set, you will get a bonus gift of T'hy'la ring!

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I remember you (I think) mentioning awhile ago that you get an off-brand beauty blender from a drugstore or something that's way cheaper. If that was you, do you know where to get it & what brand name?

I got it free with something I ordered on eBay and it was horrible lol

Test page 

Today I got 2 washi tapes that I ordered from eBay (the pink heart one and the pink cat one at the top) and the 4 black and white washi tapes were from Wilkinson’s for only £1.50! for all of them.

I also got my date stamp from wilkinsons which I’m so chuffed with. I bought an extra ink pad because apparently the one that comes with it isn’t long lasting (as expected). 

the bottom tape is a flower pattern , this photo doesn’t do it much justice but irl it looks kinda messy too haha but I’m so pleased with the price I got them all at.


Hey guys! 

  It’s been awhile, I hope all is well.

  Here is our latest product: Underground artwork book for Kungfu Cooking girl’s new project! Only a *LIMITED* amount is available, and it will NEVER be reprinted again. 

  This book is also 100% handmade


Specs of the book:

* Size: B5(191X250mm)

* Book cover: Silver pressed

* Book style: Chinese hand-threaded

* Page count: 30 pages, printed with high quality ink.

* Content: Characters, props, backgrounds, etc.

* Special: Book has pages containing vellum, which will allow layering effects.

Price: 33 dollars on Etsy.

Each person is limited to 5 copies of the book. If you purchase above this amount, we will cancel your order.

Preorder will begin now till November 15th, 2015.

How to order:

1) You can put in an order on Etsy ( link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WOLFSMOKESTUDIO?ref=l2-shopheader-name)

2) You can email us at  wolfsmoke_hr@qq.com , tell us what product you want, and the quantity. After we calculate the shipping costs, we will send you a total, and please paypal us after. Restricted to US only.

Please note that your product will be shipped AFTER November 25th, 2015.

Thank you! We will be updating our online stores with more products soon! If interested, combined shipping is available :).

This will ALSO be available at CTN expo.