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Wacom Cintiq DTU-1631 | eBay
The Wacom DTU-1631 cintique is an older model. It is an external monitor to be drawn on for digital art/graphic design/illustration. It is a little heavier than the more modern cintique, but it has a kickstand behind it to alleviate the worry about it's weight. | eBay!

So I’m trying again to sell my cintiq. With my financial situation still just hanging off the edge, I need all the help I can get. Doing commission work helps too, but I have not used the cintiq in almost a year so I’m hoping to sell to someone who will. 

Starting bid is at $130 which is a steal in itself. Of course it will come with the fixings such as stylus pen and all necessary chords. Originally I bought this off of someone for $700 so a starting bid of $130 is a huge fraction of what it’s worth. Despite it being an older model it does what any other cintiq can do and still does it well so if anyone is a serious freelance artist, or just an artist in general like me, this is a golden opportunity.

anonymous asked:

hey question, where do you get your merch from?

I get it from tumblr, eBay, instagram, kpopmart, and the btsofficialshop. I recently got into facebook but I haven’t bought anything on there yet.