ebay delivery

A teapot with Jiji from: Kiki´s Delivery Service. Very fine & beautiful. I drink a lot of tea, so this would be perfect for me to own. It’s for sale on eBay. The price is wild, but Jiji so kawaii. ^__^

Studio Ghibli Kiki’s Delivery Service Jiji Teapot Pink Noritake From Japan !NEW!


anonymous asked:

WEEPS. I'M SORRY, JAEBUM, BUT I'LL NEVER CHOOSE FOOD AND CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRIES OVER YOU EVER AGAIN 😩😩😩 stupid ebay said the latest delivery estimation date was last thursday anyway. stupid ebay.. 😡 (... not that i would be at home to receive it either since i worked that day.. rip.. ㅠㅠ) my mini ahgabong.. in the post office.. all alone.. with the other missed deliveries.. sniff. ;____; now i have to get up early to retrieve it.. HUUUUUU *ugly whale noises* - fansite anon ♡

I LOVE CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRIES 😻 !! ugh i hate ebay’s delivery estimation lmao i never trust it. can you imagine jaebeom in that ahgabong just pouting because you left him there all alone