So hopeful!

As many of you know, my husband has an eye issue that is a major risk to his vision, and he stands a large chance of going blind. Today, however, we just got results back that the problem is starting to resolve! His wound is finally healing, his pain is ebbing away, his previous sleepless nights are now full with wonderful dreams!

Bless all of you for the great vibes and happy thoughts and even the rituals here and there that you have done for us 💙 the miracles of modern medicine and the beauty of this wonderful community have given us the strength and healing we need in these troubled days! The tireless work of his doctors and the wonderful support from all of you have given us hope beyond our wildest dreams~

I am so greatful, peaceful journies all~

i’m not really sure what this is but thanku 2 @dionwhatsus and @whatpunk for tagging me (—: (my 2 fave air signs, i love u both)

Nickname: ebby/abs/ebs/blondie (and a few other unmentionables) 
Gender: grl power
Height: 5′8ish 
Favourite colour: soft yellow/soft pink/forest green/dark red
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw
Average hours of sleep: like 6-7?? my sleeping patterns are super weird it can be anywhere between 3 and 13 hours
Lucky number: 2
Last thing I googled: ‘velvet suits women’ (next year ball inspo for squad looks)
Favourite character(s): dustin (OMG met a kid @ the library with my gf yesterday and he reminded me of Dustin so much!), cherie from the runaways, mia from if i stay bc I’m a hoe for the cello, megan from but i’m a cheerleader, margot from the royal tenenbaums, carrie, red heather bc of that one iconic outfit but also veronica bc i luv her, eleven! just LOADS of em, especially the ones i relate to
How many blankets I sleep with: 2 duvets and my cat who is basically a heater (-:
Favourite bands/artists: mm the development of my music taste has been put on the back burner this year tbh i haven’t listened to that much, i like drake, san cisco, frank ocean, purity ring, the growlers, wet, oh wonder, p!atd, the 1975 (ngl) and a lot of spoken word/slam poetry! also country rap and techno feminist music when i’m in english w rox. mostly the music i listen to is to calm me and for background noise, i want to start writing songs though!
Dream job: DUDE there is nothing i want more in this world than to work for national geographic i would honestly give so much
Current outfit: my work uniform covered in batter mix #loveit!
Do I get asks on a daily basis: nope rip
Reason(s) for my url: well i wanted it 2 be something with the word doll in it and cuddling is Good so its a cross between the 2, kinda wanna change it though (but also don’t care)

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im p sure i read somewhere that ut was going to be a "fanmade sequel"; but it turned out just to be a prank. and in this sequel Flowey was going to be like, a guide??? idk. all i know it is openly based off eb.

omg hahah

got stuck at the mall for four hours while eb games had delays on their shipment of my copy of civilization vi, then got rained on while i was walking back, but i got my 25th anniversary edition installing right now and while i was wandering aimlessly around the mall i found an isabelle amiibo in her summer outfit (the green vest as opposed to the yellow blazer) so it’s all good

anyway this is the last you’ll hear of me for years bc i got civ vi to play