To the point of insanity i have to admit…But, today i felt a mighty need for hugs and fondness, so I made some cheesy brotherly moments in a hospital settings.

not to be dramatic but Ashton is so happy at the moment and every time he tweets something inspirational or motivational or even just something grateful I feel so so so warm and happy and safe inside I can’t explain how much this band’s happiness means to me I’m a puddle of emotions

that survivor feel when: you cant trust people with certain names. certain colours make you anxious, and when you find out that its a friends favourite colour you lose trust in them. being in specific locations put you on edge. seeing someone in a crowd who looks like them gives you a panic attack, even years after.

being a survivor is so hard, every single one of us are so strong for still being here

any and all of your triggers are valid

take care

anonymous asked:

this fandom is literally a school of piranhas and ngozi is just an ordinary fisherman trying to make a living for her family and she sometimes throws some mea t in the water and we lose our shit

this is Not Incorrect

you have to remember that to the piranhas the fisherman is a god providing sweet sweet nourishment. and we must worship her as such


“It’s a tough business. As an actor you have to keep your vulnerability for your roles and at the same time you have to build an armor around yourself because there are so many…I have to find a polite word… arseholes. You have to have faith in yourself and remain strong. And, if you find that you’ve lost your passion one day, I think you should move on to something else.”  Eva Green