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Jily and #22, please! Your writing is fantastic! xx

i’m so, so honored, thank you so much!! i’m really glad! <3 okay, okay, so, here we go: 

22: Muffled, from the other side of the door 

They haven’t spoken in weeks.

Lily can almost feel him, standing there just outside the door to the girls’ dorms. Marlene is reclining on her bed, focusing intently on a book. At least, Lily thinks, she’s kind enough to pretend she isn’t eavesdropping.

She’s definitely eavesdropping, though. Definitely. 

“Evans.” James’ voice, muffled by the unyielding wood of the door. It’s a barrier between them, solid, immovable. Lily is standing with her spine resting against it, head lowered, eyes trained on her bare feet. “Evans. Lily. Listen to me, just once? Please?”

Lily doesn’t want to answer, so she stays quiet. Her own silence is a stone lodged in the back of her throat. It’s hard to swallow, a little hard to breathe. 

“I haven’t seen you in so long. Give me a chance, maybe? And–and, well, Maybe I shouldn’t have done that to Snivellus, after all, but you have to admit, he is kind of a dick–”

“Don’t,” says Lily, “call him that.” She isn’t friends with Severus anymore, not really, but–still. No one deserves to be bullied. Not even the very worst of souls. 

Shocked silence fills the space between them, and then James just–bursts. “Are you joking? He called you a slur, Evans, and you’re taking his side?”

“I’m not defending him,” Lily snaps. The sharp edge to her voice surprises even herself. She imagines James faltering on the other side of the door, and doesn’t know if she should invest in a dose of wicked pride or a certain degree of pity. She feels neither. “He’s a dick, definitely, but you don’t need to be a dick, too.” Something else occurs to her. “And–why should I give you a chance, anyway? What for? To do what?” 

More uncharacteristic silence.

James isn’t usually like this. He’s loud and boastful and loves himself a little too much. This whole situation is…alien. It’s starting to make Lily’s skin crawl.

Because.” His voice is strangely quiet. Lily has to strain her ears to listen, and even then, it’s difficult to catch his words. Damn this door. Damn this awful distance between them. “I love you.” 

There’s a little squeaking noise from somewhere in Marlene’s direction, but Lily doesn’t care. She isn’t sure she heard James correctly, but then– 

He’s saying it again, and again, and again. Over and over and over. “I love you, Lily Evans. I love you. And I think you know that. But I wonder if you love me, too.” 

Despite herself, Lily’s fingers inch towards the doorknob. She can’t really stop herself, not when it comes to James. “What?” 

“I love you. Merlin, I’ll say it as often as you want me to, Evans, just open the fucking–”

He never gets a chance to finish, because Lily opens the door with a strength she never knew she had. James stumbles forward into the room; she catches him in her arms right before he hits the floor. 

He’s gazing up in her, hair even more disheveled than usual, clothes rumpled, eyes shining with something like hope. He looks at her as if she’s the brightest star in the sky, and she smiles and says, “You know, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I love you too.” 

Marlene abandons her pretense of reading and stares at the two of them, wide-eyed and disbelieving. 

Lily finds she doesn’t really care, because it’s worth it. It’s worth seeing James’ face light up like that. And his laughter–his golden, golden laughter–is worth everything

Even if–yeah–he is kind of a dick.


#1 He gets jealous of another boy

#2 He wants to watch you touch yourself

#3 He watches you read

#4 Dirty talk

#5 He misses you on tour

#6 Wet dreams

#7 Celebrity crushes

#8 Play fighting

#9 He wants to have a threesome with another boy

#10 He finds out you’ve faked an orgasm

#11 Eavesdropping

#12 Birthday Sex

#13 Prince AU

#14 You refuse to accept a gift from him

#15 Hospitals

#16 You’re clumsy

#17 His kink

#18 He’s your teacher but you’re dating

#19 He’s your teacher but you’re dating (Part two)

#20 Romantic thing he always does

#21 How he kisses you (Visual)

#22 Vampire AU

#23 He mentions marriage

#24 Cuddling (Visual)

#25 Nicknames

#26 Thanksgiving

#27 Daddy’s little girl

#28 “Slow down.”

#29 Heart by Heart (Song Preference)

#30 Mistletoe

#31 His Christmas gift to you


#33 You can see Shadowhunters

#34 You catch him masturbating

#35 Victoria Secret Angel

#36 You find a huge insect and he ends up killing it/calling the boys for help

#37 Twitter Issues

#38 He thinks that you’re cheating on him

#39 How he eats you out (Visual)

#40 Spending a day with him

#41 You’re sick

#42 Greedy

#43 You’re an actress and you have to kiss someone else

#44 He asks you to stay after a one night stand

#45 First “I Love You”

#46 Valentine’s Day

#47 His favorite position (Visual)

#48 You send him a naughty picture (Visual)

#49 She looks so perfect (Song Preference)

#50 He cuts your hair

#51 You overhear him talking about proposing to you

#52 Interruptions

#53 “Stop…”

#54 You’re home late and he gets worried

#55 Promises

#56 He tweets a photo of you at the beach (Visual)

#57 He uses a pick up line on you

#58 Boxer AU

#59 Tattoo Soulmate AU

#60 His perfect girl

#61 “I miss you”

#62 He tweets a photo of how he proposed to you (Visual)

#63 Momma’s boy

#64 After a fight

#65 Rude (Song Preference)

#66 Whipped

#67 You’re quiet during sex and it frustrates him

#68 “Tell me…”

#69 Another boy tweets a picture of you two asleep (Visual)

#70 You find a love letter he wrote to you

#71 You leave marks on him and the other boys notice (Visual)

#72 You run into his ex who’s a bitch/crazy now

#73 You tweet a picture of him asleep and he replies (Visual)

#74 Bad boy AU

#75 Couple tattoos (Visual)

#76 Home

#77 One of you tweet a picture of your kid and you/him replies (Visual)

#78 He tells you a lame joke

#79 Winter

#80 Masquerade ball

#81 Hugs

#82 Night Changes dates

#83 Stockholm Syndrome/Lima Syndrome

#84 Whispers

#85 “It’s me.”

#86 Tenerife Sea (Song preference)

#87 He picks you up after a bad date

#88 Another boy babysits your child and tweets a picture of it and someone else replies

#89 College AU

#90 Other Soulmate AU’s

#91 Father’s Day

#92 Disney

#93 Forbidden love

#94 Unrequited love

#95 The 100 AU 

Unlisted (if there are any)

Punk series:

  1. His appearance
  2. How you meet
  3. “Don’t fucking touch her.”
  4. A little bit of truth
  5. Disappearance
  6. He agrees to go on a “date” with you
  7. First “Date”
  8. He sneaks into your room
  9. He asks you to be his girlfriend
  10. He gets into a fight
  11. First “I love you”
  12. Your father finds out you’re dating
  13. You sneak out to see him
  14. “Run away with me.”
  15. He reveals something about his past
  16. Sexual Encounters
  17. He tries to train you/workout with you
  18. You return home
  19. The Aftermath
  20. The Breakup (His pov)
  21. (coming soon)

Teacher series:

  1. How you meet
  2. “You’re a teacher?”
  3. Staying after school with him
  4. He overhears you talking about him
  5. He has a talk with you
  6. He stops another student from bullying/harassing you
  7. You think he’s going to kiss you
  8. You see him outside of school
  9. You want to switch classes
  10. Kisses, misses, and distractions
  11. (coming soon)


Lunch Date (Harry)

Hendall Setup (Harry)

Teach me (Harry) (Part 2)

Phone Sex (Harry)

Not a teenager anymore (Harry)

Protector (Harry) (Part 2) (Part 3)

The New Assistant (Harry)

“Am I pretty enough now?” (Harry)

Tell me (Harry) (Visual)

Brother’s Best Friend (Harry)

A “date” with Nadine (Harry)

It makes your lips so kissable (Harry)

Cuddly drunk Harry (Harry)

Horny during a concert (Harry)

Sugar Daddy (Harry)

Long distance relationship (Harry)

First Impressions (Harry + Niall)

One Time Thing (Narry Threesome)

Knee issues (Niall)

Surprise? (Niall)

Blackouts (Niall)

Sharing the news (Niall)

Honeymoon (Niall) (Visual)

Knocking on the wrong door (Niall)

Snow Storms (Liam)

Sneaking out (Liam)

Sugar Daddy (Liam)

Smiles (Liam)

Little white lies (Liam + Ashton) (Part 2)

Falling in love with their best friend’s partner (Liam)

Through the years (Liam)

Childhood room (Louis)

Movie night (Louis)

Lucky (Louis)

The 7 seconds challenge (Louis)

Needy drunk (Louis)

“Best friends don’t make out” (Louis)

Good Luck Charm (Zayn)

Happy family (Zayn)

Casual Proposal (Zayn)

Breaking off the Zerrie engagement (Zayn)

Protective fights (Zayn)

Dream come true (Zayn)

Picking a name (Zayn)

Desperate for a change (Zayn)


What being Harry’s girlfriend would include (Harry)

Christmas season with Harry would include (Harry)

What being Niall’s girlfriend would include (Niall)

Au Imagines:

Best Friend!Liam

Bad boy!Liam


Demon!Harry and Angel!Y/n (Part 2)


Tattoo Artist!Zayn (Part 2)

Art Student!Zayn


Math Student!Niall

Movie Star!Louis


How Louis would be on your wedding Day

How Zayn would comfort you

Romantic things Harry does for you

Niall and you being mobbed

What Harry’s skills would be in bed

What Niall would be like in bed

What Harry would be like in bed

What Harry would be like if you were pregnant

What Niall would be like in bed

Clingy Zayn

What Niall would be like if you were pregnant

Lazy days with them

What Harry would be like if had big boobs

Wedding dresses with Harry

A Morning with Liam

You sit on Niall’s lap and turn him on by mistake

Louis while you’re cooking

You fall asleep on Louis

Dom/Sub relationship with Harry

Zayn asking you out on a date

Jealous Niall

Harry as a boyfriend

Au memes:

Finals are approaching and you need to study but Zayn would much rather do other things…

The other boys absolutely love to tease Harry about your relationship together whenever Harry talks about you.

Harry sends you some snapchats while he’s off on tour.

Liam explains how he met his girlfriend, y/n, and it seems that Harry played matchmaker in their relationship…

You’re dating Niall and you can’t help but send snapchats of him to your friends.

You get sick and can’t join Louis as he returns home but he keeps you updated through snapchats.

Blurb Nights: (on hold for a while)




~Fic Rec

Something I liked about the introduction of Eileen Leahy is how her undercover investigation was different from Sam and Dean’s. The Winchesters have quite a few undercover tricks but most of the time they put on fed suits and question witnesses, while (here, at least) Eileen dresses as a housekeeper and lurks around in the background of the murder scene, eavesdropping on private conversations by speechreading. Both methods have their pros and cons, but we’ve been watching Sam and Dean’s way of doing it for 11 years and right now I’m kind of eager to see more of what Eileen can do. As a Deaf person the last thing I want to do is glorify lipreading, but I can say with confidence that deaf/HoH people often use all kinds of observational skills to gather information and can be really visually attentive. Eileen’s skills could give her access to all sorts of information the Winchesters might not be able to get via their usual methods. With that plus all her MoL legacy knowledge and hunter training, Eileen has all the potential for interesting new hunter perspectives and stories and basically what I’m trying to say is PLEASE BRING EILEEN BACK.

So I'm eavesdropping on my parents and
  • Mom (to dad):You might want to be in bed earlier than normal tonight.
  • Dad:Okay... Why?
  • Mom:Your daughter's TV show is on.
  • Dad:She is always watching tv shows?
  • Mom:She's going to be flopping around like a fish and making raptor noises from too many feels over Malec which is extremely important.
  • Dad:.... Okay.
  • Me:*in bedroom laughing because Mom knows whats up and knows exactly how I react to things*

so I’m rewatching 17 to understand the ~Adrien moment~ and here’s what I found:

After Ladybug de-evilizes, she tells Chloé to make-up with Sabrina, which is apparently the advice of Chat. So she then says to Chat, “thanks for her advice.” He says “we’re a team, right?” Then THE MOMENT happens.

So back at school. When Chloé and Sabrina enter, Alya notes the rift between them, but then they make up, and Marinette and Alya talk about how they’re good friends. Marinette says “I think those two will always be BFFs in their own way,” (which is actually the line in the English dub) and Alya says “Yeah, but I prefer ours.” This is where Adrien eavesdropped.

So?? I guess he’s just hearing Marinette and Alya talk about their relationship, and thinking about his relationship with Ladybug?? Idk, I feel like there’s more in that look than we know… maybe, just maybe, he’s connecting the ‘dots’…

Hell, Yes, I Eavesdrop. It’s the only thing that adds any spice to my boring life.

YoungerTwin was a pill this morning. He’s usually not like that but this morning everything was,”This is the worst day. Ever.” I swear to Jesus-Gimme-The-Wheel-Back-Cuz-You-Ain’t-Got-No Driver’s-License if YoungerTwin ever writes an autobiography, he’s gonna title it, “Worst. Day. Ever.” 

On top of YoungerTwin who woke up thinking he was one-half of the Muppet duo, Statler and Waldorf, OlderTwin woke up late. He doesn’t have a fast mode because speed overwhelms his intellectual disability. He reacts to time pressure by convincing himself he has stepped into a slow motion video app but one where he’s in slow motion while the rest of us are in normal speed.

Because DynaPapa will be out of town, off and on for the next week, it was his turn to drive the kids to school. Being the wonderful and supportive spouse that I am, I decided to go get him a latte as a surprise for when he got home from the school run because I knew his drive was gonna suck. 

My town doesn’t believe in drive-thrus. Apparently, staying in your car when you purchase food or beverage is deemed very pedestrian by our city leaders so they want you to be. An. Actual. Pedestrian. Consequently, our Starbucks is not a drive-thru.

And, let me tell you. Sh*t goes down at our Starbucks. I’ve heard divorce announcements, confessions like, “Honey, I slept with your dad,” and “Sorry, the baby’s not yours.”

Anyhoo, I’m standing in line when I notice 4 ladies sitting at a table and one of them says to the woman holding a baby that looks about a week old (We’ll talk later about what magic it must take to leave your house one week after pushing a baby out of your vagina or having it cut from your body. I didn’t even push a baby out of any orifice of my body or have one surgically removed and I didn’t leave the house, brush my teeth, or shower for the first six weeks of parenthood because, hello, EXHAUSTED.) , “You named your baby girl, Brett? Why? That’s a boy’s name.”

I’m thinking, “OMG. Did that woman just diss on this other lady about the baby name she chose? Not one she was considering. But one she actually went with? Ohhh. This is gonna be good because NewMom looks like she is ready to throw!!!!! I gotta hear every word NewMom says.” 

Two things I don’t understand about baby naming.

First, I don’t understand people who keep their baby name a secret. What? Is your straight fetus secretly on Grindr so all his info needs to be on the down low? Is the CIA recruiting fetuses (feti? What is the plural of fetus?) for some new CIA spy program so all info is on a “I’d have to kill ya if I told ya” basis?

Personally, I like to imagine these people just haven’t agreed on one - they’re secretly back at home throwing sh*t at each other during pick-a-name arguments and saying stuff like, “I hate your great aunt’s celery jello mold and I’m not eating it next Thanksgiving, nor am I naming my baby after her,” - but they don’t want anyone to know when asked, “What name have you picked out?” so they say, “We’re not sharing that information just yet.” 

Second, people who diss a name someone is considering. Why would you do that? It ain’t your kid. If you don’t like it, don’t use it for your kid. Just smile and be supportive.

I’m guessing it’s these type of people who cause parents-to-be who’ve been quizzed about possible baby names to pucker up their lips tighter than a straight guy does his sphincter while secretly browsing the gay section at Barnes and Noble. (Yeah, yeah, we know. You really wanted to research tail pipes in the automotive section but got lost on the way there.)

But to actually criticize, to their face, a name new parents have actually used? That is balls out rude. 

NewMom did better than me. My response would have involved a lot of swearing and insulting the size of her husband’s penis. But, she calmly and icily replied, “Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh at you or pity you, but I’m d*mn sure I’d rather wind up in hell with a broke back before letting you pick my baby’s name or make me question my choice. Now, drink your coffee before it gets cold.” 

Tell her NewMomma!!

Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Sneak Peak}

A spy must stick to the shadows as being captured could lead to the use of a cyanide capsule but Dottie knows risks have to be taken. 

Black Widow eavesdrops before going in for the kill. What intel will she gather?

EXO Reaction to You and a Friend Fangirling Over Them

Even if I was dating one of these boys, I feel like I would still fangirl over the boys and all their work LOL <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: “I mean, have you seen the music video? They looked so good.” You exclaimed as you talked about EXO’s newest video. You thought that Baekhyun was still at practice, so he stood by your door quietly as he eavesdropped. He couldn’t help himself and he ran into the room, flopping onto the bed. “Oh please, keep going on about me.” He said as he started to kick his feet back behind him.

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Chanyeol: When he heard you talking to his friend, he didn’t want to ruin the moment. He heard your friend fangirling about the new tone of music in the newest CD. You started going on and on about how Chanyeol took part in the music and how proud you were at how it came out. He broke out in giggles from the other side of the door when he heard you. He completely melted for you.

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Chen: You were on the phone with your best friend, excited to discuss the new interview that just aired. The boys were talking about their new promotions. You thought that he was still out with the rest of the boys, but Jongdae was excited to see you early. He didn’t even hide the fact that he was listening as he came into the room. He placed his hands on your face and gave you a playful look. “I love you, jagi.” Feeling happy as ever from the sweet words you used to describe how he looked on TV.

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D.O.: He couldn’t help but listen to you as you were waving on and on about the new song the boys released. He stayed outside the door, listening and smiling brightly as he heard everything you and your friend were saying. Before you finished talking, he walked back out of the apartment and came back in, announcing himself to hide the fact that he was listening. But he did giggling the moment he saw you.

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Kai: “Oh, so you think I look ‘so cute in glasses’?” He asked teasingly as you came out of your room. Your friend was over and you were coming out to grab the two of you some sodas. Jongin was waiting for you in the kitchen. He was wearing the glasses he had worn in the picture you were going crazy about. He did the flowerboy pose, making it even more clear that he was listening to you and your friend.

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Lay: The moment he heard you mention his name, he got curious. He didn’t realize he was listening to you, but he was as you screamed with your friend about the dance videos his staff released on his Weibo. He didn’t really understand why you were fangirling over him so hard when you got to see him every day. But despite his confusion, he still danced around in excitement when he heard your words.

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Sehun: You were walking into the apartment as you talked on the phone. You didn’t think Sehun was going to be home already as you told your friend how sexy he looked in his airport fashion. You were discussing how good his pants fit him when you saw him in the living room staring up at you with his know-it-all expression. “Keep going.” He whispered as he gestured with his hand for you to keep talking.

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Suho: He felt like a proud parent when he heard you talking all about how good the boys did on M!Countdown. He didn’t care if you were talking about him or about the group as a whole. He just loved hearing you and your friend saying that they did the best and showed up all the other groups. He looked at you from across the table, smiling at you like a goof. “Aw jagi, I’m happy you liked it so much.” He said sweetly.

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Xiumin: Your friend came running into the apartment, screaming for you so he could tell you about how excited she was for EXO’s upcoming concert. She didn’t even notice that Xiumin was in the next room as she started to ramble about how badly she needed to get a ticket. You screamed along with her about your own excitement. “Ah, Minseok is going to look so good on stage!” Your friend said excitedly. That was when she saw Minseok standing in the doorway. “No, don’t look at me. I’m shy.” He teased the two of you.

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