Hey everyone! This is a picture of a kitten that my sister found in her basement. She is around six months old and they named her Sandy because she was hiding out when the storm hit us. She responds to it as well. She’s very well behaved, is great around other animals, and also has a clean bill of health. She’s currently in Pennsylvania at my sister’s house and we’re trying to find her a loving home as an indoor kitty because the only thing she had when they found her were ear mites. She’s also very well behaved and very intelligent. 

My sister and her husband already have two dogs and they really aren’t cat people. We’re trying to find her a home instead of taking her to a shelter or anything like that. My sister is also willing to drive as far south as Nashville, as far west as Chicago and as far north as Boston to anyone who would want this little cuddle bug.

If you have any interest in taking her or you know anyone who would want her, feel free to drop an ask to me because we’d rather give her to a person who would love her and take care of her than take her to a shelter.

I’m also tagging a few people, so if you could please reblog this and help us find little Sandy here a home, that would be greatly appreciated! And some of you that I’m going to tag probably have no idea who I am and I’m sorry to tag you out of the blue but I follow you and reblog your stuff because you’re awesome. Also, not that many people follow me, so any help I can get is great. So, if you could find it in your hearts to reblog this and help us out, that would be so great and I will love you all more than I already do.

Please help us find little Sandy here a great home!

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