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Hello )) I just read all your Zelink's Modern AU fics and they're awesome!!! Please write more( if you can ofcourse) And can you recomend me some zelink modern AU fics plz? I really like modern zelink au....😶😶 Anyway thank your for your art!!! Love from Korea :))

Oh my goodness, you are just the sweetest!

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I’m gonna go back to writing Before the Storm and my Apartment AUs just as soon as I finish my Zelink Week Master Quest story, Of Love and War. So don’t worry friend, the modern AUs are just on hiatus.

As for recommendations:

Zelda’s Legend by the ever amazing @kobaltwolf
It’s a super cute college AU where Zelda is a writer so it’s pretty much my favorite.

Eau so Fresh by @fanfictionkind  aka SirJoshizzle on FFN and AO3 
A retail AU where Zelda is a department store worker and Link is a super hot GI.

Mister Playboy also by @fanfictionkind
In which Link is an ass, but a lovable ass. And he has a dog!

Friend Zone again by @fanfictionkind 
Link thinks he’s in the friend zone with Zelda, the poor guy.

Sweet Chocolate by (surprise) @fanfictionkind (this guy writes great modern aus tbh just read them all)
Zelda really hates Valentine’s Day, but for Link she can make an exception.

Four Cups of Bitter Tea and One that Wasn’t Bitter at All by SaintPellegrino
coffee shop au Cute Coffee Shop AU FREAKIN ADORABLE COFFEE SHOP AU!!!

Lost, then Found by SaintPellegrino
Zelda meets and interesting Captain while waiting on her luggage at the airport

Only in Hyrule by CrazygurlMadness
Hyrule is moving back to a monarchy, but they need to elect their next ruler first. Will Zelda, with the help of her hot publicist, Link, be able to triumph over Ganondorf in the election? (this is a pretty long fic but iT’S SO GOOD)

Photoshoot by CrazygurlMadness
Neither Link nor Zelda are very happy when Link’s swimsuit shoot ends up on a billboard.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got fic wise. All of these authors write amazing fics if you’re ever in a non-modern AU mood as well. Have fun reading friend :)

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The new face of Chloé’s modern-turned-classic fragrance discusses what the brand means to her.

Actress and model Dree Hemingway has undoubtedly charmed the Parisian fashion house, Chloé. She has strutted its catwalk in the past, and now, she’s the face behind its eponymous floral and fresh eau de parfum. Below, she speaks to how the feeling is mutual.

“I am very honored to be the new face of Chloé. It is a brand that has been part of my life for a long time; it brings up a lot of memories for me. I am looking forward to continuing my story with Chloé into the world of fragrance.” —Dree Hemingway