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  • Daisy Eau So Fresh (Best URL)
  • Daisy Eau So Fresh Kiss (Best Icon)
  • Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush (Best Theme)
  • Daisy Dream (Best Posts)
  • Daisy Dream Blush (Best Colour Scheme)
  • Honey (Best Add-ons)
  • Dot (Best Overall)
  • Daisy Black (Rei’s Faves)
  • Daisy (Chloë’s Faves)

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Prompt:  “ could you write a soulmate au with scotty? maybe with the red string trope and the tugs get in the way of during his job properly but he just ignores it? :))” - @nymphadora-blurryface

Word Count:  2,865

Author’s Note:  AKA: 5 Times Scotty Ignored His String and 1 Time He Didn’t. Because I’m a sucker for those stories. I loved writing this so much. Scotty is such a sweet, precious little bean and having him slowly fall in love with someone like this was just so beautiful to explore. Please enjoy and a always please let me know what you think! Your feedback is precious to me <3

Scotty’s arm gave a violent jolt over the strategy table. He grimaced a reigned his errant limb back in, clasping his hands tightly behind his back.

“Christ,” he hissed, trying to regain his train of thought.

“You all good, Mr. Scott?” Jim asked in that shiteating way he does when he knows damn well that it’s not all good.

“Jus’ ignore it, Sir, I’m trying to,” Scotty retorted, shuffling his feet and sniffing. “Now, as I was saying -”

“Best not to ignore it too long, Mr. Scott,” Jim said with a tip of his head.

“Aye, now as I was saying…”

“Meester Scott, I voss vondering, vhere vould I find - Are you alright?” Chekov appeared in the doorway, his yellow shirt stained with wide smears of grease.

Scotty sat at his desk, one hand over his eyes, the other arm stretched aloft at an odd angle.

“Aye, lad, what are ye lookin’ for?” Scotty let the hand over his eyes fall to his thigh as he looked up at his apprentice.

“Um… Meester Scott…”

“‘S been like this for nigh on twenty minutes,” Scotty griped. “I can’ take it down.”

“Um… should I raise ze Doctor, or…?”

“I’m sure it’ll go away if I wait,” Scotty said, standing and approaching the doorway. The angle of his arm didn’t waver, but he was able to move freely otherwise.

“I vonder vat zey’re doing…” Chekov mused.

“I prefer not to think about it,” Scotty clapped the young Russian on the shoulder. “Now, wha’ are ya lookin’ for?”

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anonymous asked:

What perfumes/fragrances do you recommend?

Oh i’m such a perfume addict but scents are really personal so i’ll divide them into categories so you can see which scent profiles best match up with your tastes! Also, since I am more of a packaging snob most if not all the bottles are more timeless and chic. 





Hey everyone! Patrycja and I decided to host our first awards together! Who doesn’t love the smell of perfume? We both love them. If you are interested to join here is the information:  


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Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (Best url)

YSL, Black Opium Nuit Blanche (Best theme)

Giorgio Armani, Si (Best posts)

Marc Jacobs, Daisy Eau so Fresh (best overall)

Chanel, CocoMademoiselle (Patrycja’s fave)

Jo Malone, English pear and Freesia (best icon)

Estee Lauder, Pleasures (Nicest blogger)

Lancome, La vie est belle (Best new discovery)

Versace, Bright crystal (Best under 4k)

Vera Wang, Princess  (Lena’s fave)


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Eau so Fresh

Fandom: Legend of Zelda (present day AU)
Pairing: Link x Zelda
Also available on FFN and AO3

Usually the closer to closing customers came in, the more it annoyed Zelda. Her personal rule of thumb was that at whatever time a store said they closed, they actually closed half an hour before that; and the only people who didn’t observe that rule were people who have never worked in retail themselves. But for a customer as… well, sexy, as this man was…

She watched the man reach behind him to scratch his back, and she couldn’t help but notice his tattooed bicep flexing through his rolled up sleeve.

Oh yeah, she could make an exception.

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serenaclarke  asked:

If you don't mind me asking, what is your favourite scent? And, what is the perfume you wish to think people associate with you?

Fragrances: Daisy Eau so Fresh, Jo Malone’s English Pear and Freesia cologne, Pomélo Paradis Atelier cologne

Scents: sautéed onions/Balkan kitchen, him, jasmine vines that climb the wall of our summer home, firewood burning in 19th century libraries, lavender pouches (brought back from Hvar) that I keep in my drawers, wooden floors, the fresh scent summer rain leaves behind…

People close to me tend to associate me with Daisy Eau so Fresh (I’ve been wearing it for six years or so now) and that delights me.

anonymous asked:

If you could be a perfume which would you be?

What a lovely question! There are a few:

Gardénia pétale (Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Gardenia) – secrets, pleated skirts, Sylvia Plath’s poems, hidden gardens.

Daisy Eau So Fresh (Grapefruit, Pear, Violet, Wild Rose, Apple Blossom, Musks) – climbing a cherry tree, white cotton dresses, “The trees like lungs filling with air / My sister, the mean one, pulling my hair”.

Miss Dior Flower Bouquet (Sicilian Orange Essence, Pink Peony, Damascus Rose, White Musks) – white silk, the months May and June, pressing flowers, braiding my hair.

Miss Dior Le Parfum (Damascus Rose Absolute, Patchouli, Amber) – pure Paris, a signature scent. Empty museums, smooth Rodin statues, Le Dîner en Blanc, compliments from strangers, Sainte-Chapelle, singing Françoise Hardy by the Seine.

La Petite Robe Noire (Black cherry, Almond, Bergamot, Tonka Bean) – rosy cheeks, pointe shoes, cold hands, Tchaikovsky and silver tears.

Shalimar (Bergamot, Powder, Iris, Vanilla, Amber) – orchestra tuning, Teatro alla Scala, Serge’s voice, blue velvet dresses and pirouettes, sighs, wandering in Paris at 2am.

thank you to the lovely/amazing/beautiful @softglowtae for tagging me!!

  1. Name: winnie
  2. Nicknames: nini (by my mom)
  3. Zodiac sign: cancer
  4. Height: 5′4 or 163 cm
  5. Orientation: bts dangly earrings (im bi) 
  6. Nationality: asian-american
  7. Favorite fruit: mango, longan, jackfruit, tbh anything sweet
  8. Favorite season: winter
  9. Favorite book: messages from an unknown chinese mother, the ones who walk away from the omelas, percy jackson series
  10. Favorite movies: finding nemo, any pixar short (does that count lmao)
  11. Favorite scent: daisy eau so fresh, w.dressroom april cotton and peach blossom, my mom (lowkey creepy sounding but she smells nice so)
  12. Favorite color: black, white, grey, pastel, various shades of blue
  13. Favorite animal: sharks, dogs, whales
  14. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee and tea
  15. Favorite fictional character: winnie the pooh??
  16. Number of blankets to sleep with: 1 unless its cold then 2
  17. Dream trip: somewhere coastal or a nice city
  18. Blog created: june 2014
  19. Number of followers: its more than 10
  20. Random fact: i have the habit of running my hands through my hair like jimin (idk i couldnt think of something better)

i tag these lovelies @taeandkookie @vnmin @lollyhaze if you wanna do it and anyone else!!