eau de mo

During my high school and college years my fragrance of choice was Salvador Dalí pour Homme. This eau de toilette wasn’t easy to purchase as the fragrance is categorized as fougère – also known as the fragrance category “are you some kind of homo?” – which is rather perfect for a young ’mo in art school.

Its top notes are lavender, bergamot, basil, and clary sage.
Its heart notes are jasmine, muguet, and geranium.
Its base notes are cedarwood, patchouli, musk, leather, amber, sandalwood, and vanilla.

At some point my body rejected the synthetic fragrances used to create the cologne and we parted ways. Alas.

My heart could never settle on a single signature fragrance so I flirted with numerous colognes. The top of my dresser began to resemble a counter display at a department store.

A few years ago in Paris I came upon the storefront for Etat libre d’orange where I discovered Fat Electrician. A “semi-modern vetiver” was its promise, and it didn’t fail to deliver. I always equated vetiver with a mature man: too overpowering for a young man to wear with any confidence. In Paris, men wear vetiver like a second skin. Maybe because it wears well with sweat and cigarette smoke. If you’ve ever visited Paris in summer, you appreciate the smell of vetiver in the air. My body embraced this semi-modern vetiver, and once again I had a signature fragrance.

After years of wearing Fat Electrician, the EDT was becoming equally difficult to procure from online retailers. Alas yet again.

I tried to wear Vettiveru by Commes des Garçons but the vetiver always competes with the white cedar and neroli in the fragrance. Sometimes I am wonderfully enveloped in vetiver, and other times I am running for a shower to scrub away the floral mess on my skin.

I decided it was time to create my own fragrance using essential oils. No more synthetic fragrances, no more difficulty in procuring scents from online stores or other countries.

I’ve amassed a few top, heart, and base notes. I plan to build as many combinations as possible and see which blend becomes the victor. Any combination is fair game so long as one of the notes is vetiver. I’ve grown into the scent and I am okay living out my days as a mature ‘mo.