I wanna make a Zelda AU only because I want Geoff to come back home/to their base to find everybody fucking drowning in Koroks– he doesnt know how they got there but they’re there and they’re having a tea party somehow? Though he doesnt even know if Koroks actually eat or drink? And Jeremy is making a makeshift Korok mask and there’s one chilling out inside Michael’s tunic and Gavin is sleeping in the corner with at least three sleeping on top of him and a couple are teaching Jack new botany tips and techniques and Ryan is sewing a few of them their own “Hero caps” and Geoff is confused but also so fucking overwhelmingly happy and yeah, Zelda AU

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Got any NSFW Izuocha HC's ??

Hehe I do have a few…

  • On the days Izuku comes back late from work and Ochako is already at home, he surprises her by sneaking into their bed at night, covering her with kisses.
  • They take baths together everyday, or at least when the can.
  • Izuku has a bad habit of getting impatient and destroying/tearing Ochako’s panties when they get intimate in bed. Ochako really hates it when he does that, Izuku apologizes but he still does it the next time. He just rips them without thinking because “they’re in the way”
  • Ochako gets fed up with Izuku always destroying her expensive undergarments and forces him to buy her new ones.
  • Izuku really didn’t want to, but after excess nagging from Ochako he finally gave in, bought a wig for a disguise, and set out to buy her a bunch of new panties.
  • Izuku absolutely loves making out with Ochako after she eats/drinks something sweet.
  • Ochako’s way of teasing Izuku is by nibbling on his ear and Izuku freaking loves it.

it feels so weird to eat and drink during the day ?? im not used to this ?? im still bleeping out any curse words with astaghfirullah ?? im not getting any water bc i keep forgetting im not fasting ?? its v weird rjhbfhtb

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any tips for avoiding parents? my mom is a nurse and so she knows the signs of eating disorders and it's stopping me from being able to skip dinner or even track the cals in food when she's in the house (can't weigh anything). having to eat a big meal and not being able to even track the calories in it is so stressful :/

My mom is a nurse, too. But I just tell her that I’m doing a diet and want to get fit and healthy and then she lets me prepare my own food. She’s always really proud when I try to be more healthy. Maybe you could try that? I mean it’s still your body, not hers.
But if that doesn’t work:
-put less on your plate
-avoid sauces
-take more of the healthy things (veggies) and less of the fat things
-drink a lot of water while eating
-drink a green tea after every meal
-do a lot of work outs and exercises
-try to sleep during meals
-tell them you’re not feeling good
-take the food up to your room and throw it away
-buy snacks at a store, don’t eat them but keep the receipt and show it to your parents if they don’t believe you
-if you eat, always do it in front of them so they won’t get curious
hope that helped🌷

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I think I got this right but lmk if I got the format would each of the Matsus deal with having appendicitis and needing surgery?

Okay, I am so freaking scared of appendicitis, you don’t even know, oh my god.
- Mod Shira


- He isn’t happy about the idea of needing surgery, let alone going to a hospital
- But he feels completely awful and he wants to be able to eat and drink again
- He doesn’t admit it but he is actually really scared of surgery
- Eventually he decides to go because he can’t handle the pain anymore
- One of his brothers comes with him and has to hold his hand

- He thinks it’s only a stomach bug so he doesn’t tell
- When the pain is barely bearable he asks his mother for help
- He’s kind of shocked when he’s told he needs surgery immediately
- He says he can handle it alone but he actually wants someone to be by his side
- He starts to cry a bit when he’s alone but he tells himself that he’s an adult and that he’s brave enough for surgery

- He panics when the pain doesn’t stop
- He asks Osomatsu for help but Osomatsu doesn’t really take it seriously
- So he drags himself to a doctor and asks all sorts of questions
- When he’s told he needs surgery he panics more
- He’s very anxious but he heads to the hospital immediately
- He calls his parents before and asks them to come because he doesn’t want to wake up alone

- Ichimatsu is afraid of telling anyone but eventually he tells Choromatsu
- He refuses to go to a hospital
- He thinks the pain will stop somehow but  it doesn’t
- Eventually he wants to have the surgery because he feels like hell
- He secretly wishes Karamatsu would have appendicitis instead of him
- He’s shaking violently before the surgery and he feels like he’s going to throw up

- Jyushimatsu is very confused about the pain
- He is very silent and he stops smiling when he’s told he needs surgery
- He is okay with having surgery though, he just wants this horrible pain to stop
- His brothers promise him to play baseball with him when he’s better

- He’s so afraid, he doesn’t even know how to say what’s wrong
- The eldest three bring him to a doctor and try to calm him down
- When Totty starts to feel nauseous he panics
- He’s afraid of being in a hospital so he doesn’t want to go
- He’s crying the whole time and he doesn’t calm down at ALL


This summer I plan to improve myself in skills, education and health wise. I just don’t have the desire to be out with friends every single day not doing anything that will help my life. I’ll go out sometimes but that won’t be the theme of my summer. What are all your summer plans I’m really curious?


We did it!! We are now officially part of the 13.1 mile club!!

It was a lot rougher than I thought it might be. There were some steady rolling hills and running at 10,800 ft altitude is a bit rough even if the majority of the miles was down hill!! We had one restroom pit stop and a couple of the rougher inclines we power hiked to stretch out, eat and get a drink.

We still made the run (by my Garmin) in 2:12:08 which was around a 9:58 pace. I would have liked to have gone a bit faster but my leg started up around mile 4 and my wife’s knee started giving her problems around mile 11.

The views were spectacular!! You were able to see a lot of Colorodo Mountain country! I took video for as long as my battery lasted so I’m missing around the last 5 miles which is unfortunate!! However I’m looking forward to running that again and starting the video half way.

I will be writing more as the official results come out as well as the course pictures. The race promoters put on a great event and I’m so glad I’m crazy enough to sign up for that race!!

I’m glad to be a Slacker!! I’m also sore as hell and having to soak to try and loosen up!! It was still some very hard work!!

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I’m doing much better today! I slept well and ate… Got my coffee… I’m doing good right now!



I can’t believe I’m even saying this. My beautiful bearpaw died yesterday. Wyatt and I picked her out together, she was our little baby. She had the sweetest soul and loved everyone. Our kids adore her and I don’t know how I’m going to tell them. Addy lost her best friend. Our hearts hurt so so bad right now. I can’t even process this.

We don’t know what happened or what caused it. Our friend watching her called 2 days ago and said that she wasn’t acting herself but was eating and drinking. I thought she was just getting sad that we were gone. Then yesterday she called and said she came home from work and she was dead. I want to blame myself or her or anyone. I feel awful. This sucks so bad.

And now, an assortment of Aku-centric AUs for your viewing pleasure…

Semi-Mortal AU

He breathes, eats, sleeps, drinks, etc. out of necessity to live but still retains his other powers and extended (but not immortal) lifespan. Additionally, he has a greater capacity for empathy and love, making him more easily swayed in the face of others’ loss and suffering.

Thus, in this particular AU he is a much more benevolent ruler and far more cautious about what battles he fights and what enemies he makes.

Hibernation (aka True God) AU

( Canon divergent from the events of S03E11 “the Birth of Evil part 1″ )

Rather than scourge the cosmos immediately on conception, the abomination from which Aku originates instead chooses to watch and listen and wait for a moment of weakness upon which it could pounce; and slowly, civilization gradually becomes aware of the Beast sleeping in the stars.

And thus, a cult following slowly takes hold of the Earth.

The Beast feeds upon the cult’s worship, gradually augmenting its powers, and eventually one of the cults manages to contact him– awakening him from his long slumber and bringing the whole of his attention onto Earth, where the Beast then decides to humor his followers and begin his long reign of terror.

No other religions are allowed openly on Earth, and he does not council with anyone aside from the most devout of his followers. From these priests and chosen representatives, his will is done. They run the government in his stead while he watches from the shadows and smaller pieces of his essence slowly take over the stars in his name and cultivate a following on other planets.

In this AU, there are a number of differences that separate him from canon.

  • looking upon his face is enough to prompt the unenlightened to madness
  • when he speaks aloud, his voice echoes distantly with those of the damned; and when he yells all of them scream the words at once
  • in his eyes, one can see the past, present, and future reflected there all at once
  • he can destroy anything by simply willing it into nonexistence
  • he has a number of illegitimate demi-god offspring
  • he can alter the flow of time
  • he can speak telepathically and at great distances

Plus others that I’ll probably think of later.

Scourge AU

( Canon divergent from the events of S03E11 “the Birth of Evil part 1″ )

The Gods Odin, Ra, and Vishnu completely underestimate the might of the Sin Mother from whose essence Aku is wrought, and thus fall before her one by one– leaving the other Gods temporarily stupefied as the monstrosity’s essence slowly devoured the corner of the universe in which she had spawned.

The encounter with the Gods it had defeated greatly weakened the Mother, however, who after some years of relative peaceful feeding upon stars and planetary systems has since attained sentience and now aims to spread her evil across the cosmos–bending Gods, deities, and mortals alike to her wicked cause.

From her, there sprung the first of many smaller evils, and her eldest child– Aku, the God of Corruption– whose only purpose in his existence, as bestowed by Mother, is to spread evil and strife in her name.

Mother and son have a strained relationship at best, because Aku would rather serve his own purposes than corrupt in someone else’s name. Thus, he plots in silence for the day that he might slay her– hoping to one day take her place as the greatest evil this universe has ever known.

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I just taught my girlfriend how to make a smoothie that has spinach in it but tastes like banana and she seems so happy it's kinda adorable. I know how to make gross healthy things taste good because my dad is a total health freak and is scared of me getting overweight. Kale chips to the rescue! ✨

Love is helping ur loved ones be healthy bc u love em a lot and support their desires to be healthy and happy 👌

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You anons are a lot more mad than Rih herself, who has said that she will always love him, she will always care and she is not at peace if he's unhappy. She's not entitled to show y'all everything. That's the problem with most of the Navy. Y'all feel that y'all are entitled to absolutely everything and that you can control what a grown ass woman does. Y'all are her sons, not the other way around. Go in the corner, eat a cookie, drink some tea and accept that Chris is forever Father Navy. 😂

LMAO! Ask RIHANNA if she MAD??? - Doreen

  • Lena Luthor: You're impossibly fast. And strong. Your skin is... impenetrable. Your eyes change color... and sometimes you speak like - like you're from a different planet. You eat or drink everything; you stay in the sunlight.
  • Lena: I know what you are.
  • Kara Danvers: Say it... out loud. Say it.
  • [at the same time]
  • Lena: Reverse Vampir-
  • Kara: Superg-
  • Lena: Oh. That makes way more sense.