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Summary: Steve isn’t paying attention to you, and you don’t like it one bit.

Warning: angst, confidence issues


Steve wasn’t paying attention to you, and you hated it. You had come home from work, looking forward to some cuddles with your boyfriend and a relaxing evening. But to your dismay, Steve was busy writing reports about his last mission to Amsterdam.

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Sorry for disappearing again … I received a lot of commissions at once and It is truly amazing and I was balancing them quite well with work until …

Life Problems appear… 

I slowed down a lot on the commissions and I am still very sorry ! Problems are still here but fam is saying it will be okay so let’s positive !

And finally I got a very nasty bug making me unable to eat or drink for days but I am getting better ! I am finally able to sit down and not be nauseous long enough to do this post !

My stomach is rebelling again so I am gonna stop here ! Sorry again !

I will do my best to be good again and finish them I am very sorry ! Thank you for sticking with me !

I rocked today

I did dishes, cooked dinner, packed up two boxes of unused clothes, folded 7 loads of laundry, washed 2 loads of laundry, took a shower, managed not to completely loose my cool with my kids, and only drink 1 glass of wine in the process! I just have to make it 30 more minutes…. the. I can put them in PJs, read stories and put them to bed. Then I get to eat dinner and drink the rest of the bottle…..

Tea and Eating Disorders

We love seeing people appreciate tea, but it’s always sad when we see pro-ana or advocating for other eating disorders, latching onto tea. Tea is great and it can sometimes stave off appetite temporarily in cases where you need to wait before eating, but it’s not a good thing when you’re not eating enough to maintain essential body functions and you skip meals and replace them with tea.

We want everyone to love their body as-is and be healthy.

We want everyone to feel in control of their life so they don’t need to turn to an ED to grasp desperately at something they have control over.

We want people to pay attention to how their tea tastes and enjoy drinking it, in part so that they can pay attention to how all their food and drink tastes, and enjoy eating and drinking all around.

We want to nudge people away from counting calories and thinking of nutrition in terms of math and numbers, and encourage people to listen to their bodies and eat when they’re hungry, and stop eating when they’re full.

Our society glorifies thinness to unhealthy degrees, and we also send all sorts of unhealthy messages encouraging people to count calories, and to disregard natural signals of hunger and fullness, and it is very easy for people to get sucked into the ways of thinking and patterns characteristic of eating disorders.

We want to be here too if people want to talk about these things. We care about all of you, both the people who follow us and the random people who post in the tea tag. We want to help you if there is any way we can!

Mail Nov 17th

Nov 17th

Good Morning 〜 。

I’ll appear at MUSIC STATION
Today at 20:00!

If you have time
please check it out(*´A`*)
or record it

I’ll do my best today!

Is your hair color brunette ? or brown?

I tried to dye
my hair blue for the first time …


It’s not turn out to be
the one I imagined to
it just look like the bleached one …(;A;)lol

it feels more
like black … ?lol


At the AKB Shinbun which released today
you can find YuuNaaMi’s interview。

I’m also planning to get it too(*´A`*)

on this interview
because Yuuchan is the ace
of Aoki san’s performance
she’s wearing Ashita no tame ni kiss cotsume

also since I’m the captain of STU
I wear the costume I used during Kansha sai

and miisan is wearing
Shonichi’s costume

Three of us wearing different costume !

I hope I can go eat and drink
together with miisan and yuuchan
a lot〜 …

missginko  asked:

hey there! : D even though they are not very original, i would love to share some gladio/nyx thoughts with you! to be honest, i was distracted the whole day, because i couldn’t stop thinking about them… i guess what first made me like them is their dynamic. i have a thing for pairings in which both have very strong personalities which lead them to clash from time to time, but who hold a profound respect for each other, nonetheless.

“…i imagine them to sometimes cross paths during training and despite his admiration for the glaive, gladio gets annoyed with his behavior, because why does he have to be such a show off and why can’t he take things more seriously? but truth is, gladio slowly finds himself intrigued, and more often than not, his eyes involuntarily follow nyx as the other warps his way through training…”

“i also like to think that they often spend their evenings after practice at the galahdian district, eating skewers and drinking beer, sometimes with other glaives, sometimes just the two of them, and naturally ending up at nyx’s apartment”

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YES??????????????

YES lemme ju


- Nyx is a loose cannon who actually mostly follows the rules, and Gladio is a stickler for the rules who is also secretly a daredevil. Both of them almost get killed every other hunt or field mission, and then get yelled at by their superiors. Neither defends the other.

- Gladio gets nauseous from warping and kind of resents that Nyx can do it so easily.

- Gladio and Nyx may or may not have some shared heritage, though Gladio has zero idea about what Galahd is like because that would’ve been his mom’s side of the family. He only knows that he remembers some of the bedtime stories and that he likes the food.

- Whenever Gladio needs to wait for Nyx outside his place or the locker room, he crosses his arms and leans against the wall and glares at everyone who goes by. Libertus makes fun of Nyx because it’s like he’s got a guard-puppy.

- Gladio and Nyx argue vociferously about sports and have different favorite teams, but since each of them has a different favorite sport, they will watch whatever it is in the bar that night and sympathy-cheer for whatever team the other one is rooting for. They will then laugh when that team loses.

- Crowe is one of Iris’s trainers and Gladio thinks Crowe is going to train Iris to kill him one day.

- nyx does not disagree 

- The haircut is a military thing. Nyx maintains his, but Gladio just lets his grow out and gets it cut again whenever he needs to be at some sort of official event. The braids are a Galahdian thing though, and Gladio was curious about them, so Nyx showed him how to do them, and Gladio showed Iris, and Iris will one day wear hers like that, partially in remembrance, during the Dark.

- Gladio is younger than Nyx but has been training for longer, which kind of disturbs Nyx. Nyx is low-key protective of Gladio because of it.

- Gladio really listens to Nyx’s stories about Galahd, and sometimes he expresses that he wishes he’d grown up out there instead of crammed up in the city. Not many people from the Crown City are like that, so Nyx likes him.

- Nyx kind of dislikes Clarus because he thinks Clarus wasn’t there for Gladio enough when he and Iris were kids.

- Gladio’s kind of conflicted about Regis hiring the Glaives. He thinks it’s kind of a shitty thing to do, considering what the Glaives have been through, but Gladio is also bound to be loyal to the King and to agree with the King’s decisions without question, so he’s just vaguely uncomfortable about it.

- They didn’t have shopping malls in Galahd. Nyx is still kind of awed and intimidated by them, and this amuses Gladio, who invites him along when he goes on shopping trips with Iris. 50% of the useless shit Nyx has is stuff Iris has convinced him to buy.

- Sparring. 

leapswastaken  asked:

My players have killed a red dragon and taken bottles of it's blood, a lot of dragon breastmeat (like a chicken), and it's tail. One of them mentioned that there's a d% chart that says what happens when they eat/drink anything from the dragon, but I can't find it. Would you happen to know the chart he's talking about? (Note that I need to know before Monday, as that's when my sessions are)

I’ve tried looking for this chart but my searches didn’t yield any results.

You may consider adding effects based on the dragon’s alignment and how that corresponds to your players’. If your good-aligned players ate an evil-aligned dragon, they might not feel too great. Alternatively, if your evil-aligned players ate an evil-aligned dragon, they might feel good; maybe they’ve got advantage on CON saving throws for the next 1d4 days.

Vernal is still hanging in there. We gave her a dose of dewormer yesterday as a last-ditch effort and early this morning she pooped again (the fourth time in three days :/ ) but there were a bunch of roundworms in it. So we think that she may just have a huge ball/infestation of round worms in her that have bunched up and caused a clock in her system, sounds weird but it’s something that can happen, and it can cause leg-paralysis and lack of appetite. 

So now we’re working on treating her for the infestation. She has no interest in eating or drinking, so I made up a mixture of egg, nutridrench, calcium, garlic, olive oil, and water and we’re syringe feeding her that. The egg, nutridrench, and calcium are all for nutrients, the garlic is to subdue/kill the parasites, and the olive oil is to help push things through her system. 

She’s hanging in there, for now.

sapphire-moon-love  asked:

Perhaps take a break from the internet for a bit? Take some time to collect yourself and calm down Eat something sweet, drink something warm, watch a movie, or take a shower or take a walk or run?

yeah i definitely need to defuse myself lmao. I don’t know why I’m so mad actually it’s not like something happened.. 

shitty advice of a college student. (part two)

(read part one here.)

  • sit where you’ll pay attention. sometimes this doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in the very front; personally, I like to sit more in the middle. it gives me a good view of my professor and at the same time makes me feel a lot less self-conscious.
  • not sure about shit? talk to your professor. email your professor. clarify things and show that you’re a student who cares about more than just showing up.
  • get to class on time!!!
  • when you email professors always say THANK YOU for their time and help! remember that they’re not required to put in extra time to help you; but the good ones just do. make these people love you!!! a good relationship could turn your B+ into an A- at the end of the semester.
  • reaching out to both your classmates and your professor when you’re absent is your responsibility.
  • please eat. and drink water. everyday. I mean it.
  • being a good student means that you will have shitty days. a lot of them. sometimes things go wrong, or you have more work than you can handle, or you end up getting a C on a quiz you thought you studied your ass off for. that’s okay. life happens. shit happens. let yourself feel shitty sometimes.
  • once again: let yourself feel shitty sometimes.
  • unless you want to die, don’t cram for your exams!! plan ahead. study a little bit every day so that the information is retained and you don’t have to study as much the night before. the process works. planning ahead will actually make you work lesstrust me.
  • know that mistakes happen and life goes on. sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to change something. acknowledge that you’ve done everything you could, it was worth trying, and move on. mistakes happen so we can learn from them. 
  • be realistic with your daily to-do list. if you spent all night studying your ass off for that mid-term and you know that you won’t have the mental energy to get a whole list of things done the next day, then they can wait! pace yourself and get done as much as you are capable of doing in one sitting.
  • you don’t have to look gorg going to class but if putting together daily looks and getting ur face beat gives you that motivation to go to school than you go girl!!!!
  • it does not matter if another student your age seems like they have it all together; because chances are, they don’t. no one does. we are all struggling to get shit done. we all have our own journeys. it is not a competition. no path is more valuable than another.
  • stress doesn’t mean you’re entitled to being an asshole. the people in your life probably know that you have a lot on your plate. they’re trying to live their lives as hard as you are. don’t be a dick about it.