So I finally tried pierogi, Poland’s greatest culinary export, at @trashwarden’s urging. I enjoyed them greatly, and so I flash-ficced this in five minutes:

* * *

The kitchen was warm, and smelled of cheese and coffee.

With each pass of his hands, flecks of flour rose into the air, as though Vaxus himself was casting magic, the type of magic that had always eluded Dorian – cooking.

A pot of boiling water gurgled pleasantly in a nearby stove, large cubes of potatoes bounced within in their little dance.

His amatus traded his two-handed sword for a rolling pin today, and Dorian couldn’t help but to admire the way the muscles in his arms swell and relax as Vaxus rolled out each piece of dough.

“So this is the state food of Ostwick,” Dorian said, scooping a bit of cottage cheese with his finger and popped it into his mouth.

Vaxus looked slightly annoyed that his hands were too busy to slap him away. “Yes, potato and cheese dumplings. We used to have it every Sunday at our family luncheons.”

“You’d think the Trevelyans could afford proper meat in their meals.“

Vaxus flicked a handful of flour into Dorian’s face, the cloud of white landing onto his nose and hair. He sneezed, and it was loud and undignified and utterly disgusting.

Vaxus let out a bark of laughter – oh, the insolence! – giggling to himself as he cut out perfect rounds with a cup.

“It started as a peasant dish,” Vaxus explained. “But it is so delicious that even the nobles began eating it.”

Dorian arched a brow. “Somehow I don’t think it could beat honey-glazed ham.”

Vaxus smiled, and touched Dorian’s mouth with his flour-stained fingers.

“Don’t worry, this is only the appetiser. The main course comes later,” he said softly before taking Dorian’s lips in a kiss that made his knees wobbly.

Please read me when you're "not enough"

You’ve got too much piss and vinegar
In that soft soul to give up

Don’t forget

The taste of moonlight
And stars filtering through your fingers
How you love to dangle from rooftops
And precarious places
Like you have a rumble with death

Well let me tell you something, Ponyboy,
You don’t get to surrender so easily

Rage against the dying of the light
And do not gentle into that goodnight

It just might be the damn fighter in you
That redeems you
Grab my hand
Feel my strength through our fingers
Face forward and and keep pushing onward

Yep, we’re going to trudge through shit
broken glass, hate, betrayal, cruelty, corruption
The wind is going to lash you to pieces
But, my dear, that’s when you fool their asses

And stand up anyway

You stand up because you’ve battled pain before and didn’t die

You stand up because your mom fought like hell
Bringing you into this life

You stand up because you’ve got talent
(I see it and it’s brilliant)

Baby, most importantly,
You stand up for you

Show them your beauty and worth
Because those stars are in your heart now
And you need to illuminate the night
Show others what strength is

Get up when chemo took your hair
When daddy’s not coming home anymore
When addiction’s got you by the throat

Heroes are not found in Marvel comic books
They are real

And they get up everyday and fix breakfast
Through the fears of not being enough
They smile at others and hold them close
Because if they don’t
Who will

So stand up and let’s get going
When you lose yourself to love hope faith
Selfless giving
The self doubt fades away
The world needs heroes to speak for them
To fight for them in words
And you’ve been blessed with an elegant voice
Use it

Kitty update:  She ate on her own!!!!!  Woo Hoo!  I went to bed and at 11pm heard her crunching on food I had nearby.  She pretty much snuggled with me all night and jumped on and off the bed pretty easily.  So patience, faith and a lot of encouragement may have done it.  And for the Nonny who suggested baby food, I think that might have helped a lot too! 

Hoping she’s still eating okay when I check on her later today.