Healthy sprouts in six days.
March 14th 2017

Bringing healthy food to the table, especially for the growing children, has never been this easy. We soak the seeds the first day for 24 hours. Then every morning and evening we fill the jars with water to do a shake and rinse. So, simply fill the jars, shake and pour the water out. once you’ve shaken the water out of the jars simply lay the jars on their side next to the sink. Keep them close and convenient. In six days you’ll have jars full of clean and organic sprouts for salads and sides. The nutritional value is exponentially higher when the beans open and the taproot grows. This is a great solution for anybody who feels they are too busy to grow their own healthy foods. With simple old-school methods no one has excuses and there is no light required. Moreover, the sweet and crunchy experience usually wins over the children.

From our experience, if you have an active lifestyle and need easily digestible foods that translate into quick and clean energy, this is definitely a route for you guys to explore.

I hope this message finds you guys excited about getting ready for the spring time.


Por que as pessoas insistem na ideia de que contar calorias lhes trará uma alimentação saudável e perda de peso? 

Tenho amigas obcecadas com isso, e canso de tentar explicar a lógica da vida saudável! Exemplo: na minha opinião, ingerir 200kcal num copo de suco de laranja natural é muito melhor pro meu corpo do ingerir as “0kcal” de uma lata de Coca Zero. 

Acho que minha lógica não está tão errada assim, já que foi raciocinando dessa forma que emagreci 20kg e consegui estabelecer pra mim mesma uma rotina alimentar e de exercícios.

Sim, eu leio os rótulos dos produtos… Mas pra saber os ingredientes, caspita! Torço todos os dias pra não ver, nas bancas por exemplo, aquelas desgraçadas manchetes do tipo “Perda 10kg com a dieta do chá!”. 

Peloamor… Como as pessoas têm pouco conhecimento sobre aquilo que comem, né? Uma pena :(

My weight has always been a struggle for me. My motivation to work out yo-yo’d through high school and my first year of college, and I’ve always had a hard time being happy with my appearance. Mid-January I realized I finally had had enough. I was sick of looking a fitting room as a disaster. Sick of being stressed out at the thought of going to the beach. Sick of constantly pulling at my clothes and wondering if people are looking at my stomach. Sick of not appreciating myself as much as i should be. I finally have the drive i need to get my tushy into gear and get my body to a point where i truly feel beautiful; and in this past month alone I’ve made more progress than i ever imagined possible. It may not look like a drastic change physically, but mentally i’ve gained SO much more confidence in myself, enough to share it with all of you! Finally on the road to having the healthy body i’ve always wanted, and i couldn’t be happier :)