#SweatADay #Day29: #PlankingFools.

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Last two days of the month!! Still waiting on May’s calendar, but it’s coming!! We’re goin out with a bang for April, though. Tomorrow is a plank montage. You will love/hate it. I’m not going to go over form as all of these were described in depth during plank week. If you need form help, please go see earlier posts from the month (Days 8, 11, 13 and 14 in particular). Here’s how it works: 2 reps of each for all 4 exercises. Then repeat other side. Repeat the whole thing as many times (or for as long as you want.

1. Plank Punches (R/L = 2)

2. Plank Heel Beats (x2)

3. Side Plank Crunch (x2)

4. Plank Glute Raise (x2) You’ll see in the video that I keep my leg up from side plank crunch to glute raise. You can put it on the ground if you need.

Pretty much 😜 I had an amazing Sunday yesterday. I slept in, then went straight to yoga (which was candlelit, and free!) and then took the beautiful drive down PCH to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve to go for a run for the first time there, there were SO MANY birds, bunnies, squirrels… I love seeing happy, protected animals 😊 It’s a beautiful run, I highly recommend if you are in OC. 3.25 miles. Another free activity, parking is even free! 🏃🐦 Then I came home, had my green smoothie, and then did day 10 of the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (day 3 at level 2), that workout is insane! I’ve been sore ever since I started the shred (that means its working, I love being sore!💪), I’m always completely drenched in sweat by the end! Then I cleaned, did laundry, cooked a bit… And then had a few drinks and watched The Walking Dead with my boo! 💗🍸 Very productive day 👍 The yoga teacher (the amazing @trinity_tagge) also said during class to “Be grateful for the breath within you, be grateful for all the little things in life”, so that kind of set the intention of the day for me, and I spent the whole day reflecting on everything I am grateful for in my life. 🙏 #sundayfunday #vegansuperpowers #yogarunparty #eatplanklove

#SweatADay #Day11: Plank Heel Beats

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And the #planks go on. Glad you guys “liked” those circles from today. Tomorrow adds a little hop (you know I love the hopping/jumping/plyo anything). This can be done on the forearms or hands, you might find one is better for you or one challenges you more. You decide. The hard part is not turning this into a pike. It is not a pike it is a plank. Your butt will come up a bit (see pic) but it shouldn’t come to a pike.

1 - Start on your forearms or your hands. Joint stack here: shoulders over wrists or shoulders over elbows. Neither your hands or your elbows will be out wide.

2 - Feet extend back behind you, they can actually start a little wider than normal so you get more out of the heel beat. This can’t really be done on the knees, so if you need to drop down to your knees, do so, but you won’t do the heel beat part. You can do some gliding jacks instead or even just hold your plank.

3 - Click your heels together. This requires a little bit of a hop and a lot of inner thigh! You’re welcome.

4 - Land back to your plank and repeat. Use the elbows or hands pressing down to engage the core the whole time. Remember, no piking!!