A little deer-person for my painting project development. Ignore the fact that he looks deformed, the camera angle didn’t help D; He’s a character I want to put in one of the future plant boy comics, I’ve called him Pretty Boy.


The two parts of my hefty comic that I am most proud of.
Though, I’ve recently hit a point where I’m frustrated with most of my work; so much of it is just black and white ink drawing, and I’m kind of getting bored of it. I feel like I’m sort of stuck in a rut, I need to do some work that branches out.

my first proper illustration using my new tablet.

I started it mostly just to kill time, but I enjoyed it so I finished it. It’s a little messy and tacky, but ehh I enjoy it.

It’s basically just a depiction of me when me and Kirsty moved into the flat. I didn’t unpack, I just gathered all my duvets and made a huge cushion for myself and played videogames T_T"