Madison: Where are we going, bitch?

Jasmine: The clinic.

Madison: What? Oh. OH!

Jasmine: I’ve been puking for a week.

Madison: You really want to, you know, take care of it?

Jasmine: I have to. Look I know it might not make sense to you but, this thing, baby, whatever, I’m not sure that I could love it. It wasn’t exactly conceived in a happy loving way.

Aitor Cruz for Phyllis.

She gave me free rein while creating him, so there you go. I was mildly inspired by the coloration of the Fields family by facsimiles

Default Replacements
Skin - Eyes

Hair - Eyebrows - FrecklesEye bags - Cheek pores - Lipstick - Plugs - Tattoo 

My sliders are set to 2x via Nraas Integration mod to get Aitor’s look.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Clothes are from Base game through Showtime, with a little Diesel on the side. Except for his everyday top which you can get here

Social butterfly - Photographer’s eye - Inappropriate - Daredevil - Grumpy

Indie - Cheese steak - Lime

He’s a Pisces who wishes to become a Master Acrobat!

Anyway, I hope you like him. I think he’s a cute sim! Maybe just a little on the crazy side. o_O

You may edit him to fit your personal tastes, but he’s not a base for your creation and please don’t claim him as your own. Aitor is a private download only! Thanks you and happy simming. <3

Ella Kannos by Phyllis

Flirty - Family-Oriented - Clumsy - Animal Lover - Artistic 

I’ll keep this simple. 

I wasn’t going to take this challenge seriously. I mean, who actually falls in love on a reality show? But I figure now that I’m here, I should open my heart to the possibility. I’ve had dreams of wedding dresses and white picket fences, so maybe this is my chance. After wasting so much time on ex-boyfriends who never appreciated my love, I can only hope I find the one that does.