Victor is so open and transparent with affection toward Yuuri in public and I feel like Yuuri is really quiet and discreet but super sly about it when others are around 

(The entire skating fam has come over for a Victor’s birthday/Chritmas dinner)

Victor: and then the girl ringing us up at the market goes “are you Vict- *stops dead in his tracks and opens his eyes REAL big* 

Yuuri: *has placed his hand directly on Victor’s crotch under the table, but continues eating without skipping a beat* 

Victor: OH. MMHKAY.. sh-she goes ”aa-are you Victor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki!?“ ..anD.. d’ya WANNA tell them the r-rrest honey??? 

Yuuri: *calm and collected* oh no, it’s way funnier how you tell it. Go on.

Victor: allLLRIght THEN!! th-the girl was scanning…eggs wh- *Yuuri adjusts his hand’s position* WHEN I ANSwered “yes actually, nice to meet yoo-O-ou” and then Yuu- *under his breath* fuck Yuuri

Yuuri: *has a small smile on his face but carries on normally*

Victor: OOOKay hEy UM Yuuri, c-could you help me.. check THe.. check on the f-ffish.. the baby fish, yeAH ,,, see if they’re eating enough *gets up and all but sprints to their bedroom*

Yuuri: *smirking and shaking his head* we’ll be back in a few minutes… The baby fish and all *goes after him*

Yurio: wait a fucking minute….. they don’t have any damn fish

Sharing Can’t Be Wrong... - Dean x Reader x Sam (One Shot)

A/N: So, you all wanted this to continue. I left it open as a teaser, and it went over really well. Now, the full thing is here. Who doesn’t want the Winchesters to share them? Hope you all enjoy! As always feedback appreciated!

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Warnings: Smut. No plot here what so ever. Just sex. Not much editing.

Word Count: Roughly 3500

“Dean?” You looked at him in confusion as he pulled back. Leaving you sitting on the large wooden table near the entrance of the bunker. Lips swollen. Confusion dancing in your darkened eyes.

“You know I love you, right?” His hand rubbed against your thigh, pushing up your skirt further. You’d dressed up a bit for date night.

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The Ultimate Self-Care List

Alright, I know that I’m a study.blr with 3 followers, but just for today let’s pretend that I am a self care and fitness blogger with thousands of fans. Lately, I’ve been so stressed out about personal issues, and my relatives down in the path of Hurricane Irma (stay safe everyone) I always forget the importance of self care.. you can’t study if you don’t take the time to do basic stuff such as trimming your nails and taking some deep breaths. Self-care and nutrition effects every part of your life. (Expect these reminders from me every so often.)

The moral of the story is, when your world is going crazy, don’t just say that self care isn’t important, because otherwise you will end up like me right now, stressed out with the flu, when I should be productive.

This isn’t very original, but while I’m at it, I’m just going to list some self care ideas, big and small. If you have a free Sunday, or really any free time, just read the list and choose a few things to do. Take care of yourself. (#72 is my favorite, btw)

1) Cut your nails.

2) Do a hair mask with coconut oil.

3) Do a face mask. (Buy one, or, make one at home. One of my favorites is plain yogurt and honey)

4) You should be doing this everyday, but, meditate!

5) Take a long, warm, bath or shower. Shave, and use a brown sugar body scrub.

6) Use hand lotion.

7) Read a self-improvement book.

8) Read a fictional book.

9) Read a nonfiction book about a topic that you are interested in.

9) While we’re talking about books… grab a coffee, and visit a local library or bookstore. Just explore.

10) Listen to your favorite songs.

11) Listen to some new music.

12) Visit a local record store, and if you think socializing will help you, start a conversation with someone who is looking at the same genre as you.

13) Do a homemade pedicure or manicure.

14) Paint your nails and toenails.

15) If you have some extra money, go to the spa, get a massage, a professional facial and pedicure/manicure and anything else you’d like.

16) Try a new hairstyle.

17) If you need a trim, go to the hair salon. If you need a fresh start, get a whole new haircut.

18) Call up a friend.

19) Email a relative.

20) Look at some inspirational quotes.

21) Look at cute animal photos!

23) Volunteer.

24) Do something nice for someone else, at random.

25) Take food to a friend, neighbor, or someone random!

26) Donate money to victims of Hurricane Harvey/Irma. (Or, if you are reading this in the future, donate to the people affected by a current crisis or problem)

27) Say something nice to someone you dislike, and decide to forgive them.

28) Talk to an elderly person.

29) Talk to a toddler or kid.

30) Talk to a pet.

31) Talk to your parents or relatives.

32) Donate food to the homeless.

33) Take your dog for a walk, and spend some time with them.

34) If you don’t have a dog, spend time with your pet, even if that means just sitting next to a cage.

35) If you don’t have any pets, visit a pet store!

36) Clean, or organize a certain room or area.

37) Set a timer for ten minutes and clean/organize what you can.

38) Watch your favorite TV show.

39) Watch a new TV show or movie! (I suggest Glee, The Office, and The Good Place for shows, and Moana, Frozen, Brave for movies)

40) If you have a friend or family member in the path of Hurricane Irma, give them a call or email them. They might not answer due to being busy, but, just leave a voicemail and let them know that you are there for them.

40) Write a short story.

41) Write poetry.

42) USE CAUTION with this one, and be responsible… but, if feeling angry, destroy stuff! Pop a balloon, punch a pillow, crush some fruit, shred some paper, the possibilities are endless! Just don’t harm yourself or anyone else, don’t be TOO wasteful, and don’t do this somewhere that you would get in trouble for it.

43) Paint.

44) Draw.

45) Sculpt.

46) Dance.

47) Make Music!

48) Take online personality quizzes.

49) Just sit in silence. Get to know yourself.

50) Do a science experiment.

51) Learn about something you’ve always been interested in.

52) Learn a new skill. It could be as simple as kicking a soccer ball or as complicated as learning a new language.

53) Sign up for a class. (writing class, yoga class, dance class, workout class, art class, whatever. It’s up to you)

54) Paint or Draw, but don’t aim to make anything specific. Just let the pencil lead you.

55) Run to the top of a hill or out into the forest, preferably in a location without many people. When you feel like it, stop, look around, and… SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!

56) I might have already said this, but.. go outside into nature!

57) Go outside

58) Go outside

59) Go outside

60) I cannot stress this enough… GO OUTSIDE!

61) Go for a run.

62) Workout! Strength and Cardio workouts are good for getting out anger, Yoga is relaxing, and stretching is good for really anytime.

63) This won’t work for everyone, but, play a game of your favorite sport with friends.

64) Make a new friend, whether it be online or IRL.

65) Go to the store and buy ingredients for a healthy recipe. Cook it yourself.

66) Drink WATER!

67) Eat a super-food. (Kale Chips, smoothies, and salads are easy and quick to make)

68) I recommend healthy food, but I’m a health crazy person, sooo, if you want a treat, make some cookies, cake, or another comfort food.

69) Drink something warm, for comfort. Tea is my favorite, but coffee or cocoa work too.

70) Drink something cold, to feel refreshed and energized. Lemon Water, Juice, Iced Tea and Sparkling water are good. Soda works too but it’s very sugar-y.

71) Speaking of sugar, AVOID IT. Same with saturated fat. It’s okay every so often in comfort food, but try not to eat it on a regular basis.

72) This one is my personal favorite… MESSAGE ME! I’m always here for you if you have any questions about this post or if you just need someone to chat with. As someone who has/still does struggle with anxiety and some other issues, I know how important it is to talk to someone who gets it.

73) As much as I stress not eating junk food, don’t beat yourself up over it if you eat some. As someone who has struggled with that, know that it’s not worth getting upset over.

74) Go see a therapist, or the doctor, or whoever you feel you need to see. Seriously, if you think you need it, get professional help.

75) If you’re not feeling well, look up some home remedies for your symptoms, but if worse comes to worse, go get some medicine, even if it’s just over the counter.

76) Tell yourself that you a beautiful, and write a list of five compliments about yourself.

77) If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/partner, tell them that you love them and spend some time with them. If you aren’t to the ‘I love you’ point yet, just let them know that you appreciate them.

78) If you are single, invite friends over, (or stay home alone), eat ice cream, talk, and watch movies. Remember that you are never truly alone!

77) Remember, self care is important. You deserve to take care of yourself.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take my own advice and drink some water. Love you all,

- Irene, aka Lumiere Study.Blr


My sister did this to me when I was about to eat some instant ramen and I had to draw it ;-; (I exaggerated this bit though)

anonymous asked:

Okay, so I love your blog and I love lance even if I hurt him so, but like I've always had this headcanon that lance is a momma's boy all the way. But he's mother is a hardcore religious woman and when her son comes out to her being bi or pan or even trans and ect, she is so confused and tells him it's a phase. So, lots of he's insecurities bloom from that conversation with his mother. But even in that case, his father is actually more supportive and open to it and maybe even a couple of 1/?

of his siblings are supportive of him. But the fact that his mother still tells him it’s a phase which hurts our poor boy. Or even, his family becomes divided. Half of them team with his mama and the other half with his papa and he can’t help but feel like it’s his fault that this rift in the family has been caused because of him and his “stupid and unimportant” feelings. He starts to hate himself more when his parents argue and his siblings look at him in either disgust or sympathy. He just 2/?

feels utterly terrible and it starts to fester into self loathing and self harm and it’s continues to get worse as he gets older and this quote on quote phase isn’t a “phase”. He is just torn up about himself and what he’s caused in his family and so, he’s like Imma apply to the garrison because I’d like to be a pilot anyways and maybe it’ll help the family out. So, he gets in and his family is happy and proud but there is still some distance with his mother and other family members. 3/?
father is still super supportive and lance talks to his papa about any and all crushes he has throughout his life since he discovered that he had feels around 6th grade? Idk but like at the garrison he’ll casually mention that one chick he flirted with and it’s like all his family is into it but when he talks about this hella handsome guy it’s only his father and a few siblings who stay on the call. Which makes lance feel so small and he’ll stop half way after noticing and be like “actually 4/?
he wasn’t that cute” then proceed to his classes and how he’s working hard to be a fighter pilot in hopes his mom will be back but she never returns, even when the call ends. Cue lance laying in bed crying. Then cue him blowing up one night saying he didn’t ask to be this way but he is this way and he is sorry. Screams that he misses his mom and siblings and he feels bad that he likes guys and girls and he is sorry for being indecisive and selfish for liking both genders. Screaming and then 5/?

even throwing away any makeup and/or face masks his older sister got him. Just exploding in the room and hoping, praying that hunk won’t enter at that moment. He just can’t handle not being loved by half his family anymore, did his mother not realize the impact she has on him??? He is grateful for his father, but he was always a momma’s boy at heart. Then he makes it to fighter pilot and after that break down on the call, he remembers half his family just stopped talking so, what’s the 5or6/?

7: what’s the point. He still stays in some touch with his papa at times, but doesn’t tell him that he is a fighter pilot because he is only there since Keith left. He was only there, not because he was good enough, but because they needed the spot filled. More self hate and anger towards Keith. Then he gets sucked into a space war he didn’t expect and is worried because what about his family?? What about them??? But then he realizes that only half… [continued on 8]

realizes that only half of them are probably worried, the rest are probably happy that he was gone. He was the shameful one anyways. And he is terrified to tell the rest of the team. Sure, pidge came out as female instead of being the male she pretended to be (I stand by they/them pronouns for pidge tho), but it’s different for him. He is so scared that it’ll ruin his only other family. He doesn’t want his space family to be torn up about it like his biological fam was. So, he 8/?

9: overcompensates by flirting with females all the time. Trying to oversell himself as straight in fear of destroying his space fam and them hating him and kicking him off the team. But then he slips up. He accidentally flirts with a male hottie alien or maybe even some gay shows for Keith. Klance or something, but he let’s it slip and the team sees and oh no he can’t have this. He screwed up and cue panic attacks and some self harm. So, now he unintentionally came out and everyone is going to…[continued on 10]

now he unintentionally came out and everyone is going to hate him. He is terrified and scared and basically either locks himself in his room and sneaks out or inside blue. Maybe trains at night because he needs to be useful to stay as the Blue paladin, right?? He needs to be good to stay because what if hunk is the only one okay with him liking all the genders? What if they find him disgusting? What if he has destroyed the only other people he considered family?? So, he over trains, doesn’t 10/?

11: stop training. He keeps going because he can’t be comic relief now. He has to be a bigger and better asset to the team. Now that they know, he has to find something more to keep him there. Blue didn’t pick him or care for how he feels, who he ends up loving, right?? That has to be right but what if the rest of the team doesn’t think so, what if they decide they don’t need him. So, he keeps training. He goes to team training and goes on missions but never talks to anyone unless it’s mission or training related. He doesn’t go to bonding or meeting unless absolutely necessary since when they look for him, they can never find him. He even begs the mice to keep his hiding spots secret. They obey his request but don’t approve. Only because they know he needs time. So, the days turn to weeks and eventually it’s a month. One night he goes hard and he is malnourished since only people contribute enough get to eat enough. He gets beat up badly, barely wheezing out to end the simulation. His vision is spotting and some cuts are reopened on his legs, arms, hips. His ribs could be broken, definitely bruised at the very least. When he wakes up, he falls into hunk from the cyropod and hunk scolds him in so much worry and even some tears because “ you could have died lance!!!” Lance listens and apologizes. Hunk is about to get the others… [continued in 12]

Hunk is about to get the others. Lance begs and pleads because he can’t face them. He doesn’t want it to happen all over again. He begs hunk to refrain from letting everyone know he’s out of the pod. Hunk is very very hesitant but agrees eventually. He gets lance food and helps him into his room as quickly and carefully and quietly as possible. And eventually the team finds out and bangs on Lance’s door to talk to him. When he does answer finally, they ask him why he even trained to the 12/??

13: the point of exhaustion and even possible death. He takes their words, sometimes wincing because he’s fucked up. He is useless after all and couldn’t even improve without screwing up and almost dying. Then he feels a hand on his knee, concerned looks staring at him and then reference the scars on his body. They ask why he said nothing, why he didn’t tell them he was hurting, what is hurting him, how long. And lance just shakes his head saying he just needed to better, he’s fine. He just needs to sleep, he will be fine. They don’t need to be concerned. But pidge is like what do you mean?! Are you crazy?! Hunk agrees calmly saying that they are here for him. Keith practically screams “Lance you aren’t okay. Don’t fucking say that. Don’t fucking lie to us!” And lance just breaks. He screams and yells and stands with balled fists. He screams at how they don’t even acknowledge him as anymore than comic relief or a dumb flirt. He screams on how he is sorry for being a screw up, how he fucks up, how he is terrible and he knows he doesn’t have a thing, he has nothing compared to them. He knows and he knows that he is terrible. Then he says that he is sorry for being selfish because he is bi/pan/ect… he apologizes for being the way he is and he is so sorry he let it slip. He keeps blaming himself and saying sorry, telling them he wishes to go back fix his mistake. He just keeps apologizing to them. Then coran is the first to say that him loving anyone wasn’t bad or a crime and they weren’t going to exile him or anything. But lance starts to blubber out that he knows how this ends, that every one will either hate him

 Everyone will either hate him or disapprove of him because he is bi/pan/trans or even genderfluid/ect… or the team will be divided like the rest of his family was. And he just cries now, saying that it was his fault then and now it is his fault again. He just fucked things up. He didn’t grow out of the phase his mama said he was going through. He starts to sob on how he is sorry for being like this. He ruined his biological family and now, “I’ve ruined this one too.” Then hunk scoops him into a hug because hunk didn’t know this, he assumed that his family was okay with this and had gotten busier lately which was why Lance’s calls with his family were less frequent than the last year. Then it becomes a group hug. Everyone is in shock because wow, they didn’t even know these were the thoughts lance had. That he had before he had come out accidentally in front of them. They didn’t know he felt worthless and scared and useless and like a 7th wheel and was petrified of how they’d react to his sexuality and/or gender (if wanted). How could they be so blind?? Shiro feels like a failed leader. He didn’t count or depend on lance enough. Shoot, he didn’t even take time to know him. Allura feels like she’s just neglected lance. Not even considering that he was flirting with her to be friendly and try to cover up who he was. She just runs her hands through his hair murmuring soft apologizes because she failed as the first in command, not properly looking out for her paladins. Hunk is so upset with himself and devastated that he didn’t notice earlier. He didn’t even realize that lance felt like this under the surface. He didn’t see the signs and when he did, he didn’t push it. What kind of best friend is he?? Pidge wants to call him stupid and an idiot for thinking no one cared, but they reflects back to the times they told him he was annoying and to leave because he was too dumb to understand. Pidge cries into his chest and refrains from cursing him out. They keep repeating that he is important and that he is the best big brother they  could ask for besides matt. Because pidge realizes lance was only trying to help her get to sleep or eat. Keith is shaking while in the group hug. But he just hold the piece of lance he has close and tells lance that he is so valid and that he matters. Keith tells him sorry for trying to fight so much when it was obvious that lance wasn’t into it. Keith just wants lance to be okay. Coran continues to say that he can love whoever he wants. Female, male, non-binary, ect… that lance is accepted and loved all the same as before. He just tells him that no matter what, he is loved and if he doesn’t feel it, then they’ll make sure to get better at showing. Lance just keeps crying as they hold him. He feels happy but is so scared still. It’s a slow process to get lance to be completely okay. He is happy that nobody really minds that his sexual preferences and/or gender identity. Even if his family family is torn on it, his space fam isn’t.

Bonus: when his biological family gets word from the garrison, it shatters them. His mama dies inside because her beautiful child is gone… forever. She didn’t love him enough and now he was gone. She becomes a mess because why did she shun him away at times?? For what? Whoever he was loving at the time? She should have accepted her baby as a lover to all instead of how she treated him, how parts of the family treated him. His papa is just a stone on the outside. He always knew that lance struggled with himself and knew that some of the students at the garrison would call him inappropriate slurs because his son was who he was. He just stays strong for his family, all his children and his wife despite how she had treated their baby. But when he is alone in the middle of the day, he breaks. He wishes for his son back. He misses him and wonders if his son knew that he could die during whatever testing was happening. Because he knew his son was hurt and had he pushed more, had he gone up to visit and reminded him more that he was perfect as himself, maybe his son wouldn’t have died. His papa just wonders if it were accident or if lance had done it purposely because lance didn’t want to live in this world. “Mijo, regardless, you were too good for this world anyways. At least you’ll see the stars up there.”

This was hella long, and made by @darkrosesforangels and I have nothing else too say, just that this is beautiful.

13 things that piss off a Namjoon Stan



When your minding your own business listening to Namjoon’s mixtape because that shit is fire and it is pure gold and all the comments are “wHY haVE I nOT SEeN ThIS ?!!11!!” “HOW AM I KNOwing abOUT thiS nOW!111″ and ur like how tf have you not listened 11 tracks and 4 mvs worth of blood, sweat & tears like……..


*okay i know that it isn’t your fault for not knowing something, and his mixtape and solo tracks were released before HYYH a.k.a their big blowup so when it did release recently only a few people knew, but sometimes I feel as if I’m the only one who knows these songs and its kinda like ehh do yall know bout namjoon or…

i’m namjoon and the annoying comments are Taehyung


You know what I’m talking about. They say “why” but not as in like why do you like him but more like WHY TF WOULD U STAN SUCH AN UGLY MEMBER EWEWEW CHINJAAA OPPA MIANHAE SARANGHAEYO

and don’t get me started on how when you say your bias you feel uncomfortable and kind of ashamed (okay this stopped after they got popular and people started to appreciate joonie mini more, but I remember from debut to around boy in luv or danger this was a huge problem, now its not blesss)




4. Trying really hard to not throw fists when your friends “joke” that he is ugly

5. Dealing with people who just see Namjoon as the sexy perverted member and nothing else. “DADDY FUCK ME HARD” “NAMJOON DADDY” “DADDD”


This isnt much of a “problem” but i find it really funny when people think Namjoon is the oldest, like if he wasnt the leader he would be part of the maknae line. I admit before HYYH he had a really aggresive manly vibe (ugh hottt) but Namjoon was always such a cutie oml, how do some of yall find him scary. HE IS THE OPPOSITE OF SCARY




 like having a foreign name is hard please atleast try make an effort 

8. “who names themselves rap monster”



someone hold me back before I smack someone because I made a whole post regarding this, yall can’t sleep on Namjoon’s talent.





end of discussion

11. when you a intl fan who hates namjoon, but namjoon shows more intl appreciation than your whole ancestry line combined

12. dealing with that fan who doesnt directly but indirectly rejects namjoons existence

13. and most importantly what pisses us off the most is when Namjoon looks down on himself, saying that his mind will only be at peace if he knows that his music and life has made an impact of our lives, and the fact they he may not know that makes me uneasy.

This is personal but I stopped cutting and stopped my attempted suicide because of Namjoon’s mixtape and his v logs. He saved my life and he needs to know his life has a purpose and meaning.

“ Because it’s a life that you only get one chance with, I want to influence people endlessly, give hopes, and become someone who can become a dream. Until then, I plan to continue on forth. Because that will become something that confirms the worth to my existence to the world and something that can personally confirm myself as to who I am. “


Kim Namjoon

Change Of Heart - Reggie Mantle

Can you make a story wherein Jughead and Reggie is fighting over the reader which is a new girl in Riverdale High. You decide who she ends up with.

Originally posted by fakesonia

I write Jughead allllll the time, so I thought I might change it up a little by writing this with Reggie in mind. Sorry if it’s not the way you wanted it, it’s just what came into my mind.

You had heard about the activity in small towns; while they were quiet from the outside, gossip spread like wild-fire from within. Your family’s arrival to the tiny town of Riverdale sparked the same reaction. On your first day of school, you received the undivided attention of a cheery blonde named Betty Cooper. From there, you merged into her friend circle and found that there was hope for a happy life in the rinky-dink town. You grew close with Veronica, Archie, and Kevin, all thanks to Betty. It was when you were introduced to Jughead Jones, when things started to take a turn. The situation became very apparent to after lunch period, only a month after you started attending Riverdale High School.

“Alright, ready for this English quiz, Jug?” You teased him and a soft smile grew on his features. After hanging around Betty, you found that you and Jughead shared a nearly identical schedule; and a shared passion for sarcasm.

“Yeah, gonna ace it,” he answered dryly. You let out a laugh at his answer. You fell back in step beside your new friends, quietly joking about the quiz.

“Hey! Jones!” Jughead stopped in his tracks. You keep walking until you realized he was no longer beside you. You turned around and saw him, face to face with a towering boy. His broad chest and shoulders lead to a smooth face. Dark hair was pushed back slightly, out of the way of his deep brown eyes. You locked eyes with him from over Jughead’s shoulder and his jaw went slack. His gaze traveled down your face, as if he was seeing you for the first time; which indeed it was. You had never ran into the boy before you, if you had you would’ve remembered.

“What do you want Reggie?” Your thoughts derailed when you heard the tone of hostility in Jughead’s voice. The boy, Reggie, moved his eyes from you back to Jughead.

“I-I,” Reggie glanced back at you, “nothing. See ya around.” With that, Reggie turned his back to the two of you and sauntered off. You watched as he walked away, but after he left your line of sight, you looked back at Jughead.

“Who was that,” you asked. Jughead rolled his eyes and turned around to walk to class. You followed close behind him, still wanting an answer.

“That’s Reggie Mantle,” he said angrily, “he’s nothing but trouble Y/N. Do yourself a favor and stay away from him.” You bit your lip at Jughead’s harsh words. Your mind still working over Reggie’s appearance, you turned you head to look back in the direction he walked off in; as if he were still there. You smiled unexpectedly when you saw him leaning against the corner of the wall, watching you walk away.

After your encounter with Reggie, Jughead started to act differently around you. Whenever one of the jocks, especially Reggie, walked by, Jughead would touch you in someway. At first it started with the brushing of hands, but now he went as far to have an arm around your shoulders. Jughead also made it a point to tell you every horrible thing Reggie had done to him in past years. Reggie was foil to Jughead’s character; the antagonist of Mr. Jones personal memoir. It didn’t take you long to understand that Jughead wanted you to have nothing to do with the rude jock.

His stories, no matter how mean, didn’t deter you from thinking about Reggie. You saw him in the hallways and sometimes you’d even catch his eye; however, a mere word was yet to be spoken to him. But Jughead didn’t want that to happen.

“So who’s going to the homecoming dance?” Veronica beamed as she asked. Betty smiled and asked Kevin if he was going with Joaquin. He nodded of course, a pink blush on his cheeks. Archie shrugged at Veronica’s question and Betty rolled her eyes.

“You wanna go as friends, Ronnie?” Archie asked nonchalantly, but his voice pitched a little higher. Veronica’s eyes widened but she nodded.

“Sure, why not?” You saw Betty stiffen from the corner of your eye. Her blue eyes were sad suddenly, and you remembered the drama that ensued when you first met the group.

“Hey Jughead,” you said, getting the boys attention. His eyes met yours for a moment before looking away nervously. “You and Betty should go together,” Betty turned to look at you.

“Huh?” You slapped Jughead’s shoulder at his dumb response. “Yeah, okay. Are you down, Betts?” You mentally slapped yourself at your friend’s naivety. The blonde nodded slowly before answering.

“That sounds cool, but what about you, Y/N?” You shrugged simply and Jughead shook his head. You raised an eyebrow at your friend’s movement.

“You should go with someone,” he said, “maybe Betty and I could-”

“Hey, Y/N?” You turned your head around, your gaze resting on Reggie Mantle. His dark brown eyes skirted nervously around your table of friends.

“Hi, Reggie, what’s up?” You offered him a small, slightly awkward, smile. You had never spoken to each other before, but the you both knew the other’s name.

“Can I talk to you for a sec?” You nodded and stood up from the lunch table. Before you turned to walk off with Reggie, Jughead shot you a worried look. As did Archie, who had also shared his less than favorable encounters with Reggie, with you. But you ignored their looks, giving Reggie a chance to prove himself otherwise. You walked a few paces away from your table and you almost started to giggle. Reggie’s imposing frame seem crunched together, curled up with nerves. Maybe you would have a date to homecoming after all.

“I know we don’t really know each other, but I would really like to get to know you, Y/N.” You smiled at him, meeting his gaze once more. “You seem really cool,” he added, making you laugh lightly.

“You seem pretty cool too, Reggie,” he smiled at your words and you felt a tickle in your stomach. “Do you maybe want to go to homecoming with-”

“Yes,” he answered quickly, causing both of your to chuckle. The two of you exchanged numbers and made plans for homecoming. You and Reggie would meet up at the school and after the dance, you’d go out to eat. Your heart started to beat wildly at the idea of dancing with him.

“I’ll see you then,” he said, smiling brightly. He turned around and started to walk off. You stood there for a moment longer, still buzzing from the conversation. When your legs were steady enough to move, you headed back to the table. Everyone was silent as you sat down, except Kevin.

“What did he want? Did he ask you to the dance?” You turned and smiled at him.

“No Kev, I asked him.” Kevin’s eyes widened and he clapped his hands together. Jughead huffed as Veronica and Archie exchanged a worried glance; but you were too happy to see the inner conflict wearing on your friends.

You swayed gently to the slow music which had just started to play. Reggie still wasn’t at the dance, leaving you dateless for the first twenty minutes. You tried to focus on the way Archie and Veronica were smiling at eachother and how Kevin and Joaquin slow-danced. It was nice seeing all of your new friends happy, but you wished you could be happy with them.

Still lost in thought, a tap on your shoulder made you jump. You turned your head, hoping to look up at Reggie, but found yourself staring into Jughead’s blue eyes.

“He’s still not here?” You shook you head slightly, mentally preparing yourself for Jughead’s expected rant. “What a dick,” he hissed, “you should be with someone who’s there for you, Y/N. Reggie won’t ever be that person.”

“How do you know that, Jughead?” You snapped, catching the boy off guard. “You don’t know what goes on in his life, how he feels. I know he’s done things, but hasn’t everyone?” Jughead stared at you in shock before regaining his composure.

“Someone like Reggie Mantle just doesn’t have a change of heart, Y/N.” You were about to snap at him again, defend Reggie once more, when someone else spoke up.

“Your date looks lonely, Jones. Why don’t you go talk to her instead?” You turned your head and saw Reggie standing behind you. It looked like he rushed here, as his cheeks were slightly flushed and his tie was lopsided. Jughead scoffed at his words.

“I know what you’re like, Reggie. I’ll be there when Y/N finds out who you are for herself.” With that, Jughead marched off, heading over to Betty who looked distraught and hurt.

“Hey, sorry I’m late I just was-” you reached up to straighten out his tie, which silenced his speech. You leaned back to admire your work and looked up at Reggie with a smile.

“It’s alright,” you said, “you’re here now, aren’t you?” Reggie gave you a dopey smile and extended his hand.

“May I have what’s left of this dance?’ You let out a giggle at his offer. You held his gaze and left an edge of doubt. If all the stories Archie and jughead told you were true, maybe this was a mistake. Before you could think any harder about it, you rested your hand in his; and with it, you planted your seed of hope. Hope that Reggie Mantle could, in fact, have a change of heart.

“You may,” you whispered and Reggie grinned as he pulled you to the dance floor.

Eat me like you mean it

All I want is ass-grabbing and someone to pull my hair from the back.
Grab my chin and turn my face around.
Kiss me like you mean it.
Fuck me like you mean it.
You either murder that pussy or you get the fuck out.
I ain’t got time for no scared little boys.
Devour that pussy like it’s what you live for.
Live for this pussy or die for it if you will.
Beat it up then eat it again.
Show me that you’re a man.
Suck on these long lips and stick that tongue all the way inside.
I said eat it like you mean it and I ain’t gonna ask again.
Bury your face in my treasure.
Show me you’d die happy right there.
I wanna watch you loving it.
So eat it like you mean it.

To Have and to Hold

PAIRING: Reader x Bucky


WARNINGS: FLUFF Dad!Bucky Mom!Reader, basically family fluff! 

So I’ve been obsessed with the thought of Bucky as a Dad and this idea popped into my head a work one day. I’d like to make it a series possibly? But it wouldn’t be in chronological order so I’m not sure if it would make a lot of sense? But anyway enjoy this little family one shot!

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It was quite, blissfully quite. You moaned softy, slowly working your muscles after the late and rather strenuous night with your husband. Speaking of the man in question you turned your head to watch his sleeping form. Seven, no eight years of marriage and the two years of dating on top of that and he was still beautiful. You smiled to yourself only imagining what he would say to that. Despite technically being well over one hundred years old he was still as handsome as the day you met him. Apart from the few wrinkles around his eyes and the slight smattering of grey hairs in his beard when he let it grown out he hadn’t changed a bit.

“Stop staring at me and get over here” you smirked at the deep raspy voice muffled slightly by the pillow. Taking his word you slid under the metal appendage nestling yourself into his chest.

“Can’t a wife marvel at her husband?” you teased playfully.

“Depends on what you were marveling at doll, it had better have been my ass” he emphasized this with a playful tap to yours, earning a soft squeal.

“No you sex crazed manic, I was just thinking how great you look, despite the wrinkles and the grey hairs”

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can i request a best friend seonho and guanlin please (๑・ิ◡・ิ๑)


  • hawk eyes on your food everytime, everyday
  • wishes that you’d come to him with a platter of food “you’d be a good friend if you did that”
  • “tf seonho I AM your best friend”
  • “pssh see you’re not a ‘good’ friend”
  • smiles creepily when you embarrass yourself
  • the type of friend who’ll laugh when you trip and announce it to the whole world “LOL LOOK WHO TRIPPED Y'ALL”
  • lowkey savage to you
  • “seonho do you think that minhyun will like this?” /points to your dolled up self.
  • you’d be shy because you highkey stan minhyun for life- i mean like him.
  • scoffs “you look like the personification of guanlin’s korean. …devastating.”
  • tries to keep you away from HIS minhyun hyung
  • “oh my god!! it’s the day seonho!! i’m going out with m-”
  • would cover your mouth “he’s going to england today… i’m sorry”
  • in reality minhyun’s getting ready to meet up with you
  • when the said male arrives to his 'date’ he’ll be looking hella confused…. “what are you doing here seonho?”
  • “oh you know my best friend told me that she got plans… sorry hyung”
  • you’d find out that exact night and rush over to beat seonho up (his house is next to yours)
  • “you. piece. of. raw. meat.” you’d grit your teeth while hitting him with a pillow
  • he’d stick his tongue out “haha i’d still eat that”
  • you’d continue to beat him up.

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  • “guanlin i might look ugly to you but i’m actually pretty cute thanks” you’d flip your hair and wink at him
  • he’ll be like …. “yeah sure”
  • leaving you behind when you’re slow
  • the type to walk ahead of you if you’ve tripped or if you’ve embarrassed yourself
  • when another person asks if he knows you he’ll fake the foreigner act “me no speak korean”
  • comforting you when you’ve been dumped like “i told you he was a jerk and you didn’t listen to me…”
  • pats your back “that’s what you get for not listening to me”
  • you’d whip your head at him real quick and give him a shocked expression ????
  • “tsk tsk”
  • gets your lunch for you when he’s nice sometimes
  • pays for your lunch sometimes
  • goes to parties with you as your supervisor
  • that guy that your dad trusts the most
  • “you know that if you do get a boyfriend… make sure it’s guanlin”
  • you’d pull the post drastic and disgusted face ever “dad not him”
  • shares drinks with you casually
  • plays video games with you
  • gives you updates on stuff
  • “guanlin do you like me?” you would tease him when he’s being nice to you
  • “okay if this is the type of treatment i’ll get consider this box of pizza gone”
  • “tf you mean”
  • sometimes highkey afraid of you “…nothing ma'am”

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Chapter Two

Summary: Sam Winchester, the sheriff of the isolated Maine hamlet Little Tall Island, is facing the toughest challenge of his career. Not only is a devastating winter storm bearing down on his community, but also brings a series of sinister events. With the help of his brother, Sam struggles to hold the community together, as well as his budding relationship with the reader.

Chapter One

Pairings: Sam x Female Reader

Warnings: Language, violence, murder, explicit sexual content, bullying, character death. Please note that warnings apply to the entire story, not individual chapters.

A/N: I’ve admittedly borrowed Little Tall Island and a few plot points from Stephen King.

Words: 4400+

Beta’d By: @a-screaming-ghost

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Early Morning - October 8th

Deputy Sully Rasmussen makes the drive from Bingham’s Point to town in record time.  He’s not normally a man that does much of anything at a frenzied pace, instead eternally opting for slow and steady.

But tonight will turn out to be anything but run of the mill. He’s not sure of the last time he lit up the blue and reds or heard the scream of the siren wailing in his ears, but as he accelerates over ten, twenty, thirty miles over the speed limit he makes the judgement call; better to announce his presence and play it safe.

As soon as his cell phone rang, he knew that something was seriously wrong. Cellular service on the island is spotty on the best day, the radios are the only reliable form of communication. Everyone on the island has a short wave, so when Bea makes a phone call it means the sheriff wants radio silence.

This means shit has hit the fan.

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