Pearl and the Beard recently joined forces with Brooklyn Based and Eating the Beats to record a song and create a recipe inspired by the recording. The song?  A cover of Bon Iver’s “Re: Stacks."  The food?  "Stacks” of spiced butternut squash pancakes with maple-goat cheese sauce and candied walnuts.  Sounds delicious right?  Hear the song and check out an interview with the band here - get the recipe, read about the process, and see a great photoset (photos by Dominick Mastrangelo) here!

PS - Don’t miss Pearl and the Beard at the Music Hall of Williamsburg next month!

02.16 Music Hall of Williamsburg, 9pm (Brooklyn, NY) [ TIX ]

headphones + donuts 🔈🍩
or is it doughnut? regardless, this was a tough shoot, but only because I had a really difficult time being around so many perfect and delicious donuts. my weakness/breakdown is demonstrated on @combophotofail. final shot… couldn’t resist. a smattering of other #combophoto’s ⬅️ here.
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Top 5 dishes of 2012: Laura Leebove of Eating the Beats
Ahh here we are! 2012 is winding down and we’ve got some top 5 lists on our radar. I’m not even close to being done with my list (I eat too much), but we’ve received some excellent contributions. We’re kicking out countdown off with Laura Leebove’s tasty top 5. If this list isn’t enough to convince you that Laura knows food, you should probably spends some hours poring over her mouth-watering recipes (and their musical pairings) on Eating the Beats.

via Eating the Beats

Chirashi sushi at Morimoto in Napa: A bowl of sushi rice topped with small cuts of about 10 different types of fish and veggies. Tomato soup at Polonica in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: When I eat something perfect, I get a goofy smile on my face and can’t stop saying “I am so happy right now!” That happened the first time I had this soup. It’s not fancy — a little bit sweet, with tiny noodles in it — but the best tomato soup shouldn’t be. Savory apple pull-apart bread with chives and Camembert, made in my kitchen: Once in a while, I try out a recipe and when it’s finished it’s just so good that I can’t believe it’s something I made. This is a bread I baked with my best friend/favorite baking buddy. Recipe and post on Eating the Beats. Lox and cream cheese sandwich on challah at B&H Dairy in NYC: The best meals do not need to be complicated. And half the satisfaction here comes from the price: $7.50. Thai coconut ice cream at Brooklyn Scoops in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: Next summer I’ll definitely be frequenting this adorable ice cream shop that just opened in Bay Ridge, on Third Ave. and 76th St. Their Thai coconut ice cream tastes like sweet curry and has a little bit of a kick to it. Thanks to Laura for her contribution and stay tuned for more top 5 list in the coming days. Love, WRF

48 Hours in San Francisco with Tzeko | La Taqueria

Where I took tzekomah to a classic San Francisco taqueria. I am not going to say this is the best (because people here debate such things to no end), but it’s good. The food here is simple, straightforward and flavorful. It reminds me of Mexico City, although nothing beats eating tacos in el DF. La Taqueria is a relative institution in the city. I don’t think I won Tzeko over, but I still suggest you drop by for a bite if you happen to be exploring the Mission area. 

La Taqueria | 2889 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

anonymous asked:

hi T T i've been trying to slim down and tone up for a long time but have no self control at all. and whenever i tell myself "do it to look nice and be happy with yourself" i just get upset and starve myself for awhile... do you have any tips....?

You could ask your friends and family to help you control yourself. There’s more people paying attention and they can keep an eye on you and tell you when to stop~

sad-capitalism-bunbun said:maybe they culd try to focus more on enjoying the process instead of waiting for the results? get urself excited to work out! make healthy meals and have fun making and eating ‘em! n don’t beat urself up for little slip ups :)

filonera said: Starving yourself is not going to help to be honest. You’re going to get sick if you do that, BUT if you have lots of healthy snacks to eat when you feel like eating then it might help! (Granola, fruits, no im not talking about chips)

applebomi said: The best and healthiest way to lose weight is to have a good diet with a bit of exercise thrown in there. STARVING YOURSELF WILL NOT, I REPEAT, WILL NOT GIVE YOU FASTER RESULTS. When you do that, you set yourself up for binging later and then the entire cycle starts again. And then you’re just stuck in this, BINGING and then STARVING and then binging and then starving rut that isn’t good for you nor will give you the results you want. Losing weight should not be your ultimate goal. This process is about learning to love yourself and your body by TREATING IT WELL. Love your body by feeding it good, healthy things. Love your body by taking it out for walks. Love your body by NOT depriving it the energy it needs. It’s a slow process but you must be patient. Once you start getting into a routine of CLEAN eating (i.e. eating healthy foods), you’ll really see the difference and you’ll feel great and your body will be very happy.

I really, really recommend you follow fitchris25 She gives amazing advice on weight loss and tips and things! She’s so positive and knows what she’s talking about. Please do a bit of research if you’re serious about losing weight.

Chocolate Pancakes

I’ve been naughty,
Eating chocolate pancakes,
Yum yum,
In my tum tum,
Belly like a drum,
Beat sounds of music,
Chocolate chips,
I dip my spoon,
Into chocolate goo,
Sugar so sweet,
It’s my treat,
I ate it all up,
Tummy is full,
Too good,
So sweet,
But not as sweet as my angel,
That is busy today,
I’ll see you when your free,
My angel,
Better than chocolate goo,
I love you,
I adore,
You much more,
Than all the chocolate in the world.
Poetry/Song/Music written and created By: Suzana Poljak