(Okay, apparently I have more thoughts about the idiom “preaching to the choir” than I first realized. My dad’s a minister and I spent a lot of Sundays counting the beams in the ceiling. Anyway.)

Even if the choir is convinced, they still have to sit through the sermon.

The preacher’s done when the sermon’s finished. Some don’t watch the clock, some are quite precise in timing their sermons. Some have very clear formats, some are ‘moved by the spirit’, so to speak.

You might think you know where the sermon’s going, but the preacher can always throw something at you that makes you think or feel differently. The sermon may not end the way you expected, or it may change your feelings. Or neither.

You might be really bored and take a nap, hoping you don’t snore. The preacher’s not going to stop talking because you can’t stay awake… the rest of the congregation’s still there expecting a sermon.

…so, ”Preaching to the convinced.” Even if you’re convinced, they’re still offering proof.

Featured as slightly different aspects of ‘the convinced’:

The Larries: everything’s already sketchy, the “birth certificate” just makes it look even more shady. So If you were trying to convince us this isn’t real, you’re doing a great job.

The Freddies (? I don’t even know): B’s baby is real, and Louis is the father, and the birth certificate is further proof. So there. Shh, don’t talk to us about things that don’t add up.

Harry and Louis: Yes, this has gone on a long time. We hear you, tumblr. Don’t even need to tell us again to end it because we’re past ready ourselves.

The sermon’s not finished yet, is it? It’s all going to get wrapped up somehow and then, according to the bulletin, everyone gets to stand up and sing again.


Pearl and the Beard recently joined forces with Brooklyn Based and Eating the Beats to record a song and create a recipe inspired by the recording. The song?  A cover of Bon Iver’s “Re: Stacks."  The food?  "Stacks” of spiced butternut squash pancakes with maple-goat cheese sauce and candied walnuts.  Sounds delicious right?  Hear the song and check out an interview with the band here - get the recipe, read about the process, and see a great photoset (photos by Dominick Mastrangelo) here!

PS - Don’t miss Pearl and the Beard at the Music Hall of Williamsburg next month!

02.16 Music Hall of Williamsburg, 9pm (Brooklyn, NY) [ TIX ]

ok but imagine - yu yu hakusho 90s AU

Top 5 dishes of 2012: Laura Leebove of Eating the Beats
Ahh here we are! 2012 is winding down and we’ve got some top 5 lists on our radar. I’m not even close to being done with my list (I eat too much), but we’ve received some excellent contributions. We’re kicking out countdown off with Laura Leebove’s tasty top 5. If this list isn’t enough to convince you that Laura knows food, you should probably spends some hours poring over her mouth-watering recipes (and their musical pairings) on Eating the Beats.
External image
via Eating the Beats

Chirashi sushi at Morimoto in Napa: A bowl of sushi rice topped with small cuts of about 10 different types of fish and veggies. Tomato soup at Polonica in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: When I eat something perfect, I get a goofy smile on my face and can’t stop saying “I am so happy right now!” That happened the first time I had this soup. It’s not fancy — a little bit sweet, with tiny noodles in it — but the best tomato soup shouldn’t be. Savory apple pull-apart bread with chives and Camembert, made in my kitchen: Once in a while, I try out a recipe and when it’s finished it’s just so good that I can’t believe it’s something I made. This is a bread I baked with my best friend/favorite baking buddy. Recipe and post on Eating the Beats. Lox and cream cheese sandwich on challah at B&H Dairy in NYC: The best meals do not need to be complicated. And half the satisfaction here comes from the price: $7.50. Thai coconut ice cream at Brooklyn Scoops in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: Next summer I’ll definitely be frequenting this adorable ice cream shop that just opened in Bay Ridge, on Third Ave. and 76th St. Their Thai coconut ice cream tastes like sweet curry and has a little bit of a kick to it. Thanks to Laura for her contribution and stay tuned for more top 5 list in the coming days. Love, WRF

[Marry Me or Not Episode 7]

New Game! Two Truths and a Lie!

This is exactly the kind of mess and consequences I love–where being honest doesn’t necessarily make everything okay. And there is plenty of pain to go around. It is one thing to know that you’re revenge fake!dating but that fact alone doesn’t protect your pride when you have to admit it. This was a very good transition episode. Huan-Huan and Justin have admitted some of their lies and are so sad that they aren’t together anymore. 

Goodness, their faces as they sadly pine while trying to protect their little hearts…

And speaking of little hearts that need to be protected…

If Qian-Yao makes Sheng-Nan cry a single tear because he is a heartless player I will beat him to death with a shovel. I am not fooled by those cute and happy memories or the way he smiles when he runs after her. I trust Huan-Huan’s assessment of him until proven otherwise.

Also, way creepy vibes from his older, Chairman brother. There is a game brewing here and I don’t think it will be as fun as revenge fake!dating.

it won’t be easy, but you’ve got to let him go. reminiscing those nights you spent sprawled across his bed sheets as he kissed your neck won’t get you anywhere in this journey they call “recovery road”. so, instead of staying home alone on a friday night crying over some boy who is doing just fine without you, do something for yourself. think of what you want, what you need. and don’t think you need him; because you don’t “need” him, he isn’t a necessity of life or living, he is a boy who will move on in a few weeks. he is not the air you breathe nor is he the food you eat. instead of beating yourself up because he left you for new things, remember this. he wasn’t there for you when you were breaking down, and when he was, it was just to be an asshole in your weakest hour. he was never there for you when you were sad or mad, he was never there in general. so instead of wallowing around in sadness, go out there and be YOU, go out there and think for yourself for once. go out there be happy, you deserve it darling. 
— as // it took me a while to realize this.

Character Analysis: Vandrysse Dyce

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Full name: Vandrysse Dyce
Gender and Sexuality: Female, straight.
Pronouns: She, her.
Ethnicity/Species: Worgen. Kind of.
Birthplace and birthdate: The Township of Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains. She’s 28.
Guilty Pleasures: Drinking hard liquor, eating the still-beating hearts of her prey, masochism. 
Phobias: Snakes.
What they would be famous for: Public lectures and baking.
What have they been arrested for: Public intoxication and indecency, brawling.
OC you ship them with: Currently no one.
OC most likely to murder them: No idea, honestly.
Favorite book genre: Occult literature (esp. forbidden texts about the Shadow).
Least favorite book cliche: The damsel in distress.
Talents and/or powers: Vandrysse has a raw talent with the Shadow. While she’s learned about some of her abilities through banned texts, much of it is whispered to her just seems to “come to mind.” 
Why someone might love them: She does mean well and tries her best to be generous and kind.
Why someone might hate them: Intimidated by her strength, disagreement with her philosophical outlook on the Light and Shadow. 
How they change: Vandy was supposed to be more of a rough cut character (still with a good heart), but somewhere along the way she became more polished, refined and educated. 
Why you love them: Vandy is a complex character and there’s a reason for almost every one of her character details. She’s my second favorite WoW character that I’ve ever created.

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“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn” Jack Kerouac, On the Road  / Oh, how easy it was to madly fall in love with this story.

kate-barton93 asked:

I don't think my hermit crab food counts because I don't feed them the pellets, I feed them fairly fresh fruits and veggies and sunflower seeds and shrimp and nuts. All things I would eat in a heart beat.

I appreciate this. Your hermit crab is spoiled~