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Sorry for continuing this theme in your asks, but I've always wondered. What if they keep giving us enough text to make us happy while still keeping it ambiguous for the GA. Have their cake and eat it too? It's not like we could do anything at that stage, when it's over. I know you just tell us what's already in the show etc., I just wanted your opinion. Happy conululu :)


Why keep it ambiguous for the GA when they’re currently building it for the GA to notice? The GA are noticing. The antis are puking bile they’re so angry. They’re losing the tiny portion of anti fans (and not caring, the writers are literally joking about their shit on twitter because they know its so toxic and it’s bullying) meanwhile they’re validating Destiel fans and gaining GA fans whilst also making the existing ones sit up and notice this. Why are they making it so much more obvious so that GA are sending me messages telling me they’re noticing and coming on tumblr because they’re googling Dean and Cas and finding our part of fandom. Why are others sending me messages saying their roommates or partners are noticing when they happen to be in the room during these scenes?

It’s becoming blatant.

Why ramp it up if not to go there? What do they GAIN from this? Keeping a few conservative homophobic assholes happy? Everyone else will ship it if they keep going on this track and the few diehard bibros will have quit and no-one will have noticed. They tried to boycott last episode yet it GAINED viewership. 

The bro-advertised 13x05 lost viewers. The destiel-advertised 13x06 gained a ton of viewers, it went up a whopping 10% (that’s HUGE in TV) over 13x05


There’s no reason to keep it ambiguous. What do they gain from that? Just falling into the depths of history of just another monster show that no-one gave a crap about a year after it ended.

Or do they go balls out and finish writing the greatest love story ever told, one that is socio-culturally groundbreaking and is a beautiful story in it’s own right?

I know what I’d want to do if I was in charge.

You can't have your cake & eat it too. (m)

;pairing—jeon jeongguk x reader 


;genre— angst, smut, friends w/ benefits

;a/n— one shot??? fic??? idk yet 

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I can imagine that Lance doesn’t care if you’re on your period. You and him would be showering together and he’d start to get frisky. You’d immediately tell him that you’re on your period, and he would lean down and gently whisper in your ear as your spine tingles, “That’s why we’re in the shower, babygirl.” And he would pin you against the wall and do everything he wants (with your consent, of course)😍😍😍

and then we eat cake in bed

Sinful Sunday™

honestly is there a better way to spend shabbat than smoking weed on a hill in a park in jerusalem with a bunch of gay leftists playing cards and talking about communism and eating delectable pound cake

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Lol everyone's all like, "Thank you Regina," and I'm like, "Dang it, Regina!!" :D I guess one poisoned Killian was enough for one episode? On a related note, in the Broadway "Peter Pan", Hook tries to poison the Lost Boys with a cake. ("Those boys will eat that poisoned cake and one by one... they'll die!")

Oh, I didn’t know that about the broadway Peter Pan! Haha :D

That cake scene is my new favorite scene ever. I just love his face when she tosses it in the trash can. And the whole scene was great, because you know Regina’s awake and knows that cake is dangerous, and you’re like “How can she subtly get rid of it without seeming suspicious or weird??” and then she’s just like “WATCH ME THROW YOUR FUCKING CAKE IN THE TRASH CAN, BITCH” like a fucking championship cake-thrower-outer. EPIC.

But yeah, I guess they decided one poisoning was enough…

Although I like to think the cake wasn’t poisoned and that crazy Witch actually baked him a sad-looking cake just as an excuse to see him again XD

…and Regina threw it out for no reason XD

Cannon #8: Head cannons

Bunny the succubus: She has a sister, whom is @mimibunnychanblog

Angel Kamui: Angel one time went into dragon form, to let kids in the village ride on her to make them smile

Elizabeth Daae Newman: She guilty eats milkshakes that had cakes mixed into it

Tiffany Linzx Mielona: She gets drunk on butterbeer

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Gen, don’t let anyone make you feel bad, if you want to eat that cake, go ahead and eat it. You are beautiful. Never stop yourself from eating what you love, we only live once, so live a life that’s the best. Love you xxxxxxx

Thank you sweetheart, love you

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A overprotective Prince sounds fantasic~ and a little adorably stuffed pet on the side.

i’m quite sure Pet would be happily sitting to the side eating cake while the Prince beat the ever loving day lights out of anyone that attempted to hurt them even slightly, which I shan’t lie is great imagery.