“It just doesn’t make any sense. I’ve run the diagnostics. Quadruple-checked the neural mappings. Done comparative analyses of taste buds. Tracked digestive patterns. Hell, I’ve even gone so far as to simply ASK several of them, and still, I’m no closer to answering the question:
Why do Gen 3 synths like to eat Fancy Lads Snack Cakes?
I mean, sure, they have the capacity to experience taste. Every Gen 3 possesses the synthetic equivalent of the requisite receptor cells. But why this? And why all of them?
Good thing it’s physically impossible for a Gen 3 to actually gain weight and succumb to obesity. Wouldn’t that be quite the Achilles’ Heel? Humanity’s most impressive technological achievement - laid low by junk food.”

Buy the shoes, eat the cake, take the dare, don’t be fake, paint it bold, don’t count the cost, laugh out loud, be the boss, take the cruise, fly first class, do what you love for its your only task!

🎷🎺🎼Throw me 🍆💦cum-thing 💦💦💦daddy‼️‼️ 😜😩👑Mardi⚜Gras🎉is upon us, that means it’s time to get 👅💦wet🍻and 😫😩wild🎭Get out there and catch some anal 📿💎beads. Don’t forget to eat some 💦🍆cream filled 🍰🎂cake, but don’t end up with the baby🚼⚠️⚠️⚠🚸️Send this to all your phat hoes👯 this 2️⃣’s day 🃏who are getting turnt🍸🍹 If you get 1️⃣0️⃣ back you’re 🍑Queen✨✨ of the Krewe🎭de Dick🍆🌽🌭🍌🍍

Kyle became a teenager! I think it’s the appropriate time to reveal that he’s the one who’s gonna be the heir, because I’ve fallen in love with him since his birth and realized it even more when I saw all the kids in YA age. If I could describe him in a few words, it would be cute creative sensitive loner who needs love, and I have a soft spot for those. So congrats Kyle, you’re the heir and will be bringing on the legacy if I’m able to get it on till you’re grown up ♥

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  3. Sunny ($14): Overexposed yellow chrome 
  4. Plié Wand Creativity Kit ($10)

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