i know i’ve already made more than enough posts about how gay bars, while not perfect or a cure-all, are not the caricatures you see on tv and have their own unique atmospheres and entertainment and are even different on different nights but like, i used to go to a gay sports bar that had weekly screenings of glee back when it was new, and everyone would cheer when kurt and blaine kissed (which sounds like tumblr.txt now but was pretty normal in 2011). i’ve been to a cowboy-themed gay bar where you can bring in any outside food you want plus they have frito pie and the bartenders line dance on the bar. and last month i was at a gay piano bar that was mostly over-50 men in suits eating birthday cake and enjoying the stylings of 70-year-old cabaret singers. these are colorful examples but they’re all real, and i haven’t even been to all that many gay bars. who knows, there might be a gay bar that would be a haven for you, but you won’t find out if you’ve decided you know what they’re all like in advance.

some marching band robbie hcs for this lovely au by @seidurstown which i love to death

  • freshman robbie drank a milkshake before going to summer practice and has never regretted anything more in his entire life
  • he’s really good at slides (marching one direction with your body facing forward at almost a ninety degree angle) and it’s terrifying 
  • if robbie wasn’t playing the alto sax his horn angle would be atrocious 
  • (even now it’s not great but neckstraps are life savers)
  • robbie’s plume has never stayed in it’s proper angle in his entire marching band career 
  • robbie rotten managed to eat a piece of cake on a moving bus and not get one crumb on his uniform. magic is likely involved. 
  • he has gotten beaned by at least three different color guard members
  • he names all of his reeds and genuinely mourns their passing
  • (”farewell rottenella the third! you never squeaked during that part in the first movement, unlike some reeds” [[significant look at rottenella the fourth]] “you were a real hero.”)
  • robbie’s favorite stand tune is the horse, followed by crazy train
  • he and the other altos, and a few clarinets, bet on which trombone is going to mess up suicides first. he is currently undefeated. 
  • (”how do you know, man?” “you can see the hesitation in their eyes”) 
  • robbie always ends up next to the judges at competitions. he made one cry just by staring at him once. 

+ bonus sportarobbie

  • sportacus always wishes robbie good luck right before the halftime performance even though robbie insists he doesn’t need it. 
  • (he adds a kiss on the cheek once they start dating and robbie turns redder than his uniform)
  • sportapuppy makes this really sad face if robbie doesn’t eat his post-halftime fruit so he takes to having one bite and making a disgusted face
  • (it’s worth it to see how his face lights up)
  • sportacus encouraged robbie to become a drill instructor (DI) even though he was really scared he wouldn’t be any good at it
  • (”you’re going to be great, darling. i know it!” and he was) 

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fair/festival, ferris wheel, rides, shooting games, arcade games, stuffed animal winning clexa AU -crapshots

Awww just like the school carnival in high school! Listen Clarke uses it an excuse to get Lexa to eat funnel cake and cotton candy and kettle corn and everything she normally wouldn’t touch.

And then ofc there’s the challenge from HS Clarke made where Lexa wins her the best prize from every booth. So Lexa does. Clarke walks home with 7 oversized stuffed animals.

-Clarke ripping up the letter for Lexa which told her it’d be good business for the star quarterback to be at the ever popular kissing booth.
-Lexa smirks and says she should start charging Clarke 1 dollar every time they kiss.
-Guess who has to buy apology flowers after that quip?

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Or Henry just couldn’t have existed, because he wouldn’t have if Emma was never the Savior. Emma can’t have her cake and eat it too. You can be the Savior and have your parents and your kid and your True Love with all the baggage that comes with it. OR you can not be the Savior, have your flowery princess life with your parents and lose your kid and probably your true love. That should have been the whole point of the episode. Emma choosing her life as the Savior.

That’s a similar route I thought they’d go down too when I first heard about the possibility of a no-curse AU. But this is just another case of fans theorizing a more logical, thematically appropriate and canon-compliant storyline than the writers themselves seem capable of executing.


Internet indulgence right here but last night I made a veritable bouquet of jibjab flower vids and one was to that radio jam I don’t quite get about eating a slice of cake by the ocean and anyhow I recognized this body and hairdo and so I present to you slowed down beach rosè 💗ing #thefatjewish !! Ok ok off I go into the great outdoors now 😝🤓🌞🌞🌞

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please. let’s do halamshiral / winter palace threads. i’m dying. hawke’s dying. she’s getting drunk in the corner and eating all the cake. listening to the gossip. she hates orlesians and orlesians hate her