eating your own placenta

Out-Creep Your Creep

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately that make me think men are getting even more aggressive about approaching women they don’t know in public places and demanding their attention.

We talk a lot about how to deal with these situations, ranging from a polite disengagement to crying and screaming.

Here’s my suggestion - the thing that has always worked for me, meant to be employed by girls who don’t know how to politely disengage, and/or who really can’t cry on demand. Or are just really fed up with these situations and men in general.

Out-creep them. 

No, I’m serious. Stare at him without blinking. Drool a little. Talk too loud. Talk about the most fucked up thing you can think of. Tell him you’re pretty because you drink your own urine or eat placentas. Tell him about your Harry Potter toenail collection. Tell him about your Star Trek fanfiction. Follow him down the train or bus if he moves away. Talk about how your mom really wants you to get married by June and your dad looks just like him. Start talking to him about god. If he starts to get into the conversation about god, tell him that’s why you moved on to Satanism. Speak in tongues. Twitch. Get his phone number and proceed to text him 20 times about your cat, if you’re down for the long con. Behave in the most obnoxious, creepy, or outright rude manner you can. 

He broke the social contract by harassing you, so why should you continue to obey it? Why does he deserve more respect than he’s showing you?

Go forth. Freak him out. Out-creep your creep.