eating young


Aaaa WELP here I am trying to answer asks sounding the most awkward I can! LMAO

Talkin lots about Dre and PT; Dre’s preferences in dating, his origins in creation, PT’s situation with Sanzu, and a bunch of questions regarding art and the blog and stuff. 💖

mentioned @happykittyshop for the Dre plush, @glitteryandpeachy for being so generous enough to purchase it and send it to me-! @spikeybelmont for Dre’s voice and @sour-apple-studios for the horrortale-related parts! Can’t forget @blesstale, I mention her almost every other sentence. LMAO!

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My sister did this to me when I was about to eat some instant ramen and I had to draw it ;-; (I exaggerated this bit though)


When the hyungs are just a bunch of meanies, Joonyoung becomes a bored cutie ^_^