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How does one cheat day correctly?

I’m just going to tell you how my teacher taught me to do it effectively for benefiting the body and enjoying the day instead of feeling sick the next day

Cheat Day Protocol

  • 6 consecutive Days a week so 6 days in a row Eat Healthy and Clean foods (stay strict with your nutrition and remember you may want junk food throughout the week but on this 1 day a week you get to eat AS MUCH Greasy, Sugary, Savory etc Food you want. Also remember food tastes way better when you earn it. And if you eat junk throughout the week it loses its specialness so if you only pizza once a week It tastes better and you can eat as much as you want.
  • On the day of your cheat day make sure to eat a really healthy breakfast like oatmeal, fruit and veggies. If you start your cheat eating junk right away you’re just gonna make yourself sick and you want be able to enjoy the day so Always eat that healthy meal for starters.
  • At the end of the cheat day be sure to eat or drink a big serving of green vegetables, flax seed, and chia seeds. This helps you prevent yourself from being constipated if you overate a lot of crap and also lets you feel healthy and satisfied at the end of the day instead of just sick out of your mind. 

And thats how you have a good cheat day. For me personally its just a mental day off and where I get to be like the average person because I dont focus on my diet, counting calories, my workout etc its just a nice mental day off to relax. 

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Let me tell you something. OCD is not simply discomfort with untidiness. OCD is not simply discomfort in arrangement of things. OCD is being scared of the darkness of your thoughts because all you can think of is scary, bad things. OCD is blinking an exact amount of times so that the bridge the railroad goes across doesn’t collapse on your head & kill you. OCD is ripping each hair out of your scalp to the point of creating bald spots because your anxiety won’t stop eating away at you. OCD is when your brain forces you to picture your loved ones getting hurt because you can’t control your own thoughts. OCD isn’t something to be taken lightly. I’ve been through enough shit for a lifetime & I’ve still got plenty more of this hell to fight through.

Depression is like a storm. It starts slow, eating away at you slowly. Then it becomes stronger and causes more damage. Suddenly it stops and you think you’re fine, that it’s getting better. Like it’s safe to go outside now and enjoy the finer things in life. Kind of like the eye of the storm. Then out of nowhere, it hits again. Knocking you down harder than before until you are no more. It swallows you, clogs your vision so that you can’t see how close to ending it is and some don’t make it, thinking that the only way to stop the storm, is to stop themselves…
—  k.q.m.
Mission Gone Wrong

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Summary: After returning from a particularly difficult mission, you don’t want anything to do with anybody. Guilt is eating away at you and you’re finally forced to open up to your friend, Cassian.

Author’s Note: This has been stuck in my head for what feels like forever! It is my first Star Wars fic, so I hope it’s okay. I just love Cassian so much and I loved writing him. I’ve had a lot going on in my life, and I think this piece is really a reflection of that. It is angsty as all get out, so beware. Please let me know what you think!!! Enjoy :)

Warnings: Language; ANGST; seriously, this whole thing is like one big angst fest; smidge of fluff; mentions of murder


The mission had gone horribly wrong.

Not wanting (or maybe not able) to face anybody, I trudged back to my quarters without so much as a ‘hello’ to anyone after arriving back at the Yavin 4 base. As if on autopilot, I shed my dirty clothes, covered in dirt and grime and blood, and headed for the shower, washing up before following my nightly routine and crawling into bed. Sleep didn’t come.

That’s how it was for three days.

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Dunkirk Blues

You couldn’t remember the last time you’d felt this depressed. It’d been a couple months since you’d seen Harry. He was away filming Dunkirk in France and you’re stuck in London. He called or FaceTimed you whenever he could, but it wasn’t enough. It was nice to see his face and hear his voice, but nothing could compare to him being right next to you. You missed his smell, his warmth, and the way you felt right at home in his arms.

The past couple of months all you did was go to work and come home only to sit in front of the television while eating your feelings away. You’d talked to a couple of your friends, but they didn’t understand what it’s like to not be able to see your boyfriend whenever you wanted.

You were lying on the couch when you heard banging on the door. You slowly pushed yourself up and drug your feet to the door. When you opened it you were surprised to see Louis, Niall, and Liam standing there with food and some movies to watch. “Ello, love. We came to cheer you up. We know you’ve been feeling down lately. Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna let us in?” Louis said with a smile on his face.

“Uh,yeah come on in. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I would have at least gotten dressed.”

“If we’d told yeh, you wouldn’t have let us come,” Niall said with a smirk.

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You have the choice of letting past pain eat away at you or you can let it run its course, and when you are ready you must let it go. Then when you have found your way out of that valley, you can see that the world is more beautiful when you look at something other than the past. We all too often tie our identity into our feelings, and then we grow hazy in how we actually feel, so when it’s time to let go, we never know how to because it would mean letting go of who we are. But we must learn that we are more than heartbreak and rejection, we are living breathing souls that are bound by no one.

We have a choice each day to choose joy or sorrow, and sometimes we need to heal from our pain, but we are not resident to our suffering, we are citizens to a joy far greater than the dark.

So live once more, and learn to see the beauty in moving forward.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Things I’m still learning at 25

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Could I have a gabe story where he helps you eat dinner when you're having a rough body image night? You don't have to but it'd be nice! Please and thank you

Hey sunshine,

Sure, here comes Gabe!

Name: You’re perfect

“I’ve got the Italian carbonara you ordered,” states Gabriel with a weird Italian accent, walking into your room with two plates full of food. He leaves them on the table in front of the window and turns to you. “Come on, let’s eat. I just spent almost two hours cutting and cooking.”

“I’m not hungry,” you mumble, not turning to the food, so Gabriel approaches you and sits by.

“And how so?”

“I shouldn’t eat that much,” you look away from your own hands, trying not to pay attention to what you look like. “I am… I look…”


“Look at me,” he does so, slowly touching your face, then sliding down your neck and shoulders. “I look… not the way a pretty girl looks.”

“Since when is that so?” he asks, really surprised that you could say that. “Hey, Y/N, you can’t be serious! You are the single most beautiful human I have met in the freaking forever!”

“But curves…”

“Oh my dad, don’t! I love your curves. I love every single cell of your body. Have you even seen those models?” you nod, and Gabriel presses his forehead against yours. “Well, I still chose you. Over all those thin and lean, I chose you. Because you look like a freaking goddess. Especially compared to the ones I actually met. Look at you! Lean is not good, I love you. And your curves are part of you. My favorite part,” Gabriel rests his hands on your hips, slowly leaning forward to kiss you slowly, not letting go of you until you are out of air. “How dare you fight me on you being handsome as hell?”

“Well, you are… You are so gorgeous,” you make a rapid movement with your hands, demonstrating how awesome he is. Gabriel laughs out loud.

“Hon, I am as far from perfect as Lucifer - from ‘good person’! I got this vessel long time ago, so it is absolutely different from the modern bodied. Not as tall, softer, warmer. It’s just my endlessly wonderful grace that makes me look like an angel,” you both smile, as he makes the ‘I-am-the-archangel’ face. “And one angel needs another to be complete, am I not right?” you nod. “Well, I got mine. But. If my other half does not eat, I will for sure make it.”

“Make me?”

“Yup,” he nods and smiles happily, making you stand up and then pushing towards the table. “So… Will you eat now?”

“If the angel asks,” you grin, as he hands you a fork and stares with all the attention he got at how you slowly start chewing your meal.

“Good?” you nod, and only then Gabriel takes his forks and starts eating. “Somebody should make sure you eat enough.”

(this face. Forget Chuck, look at Gabe being adorable)

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byun baekhyun (exo), for @byunshim
warning: language 

You watch him from the bed — his bed — as he is bent over his book, reading. The clock on the bedside table reads 12:48 PM, half of the day has been wasted with lazy, morning sex. After all, that is mostly how you and Baekhyun spend your time together. He does help you with your studies from time to time but you’re actually not even that bad in school. And everything in between just confuses your heart.

You aren’t his girlfriend. You never have been. That’s someone else’s job. How it all started seems vague now, but the rough, calloused touches, the burning kisses all over your body replay itself more often that they should.

You aren’t his girlfriend, and it’s confusing because he makes you feel like you’re more than that. Than her.

“A hundredth day on Thursday?” You feign curiosity, nudging away the jealousy that’s eating you away from the inside. You play with the hem of his shirt, the only thing covering your nakedness right now. At least, at this very moment, you are more than her.

Baekhyun looks over his shoulder and at you, running his eyes across your body. Through his glasses, you can tell he’s beginning to study your exposed skin, inch by inch, and so you tease him by lifting your knees higher, flashing him more and more of you.

He turns away then, shifting his skewed reading glasses on the bridge of his nose. The pink on his cheeks tells he is faking nonchalance. “Yeah, I think I’ll take her to this fancy restaurant in the city.”

“That’s…cool, I guess.” You press your legs together, remembering his lips ghosting kisses on the inside of your thighs. 

Does he whisper loving words to her they way he murmurs against the crook of your neck? You close your eyes, as pang after pang of pain hammer your heart, sinking it all the way to the pit of your stomach. You bet Baekhyun is more gentle with her, when he kisses her forehead, when he weaves his fingers in between hers, than when he presses you against the wall and then fucks you right there and then.

That’s just one difference between you and her out of many. And perhaps, you’re not entirely on the losing end.

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Everything is painful, every word, every thought, even to wake up every morning it hurts. Depression haunts you, it takes away your happiness. It is always there at the back of your mind eating away at you. It’s like you’re alive but at what cost? No one can even see how much you’re really hurting, because on the outside you pretend to be fine, because you have to, and that makes the scars on the inside unimportant because they can’t be seen, no one can hear you crying out on the inside, because it is silent, it is hidden. Depression kills who you once used to be, in order to stop the uncontrollable, unbearable thoughts, you try to distract yourself by doing the things that once made you happy, but it is always there, you can’t help it and it seems that no one understands, like no one even wants to understand, leaving you scared of living and scared of being alone. And the only way to save yourself from breaking is doing the unthinkable, and that is not who you truly are. Everything and anything seems impossible, Like you’re trapped, screaming to get out, but you can never find the right way out, like the door is locked trying every key you have to open it, screaming and kicking in hope that someone will let you out, but no one does. Drowning in emotions, do i give up, do i let depression win, or do i carry on fighting questioning myself everyday, asking how do i stop it, how do i win this battle.

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Hello this is space dad I love you but also leave bananas alone

hello space dad tis i, ur space pidgeon

i love you too, but bananas can fuck right off ://

I just wanted to reach out to you, my followers. Today many of you may be scared or upset about the results of the election. I want you to know there are many of us out here to support you. Please don’t hide away and let this fear eat away at you, speak up to those you trust, reach out to your loved ones for support.

Sailor Moon taught us that love will conquer anything, and we can make it through this.

If you have your Moon in a Fire sign, you’ll know how difficult it is to express your emotions “appropriately”, where even in formal situations, what you are feeling shows. It bursts out of you as an unconscious reaction, and before you know it, words of “immature” are being flung your way. 

But you also know that feeling of trying with all your might to stay reserved, to stay composed, and how it eats away at you, only coming out later in even fuller force than it would have done in the first place.

There is a reason you were born with the Lunar reflector in a fire sign, so that you are never unsure of how you feel, as is no one else that surrounds you. Because it erupts like a firework. Your subconscious is hardly a hidden one. Follow it.

Love Emma x