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Before we begin let me just say that this is Yuri’s child and nobody can tell me otherwise.

  • Otabek has always been a family man. It’s in his nature, his upbringing, practically coded in his DNA that he wants kids, no matter how he gets them.
  • Yuri, on the other hand, wants no part of it at all. Who could blame him, really? The poor kid never really had parents throughout the crucial stages of his childhood development.
  • They talked about it once, and Yuri had never shot down an idea so fast in all of their relationship.
  • But this all changes when Yuri holds Viktuuri’s baby for the first time. He could practically feel the overwhelming joy from the proud parents, and a whole new level of love he had never even seen before in his life.
  • He sat on the idea for a while, before finally walking up to Otabek one evening after dinner, his husband putting away the dishes he cleaned before Yuri finally said, “I want a baby.”
  • Daddy.exe has stopped working.
  • He dropped all six plates he was holding, a la danisnotonfire *ahem*Daniel Howell*ahem* and Butterfingers. He turned to Yuri and blinked, “come again?”
  • “A kid, Beka. I want a fucking kid.”
  • Otabek had never heard such an exciting idea coming from Yuri in his life, and after he cleaned the mess he made he made careful sure to lay Yuri gently that night, a soft, intimate moment of romance that seems to last forever and has the Russian in tears.
  • A few days pass when nothing happens, but then when it hits, it hits all at once. Yuri leaves all the time now to throw up, feeling weaker by the day and constantly feeling sore. Otabek gets worried, very worried, when after a couple weeks passes and the symptoms are still there.
  • One day Yuri doesn’t even come home, normally he’s already home and waiting for Beka when he comes back, but he’s not there, and that only worsens his worry. And finally, about an hour and a half later, Yuri comes home absolutely distraught.
  • There are tears soaking his face and he isn’t able to form coherent sentences, completely panicking as if he was given the worst news of his life. Beka’s really worried now, and it feels like no matter what he does he can’t calm Yuri down. Amidst the panicking and the unintelligable babbling through the tears, he finally shouts: “I’m pregnant!”
  • Everything stops, and in that moment between Yuri’s sobs Otabek lets out a relieved smile, the tears slipping from his eyes come from a different emotion as he pulls his expecting husband close, holding him tightly and…was he laughing or was he crying? They sounded the same. Petting his back, he cooed Yuri, reassuring him that everything was going to be okay and that everything was okay.
  • “I can’t do it, Beka, I can’t raise the baby I don’t know what I’m doing I can’t do it!”
  • But he did.
  • Yuri would get random cravings for sushi at three in the morning, but Otabek had to remind him that “no, Yuri, you can’t eat fish while you’re pregnant.”
  • When his muscles ached, Otabek would massage them for him. When his mood would swing around in whatever direction it pleased, Otabek would remain patient, pushing through it with him and keeping the level head.
  • During late nights sometimes, Yuri would cry, whispering, “I can’t do this, Beka. I can’t be Natasha, I won’t be.” and Otabek would just hold him close, a hand on his belly and whispering, “you won’t be her, Yuri, you’re so much better than her.” Yuri was so scared, but Otabek was always there.
  • They started to work on the nursery and such the moment Yuri was calm enough to begin. They just got the basics like diapers and whatnot, making the room a pastel yellow, with little patterns etched in on the wall, almost looking like Gallifreyan.
  • By the end of term, Yuri finally felt somewhat confident, prepared to tackle parenthood with Otabek by his side and nothing could stop him. That is, until he went into labour the moment he came to that conclusion.
  • “Beka, the baby’s coming!” … “She’s not due until next month!” … “Well she decided now, and I think that she has the final say!”
  • The baby was born a month early, worrying the hell out of both parents again. but she was healthy, she was happy, and she was beautiful.

I just finished the chapter where Dany eats the horse heart while pregnant and I realised that it was not her unborn child but Dany herself who the Dosh Khaleen saw in her vision as the Stallion who mounts the world.  

“As swift as the wind he rides, and behind him his khalasar covers the earth…Fierce as a storm this prince will be. (Daenerys Stormborn)…His enemies will tremble before him…and the milk men in stone tents will fear fear his name.” (I believe these are the people of Westeros). And she even braided her hair like a Dothraki for this battle. 

I didn’t know this until now but the Dothraki believed that a day would come when all clans would gather in Vaes Dothrak and will be united into a single clan. “The stallion is the khal of khals promised in ancient prophesy, child. He will unite the Dothraki into a single khalasar and ride to the ends of the earth.” I wonder if this is why in the show, Dany made a display of strength by walking out as the unburnt from the temple of Dosh Khaleen as she knew they had all gathered in Vaes Dothrak, their prophesy of being united one day & the fact that dothraki follow strength above all - what is stronger than walking out of fire without a being burnt? 

No wonder they agreed to follow her beyond the narrow sea, which they believed to be the end of the world. I wonder if it happened because it was prophesied or if Dany used the prophesy to her own advantage.  But it’s so cool to realise that she’s the Stallion who mounts the world! That’s a good title, I like it more than ‘Khalessi of the great Grass Sea’

Small Bump- Steve Rogers (Walking Out Pt. 2)

Part 2 to Walking Out. The first part was so well received! Thank you so much for all your feedback and comments, they mean the world to me! I hope you enjoy this, let me know. xx

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Request: 1,7 with Steve // Can I get 20 and 25 with Steve rogers please

Requests: Closed

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Two weeks ago, you walked out the door of your shared apartment, leaving Steve behind as you mindlessly drove around New York for 2 hours, wiping away tears and trying to stifle your pained sobs. It didn’t help your vision in the traffic, so you eventually decided to pull over and take some time to get some air.

There was a list of people you could call. You wouldn’t call Natasha, it would be too obvious you would go to her, and you wouldn’t be surprised if Steve had already called her asking if you were with her. You could go to Sam, but he would beat Steve if you told him what happened. So you decided to call Sharon.

The phone rang twice before she picked up, her voice calming you down as she spoke.

“Hey (Y/N), what’s up?” She asked.

“Hey Sharon, I uh- I need a favour if you don’t mind…” You nervously picked your nails as you waited for her reply.

“Of course, anything.” You sighed before you replied.

“I uh- I need somewhere to stay for a while…” You said.

“Of course, are you okay? Do you need me to come pick you up?” You smiled at her kindness and thanked her for the offer, explaining you had the car, and you would be there in about half an hour.

Now you were sitting on her couch, watching some late night tv as you went over the blood work the doctor had given you yesterday, waiting for the knock at the door. Sharon was more than supportive through the entire thing, and you knew that without her, you wouldn’t have been able to do it. Steve had called her everyday, always asking to talk to you, and when she inevitably said no, he asked how you were. She kept him up to date, telling him you were eating well, sleeping enough, and going to the doctor- knowing that he had at least some right to know, and you didn’t mind it.

Steve on the other hand was a wreak. He barely ate or slept, he was busy working on getting you back. He told Sharon everything he was doing, he built a crib, cleaned the house, threw out all the foods you weren’t meant to eat while pregnant, he was determined. If he couldn’t talk to you, he would show you. He was going to make it up to you.

After the first week, you realized you couldn’t stay here forever, you were going to have to talk to Steve soon, find out exactly what your future looked like, and move out from Sharon’s. So after the first week, you asked Sharon to let Steve come over so you could talk.

That’s why you jumped when the doorbell rang and Sharon ran to open it. The whispering coming from the entrance was making you even more nervous than you needed to be.

When he walked through the threshold, you felt the tears start welling up. He looked like hell, eyes bloodshot and puffy, skin pale and his posture slumped. You made room for him on the couch and motioned him to sit down. He followed as you asked and saw you purse your lips as you thought about what you were going to say.

You could cut the tension with a knife, with the gap between you two filled with still air, no one said a word for minutes. But it was Steve who spoke up first.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry.” He started, running his hands over his face.

You didn’t need to hear him say he was sorry. He wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t.

“I need to know where you stand with this baby.”

He looked taken back for a moment, eyebrows slightly furrowed as he looked over you.

“I thought you would know. I want to be here for you throughout the entire process, I want to show you how much I love you and this baby. I want to be part of our baby’s life. If you’ll- If you’ll have me.” He was almost crying again, his voice breaking and eyes watering.

You on the other hand were letting the tears flow. Hearing Steve say ‘our baby’ made everything seem real. That it was really happening.

Hesitantly, Steve laid a hand on your back, rubbing slow circles as you tried to control your breathing. You leaned into his shoulder, nodding your head as it all sunk in.

“Of course, Steve.” You cried into his shoulder, making him sigh in happiness. Pressing a loving kiss to your temple, he ran his hand over your back before he sighed again, and blinked away the tears.

“You deserve an explanation.” He said.

Shaking your head, you looked up at him and smiled lightly.

“You don’t have to Steve.”

He bit his lip before continuing.

“They showed me I can’t keep anyone, not my mom, not Peggy, not Bucky, and then they mentioned you. I couldn’t deal with the thought of hurting you like that, you’re the only good thing I have left in my life. I thought if I pushed you away, I wouldn’t hurt you. But obviously, it did more harm than good.” His voice broke at the end, making you turn to look at him. Without thinking, you laced your fingers with his, feeling his warm hand encompass your cold one.

“I know you’re scared Steve, but you’re not going to hurt me. You don’t need to push me away, or feel like you can’t trust me. I understand where you’re coming from.”

He had his eyes on you, trailing across your face and down to your hand that was laced with his. He smiled to himself and looked back at you, all the emotion from the past 2 weeks built up in his eyes.

“Can you tell me? The way it’s supposed to be?” He said. You were confused for a second, before you finally understood, smiling widely at him as you let out a breath before speaking.

I’m pregnant.” You said happily.

His face immediately lit up, and happy tears shed from hid eyes. In the heat of the moment, he reached over and laid hid hands on your stomach.

Can I kiss you?” He asked before immediately starting to ramble.

“(Y/N), I’m going to do everything I can- to protect you and this baby… I-I’m never going to leave you, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that this baby’s life is comfortable, a-and I’m going to make sure they know they’re l-loved-“

Steve, just shut up and kiss me.” You said, laughing.

He leaned forwards in seconds, placing his lips against yours in a passionate moment, pouring all his feeling out.

You smiled against his lips and looked down as he slowly trailed his hand across your stomach, smiling at the thought of the love of his life carrying his child. Tears forming in his eyes as he tried not to think of the life he would have lived had he let you go, he leaned forward and placed a kiss on your forehead. He couldn’t wait to start life as a father, and made a promise to himself that he would protect both you and your baby, until the day he died.


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Oh gurl the s/o in labor ask was the best thing I've read in forever. I love family stuff like that ;u; and good lord you do an awesome job keeping them in character. Any other headcanons of the turtles with a pregnant s/o or even after the baby is born?

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it~ <3

Leo: While his girl is pregnant, Leonardo is protective. He’s watching everything she does, and he’s always close by in case she needs anything. He won’t let her do anything that could put too much strain on her or the baby, and he often spends the night round her house. He’ll spoil her with body massages, herbal tea and all the attention she could ever ask for - after all, she’s carrying his baby and it’s the least he could do!

After the baby is born, he’s immediately ready for the role of father. He’s attentive and twice as protective as he was before. He’ll never let his girl get up in the early hours of the morning - Leonardo takes care of the feedings and the diaper changes while his girl gets her much deserved rest. Sometimes he’ll stay up for hours, just holding his baby while they sleep in his arms, tears in his eyes that this baby - this miracle - is his. He can be a strict parent but overall, he’s loving and his family would want for nothing.

Raph: Raphael is incredibly cautious when his girl is pregnant. He’s heard that pregnancy is such a fragile state for a woman to be in, and he’s so careful not to add complications. He handles her like she’s made of glass, and no matter how many times she reassures him he won’t break her, he’ll still handle her with the most delicate of touches. The pregnancy honestly catches him off guard a little, so he’s always secretly reading any pregnancy books his girl has bought.

After the baby is born, his protectiveness really kicks in. He doesn’t want anyone or anything to hurt his family, so he’s always on the lookout. He’s always watching them. He goes out on patrol more than usual, making sure all is safe for his girl and his baby. There are times when he looks down at his baby and he still can’t believe it. He has a baby, and boy, does he love that baby. He adores the little bundle of joy. He knits more often, making more blankets than needed but he’s so enamoured, he can’t stop himself.

Donnie: Donatello caught onto his girl being pregnant before she did. He saw the early signs and he insisted she took a pregnancy test. When it came back positive, confirming his belief, Donatello steps up. He’s sorting out a list of all the best food she should eat while pregnant, same with drinks. He keeps a sharp eye on her; he’s not working as often or as hard as he normally would. His girl needs his full attention.

After the baby is born, he still keeps an eye on both of them. He’s so in love with his baby from the moment he sees them, that it takes him off guard. He’s so attentive with his baby. He’ll leave his girl in peace to sleep or do whatever else she wants and he babysits. He’ll finally start getting back into work, one hand looking around at security cameras while he has his baby wrapped up, laying in his arms, rocking back and forth gently in his chair. Occasionally, he’ll look down at his baby and think about all the wonderful things he can teach them as they get older.

Mikey: Michelangelo is so excited about the fact his girl is pregnant. He’s always daydreamed about becoming a father, and now it was a reality. He was going to be a dad and a day didn’t go by where he wasn’t smiling. Nothing dampened his mood during those nine months of pregnancy. No matter what his girl wanted, she got it. He shared in every moment of the pregnancy - he got up with her while she dealt with morning sickness, he took her mood swings in his stride and he even joined in with her food cravings.

When the baby arrived, he was delirious. A smile was permanently glued to his face. It was hard for him to put his baby down; he was always cuddling with them. Whenever the baby cried, Mikey was there. Whenever the baby wanted feeding and changing, Mikey was there. Photos and videos were also taken at every opportunity - Mikey wanted to capture everything his precious baby did, so he could look back when they were older and remember just how adorable they were.

Like one person

Today’s George’s and Fred’s Birthday. To celebrate it I wrote a short imagine.

It was her fourth pregnancy. Molly knew that each time it had felt different, but…

With Bill everything had been new. Her back had been hurting all the time and she had been eating cucumbers. While being pregnant with Charlie she had been already used to the hurting back, nevertheless she had been very active. She had spent as much time outside as possible. And with Percy… Not only her back had been hurting but also her feet. Every free minute she had read and eaten cauliflower.

But this time… There was nothing compared to this. Whenever the baby kicked her, it felt as if it was kicking with two limbs or even more. And it moved all the time, like it was never asleep. Moreover, Molly was huge. It was still a month until the baby would come and she was more enormous than ever.

Sometimes she worried about the baby. She would imagine all sort of things. One of her nightmares was that some hex or potion had changed her baby, that was now having six limbs. Yet every time she went to St. Mungo the healers told her, her baby was healthy and there was nothing to worry about.

Arthur was very optimistic. And he made Molly decide on the possible names. Fred if it would be a boy. Georgina for a girl.

It was April 1st, when suddenly Molly got into labour. The first contraction hit her shortly after Arthur left for the office. Yet she ignored it. It was just a pain, she thought. But it returned over and over again. “No, it’s too soon,” she said breathing heavily. The baby wasn’t due for another month! She walked over to the fireplace and used floopowder to tell Arthur. Yet he wasn’t in his office. One of his co-workers looked down at Molly. “Tell him to come home!” she shouted in pain as another contraction hit her.

A few minutes later Arthur was there. “Molly what’s wrong?”

“The baby’s coming!”

“Already? But I thought we still have another month.”

Molly stood up. “No.” She looked down as her water broke.


Five hours.

It took them five hours to deliver the baby. Arthur was there all the time holding Molly’s hand. He was smiling and whispering encouraging things. Yet suddenly his expression changed. He looked to the direction from which Molly could hear a baby cry.

“What’s wrong?”

Arthur shook his head not knowing what to say.

“Arthur Weasley, tell me what’s wrong with my child!”

Arthur still didn’t answer.

“Congratulations Mrs. Weasley. You have two healthy boys.”

Molly was relieved. Wait, what… Two?

“How is that possible?” Arthur asked.

The healer shrugged smiling. “I can’t explain it. None of the examinations did hint to the fact that you were having twins. They were behaving like one person.”


So, for the past week I’ve been building a new neighbourhood, which is very much inspired by Jessa’s videos.

It’s very small, there’s only 11 residential lots and 14 community lots, all of them 1x1 or 1x2 in size, except for the beach, which is the largest at 2x2. All the lots are from MTS and I used the Evansville terrain by ambers_journey.

I’ve been calling it Hazelnut Isle but I’m sure there’s a better name out there for it, suggestions are welcome! The idea I have is that the pink trees are native to this island, and cannot be found anywhere else in the Sim world. Tourists (townies) come to visit the island and are a big part of the economy. There’s a darker undertone in that population control is very strict and each couple is limited to one birth. Eating cheesecake while pregnant is a punishable offense.

I have plans to take more pictures of each lot once I finish decorating them. I also haven’t created any Sims yet, I want to finish the ‘hood before adding any.

Pictures are captioned.


No postpartum anxiety for a week straight. And this week included several high-anxiety situations. So I think I’m in the clear. Hopefully.

I also started dieting a week ago. I had this whole I’m “eating for two” thing while pregnant. Which carried onto breastfeeding. It’s really hard to revert back to healthy eating habits. I get traveler’s stomach while away so the FL trip helped shrink back my stomach. Also I’ve been forcing myself to drink 12 oz of water every time I feel like snacking which has really helped. I’ve already lost 2 pounds. I don’t think I’ll ever see 130 on the scale again but I’m hoping.

I’m debating on getting a Fitbit. I walk constantly (I hate sitting), so I’m sure I get a lot of steps in. But I still want one.

It’s nice to feel a bit more like myself again. I’m looking forward to getting a period and having my hormones completely back to normal.

I’m starting to get bored. Not because there isn’t stuff to do, but because I’m used to being really busy with things that I consider worthwhile. Also, I have social needs that not many people can meet. Foster care met them, which was a perk I guess.

I wish I liked people more. And that I wasn’t so sensitive. I’m also having a hard time listening to negativity. I don’t mind people venting (I kind of enjoy it), but I’m pretty over people with a “woe is me” attitude. Life is too short. Live like you’re going to die, because you are.

SSMonth Day 23

Even when submerged in the deepest, most peaceful sleep, Uchiha Sakura’s nose knew when her husband was cooking. The delicate appendage twitched, half engulfed by a downy pillow, as the woman it was attached to slowly began to stir.

Mmmm, food, she thought sleepily as the tantalizing scent of sautéed vegetables permeated her consciousness. Usually, cooking breakfast was her thing—simply because she always got up earlier. Sasuke generally preferred to rest in bed for a bit longer, but the promise of food and her vacant spot on their mattress tended to drive him downstairs to the kitchen before he would normally wake up. Naruto joked that Sakura was turning him into a morning person, and although Sasuke scoffed, it was mostly true.

As long as it was Sakura—or her absence—that drove him to wakefulness, there was very little chance of anyone being harmed or any structures being destroyed. Naruto still ran that risk, however, but sometimes he liked to live dangerously.

The Uchiha matriarch stretched lazily, and in doing so she caught a glimpse of the combined engagement and wedding ring on her left ring finger. The center gem was a cushion cut diamond, and two small pear cut rubies decorated either side side, pointing outwards. Her engagement band wove around the edge of the precious stones, but the silver band was far from simple the the inlaid intricate designs that matched those on her wedding band. Even though their marriage had been almost a year ago, Sakura still felt a burst of happiness every time she saw it.

For the longest time, Sasuke’s return to the village had been so dubious. Although she only lost hope once, it had still been a painful journey, and the fact that Sasuke was finally back caused her to pinch herself several times a day.

Back and married to her. In all reality, she would have accepted whatever came as long as the poor manipulated boy that had been her teammate finally found happiness. When Sasuke declared that his happiness was intertwined with hers, dropped to his knee, and smoothly presented her gorgeous wedding band, she’d about had a heart attack,

He’d wanted to give her his mother’s wedding ring as according to traditon, but it had been lost in the destruction Pein wrought on Konoha. The cherry on top was when Sasuke actually had said–verbally, with words–that this might be the sign the Uchiha clan was finally getting a fresh start.

The memory only served to increase the smile adorning her face. That romantic sap. Sasuke may still like to pretend he was aloof and cool, but the dork was one of the biggest romantics she knew. She had been expecting a loving relationship that avoided public displays of affection and overly amorous gestures, but Sasuke seemed determined to pull out all the stops in their relationship. It probably stemmed from being so starved for love, affection, and family for so long.

And now we’re starting a family and finally beginning to restore the Uchiha clan, Sakura grinned, rubbing her currently flat stomach. It wouldn’t be long before her womb began to round with the life of the next generation of Uchihas, but Sakura didn’t mind the stretch marks that were soon to follow. She had already earned plenty of scars from well-fought battles; what was one more set of marks well-earned from bringing their child into this world?

Sakura’s stomach growled loudly, interrupting her musings and reminding her of the reason she woke up in the first place. Grinning—she didn’t think she would stop smiling any time soon—the kunoichi slithered out from under the sheets and into Sasuke’s discarded shirts laying on the floor. Predictably, it bore the Uchiha mark on the back, but then again, so did most of Sakura’s clothes, too. Swathed in the musky scent of her lover, Sakura padded downstairs to grab some of the breakfast Sasuke was preparing.

Arriving in the doorway of their kitchen, Sakura wasn’t sure which was more delicious: the sight in front of her or the mouthwatering aroma of melting cheese.

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Can you do telling the MFW guys that the MC is pregnant?

Takao: Takao would definitely plan everything out carefully. He will find a parenting class, find out what you should or shouldn’t eat while pregnant and set aside a college fund for his unborn kid. He would cook for you and make you Takao super special every morning. He would be more protective and if you go out with the guys, he would make sure you won’t trip or carry heavy stuff.

Yuta: Yuta would go through the pregnancy experience together with you. He would also experience sympathy pregnancy: sympathy eating, being more sensitive and all that. He’s also the happiest among the guys for the happy news and he would show it openly with words and face expressions.

Saeki: Saeki would be physically affectionate. He would kiss and hug you when you told him about the news, “I’m so happy my honey is pregnant with my child.” Then he continued discussing what the gender of the baby, weighing the positive and negative of having a daughter instead of a son. When you’re out, Saeki would often be seen having his hand behind the small of your back.

Haruka: Haruka would be too surprised to even say a word.
You waved your hand in front of him, “Haruka, are you okay?”
His face then relaxed before a small smile bloomed, “Yes. I’m just a little surprised. That’s it. But it’s a really wonderful news. We need to tell yours and my parents. I’m sure they’ll be thrill.”

Akito: Fatherhood would change Akito. He became gentler towards you.
Akito sat down still with his mouth opened.
You got him a glass of water as he mumbled to himself, “No way. No way.”
A frown formed on your forehead, “What? You’re not happy with it?”
“You’re not lying aren’t you?” he asked.
“Of course not!” you crossed your arms, sulking.
He smiled at you. A hint of sweet tender smile that you never saw before appeared. “I’m going to be a dad?” he repeated to himself. A trace of amazement still lingers.

Yamato: Yamato would still be playful towards you. He would pinch your cheeks, “That’s why you’re as soft as a mochi recently.” You pouted. He grinned proudly and lifted you high up suddenly, making you gasped in surprise. Let’s make sure the baby born and grows up as a healthy man.”

Ren: Ren would not show a big gesture but he was happy nevertheless. His happiness was shown through his simple, subtle gestures. His first initial reaction after the surprise was probably a soft, tender smile. He would then ask you if he could talk to the baby. “Silly! It’s just an early pregnancy but you can try,” you laughed. He put his head on your lap. His ear pressed on your stomach, trying to listen to the heartbeat of your to-be child. He fell asleep with a serene smile on his face.


More headcanons [x]

  • Me: Yeah, you're not supposed to eat deli meat while pregnant so I'm trying to avoid that. It sucks!
  • Everyone else: Oh, you're fine. Go ahead. I ate turkey sandwiches my entire pregnancy!
  • Me: You're not supposed to eat sushi while pregnant, so I'm avoiding the raw stuff but still having crab and shrimp!
  • Everyone else: Women in Japan eat raw all the time and it's fine! Go ahead!
  • Me: *Goes to get a cup of coffee*
  • Me: I'm allowed to have two 8oz servings a day...
Happily Pregnant #8 - Cravings

You were now a little over four months pregnant, all of your family and friends knew about the baby, but you two still hadn’t released any information to the public. Luckily, you hadn’t suffered any morning sickness, but you have started to have many cravings. 

Currently you were starving for some chips and dips. You two were backstage at a show, Harry had gotten you a bag and handed you the bowl of dip, while he tried to open the bag. 

“Mugh.” He mumbles as he tries to open the bag. 

“Do you need help?” You giggle. 

“No! I got it! It’s just a stupid bag of crisps.” He mumbles still trying to open the bag. 

“Well, hurry up! While the dip is still cold!” You groan. 

“I’m trying!” He groans. “Bloody hell, does this bag have a fucking security code.” 

“Give it here!” You say holding out your hand. 

“No, way, Y/N. I’m sorry, but I got this.” He says trying once again. 

You roll your eyes. “Please tell me the point in you workout out, if you can’t even open a simple bag of crisps for your wife.” You say. 

“Hey! I’m strong! This bag is just like, defective.” He says throwing the bag down. “I’m going to get another.” He says walking back into the kitchen. 

You roll your eyes grabbing the bag of chips and poking the bag with some scissors near by. You open the bag, sitting back down and quickly covering the chip in your favorite dip. 

Harry walks back with another bag, when he noticed you eating from the bag. “What the hell?” He says. 

“The problem with men is always trying to figure shit out with their muscles instead of their brains.” You smirk. “I poked the bag with some scissors and poof, I got the bag opened. It took less than two seconds, while you struggled for five, still not getting it open.” 

“Weelll, excuse me.” He says sitting down next to you. “Are you happy now that you’ve got your snack?” He laughs. 

“Very.” You say with a mouthful. “The baby is too.” You giggle. 

He smiles. “I still can’t believe our baby is in there.” 

“I know, sometimes I forget because I haven’t really had the main symptoms of pregnancy yet.” You say. “And I’m not showing that much either.” 

“You have a little budge.” He smiles. 

“Are you saying I’m fat?” you glare. 

“What? No! I’m just saying that I can see a little tiny growth of our baby.” He says. 

“I just look like I’m bloated.” You say. 

“Not to me.” He smiles. 

“Yeah. Yeah.” You say dipping another chip. 


Later that night, after the show, you and Harry decide to get some frozen yogurt. You put a little bit of each flavor in your cup, before moving on to all the goodies. You pile on some cookie bits, M&Ms, along with some different fruits before taking it up to the counter with Harry. You place it on the machine and they tell you it’s almost $10. 

Harry looks at you, almost laughing. 

“What?” you say innocently. 

“Nothing. Nothing.” he smiles shaking his head as he hands the cashier some cash. You take your cup and a spoon so you can start eating it quickly.

“Good?” He asks. 

“Amazing!” You smile. 

“As long as my babies are happy.” He smiles as you two over to sit at a table. 

“You know, it’s going to be sort of weird that it’s not going to just be us anymore.” you say. “I mean think about it. It’s been just us for years, practically our whole lives, and soon there will be three of us and if we have more kids it will be I don’t know how many years until it’s just us again.” You giggle. 

“It is weird to think about, but as long as I’m sharing you with our babies and no one else, then I’ll be okay.” He smiles. 

You giggle. “Speaking of the baby, have you given any thought about going public with the pregnancy?” You ask. 

“Well, I was thinking that we could just wait until you start showing a bit. I still think it’s too soon for the whole world to know.” he says. “And I don’t want it to be this huge ordeal, although no matter how we announce it, if we even do, it will turn into one.” 

“Yeah, I think maybe it will just be best to keep it private and then just let it come out and when it does we can just confirm it.” You shrug. 

He smiles. “I can’t wait till you start showing more.” He says placing his hand on your belly. 

“You can’t wait until I’m fat?” You giggle. 

“I can’t wait to see our baby growing.” He smiles. “And I can’t wait to rub your belly and sing to our little one. You’re going to look so hot.” he smirks. 

You giggle. “Do you know what would go great with this frozen yogurt?” You ask. 

“What?” He laughs. 

“A cheese burger with everything and cheese fries!” you gasp. 

“So I take it we have another stop before we head back to the hotel?” He laughs. 

“Yep!” You giggle finishing up your yogurt. 


As soon as you two get into the hotel, you quickly take out your burger and fries. You start eating it and look for something on TV to watch. 

“You know, I know I’m supposed to eat healthy foods while pregnant, well in general, but our baby just makes me want the non healthy foods.” You groan. 

“Well, technically there is lettuce and tomato on there…” Harry laughs. “But maybe we could incorporate a little more healthy foods during the day.” 

“Team Broccoli right?” You giggle. 

“Team Broccoli.” He laughs sitting next to you. 

Once you were finished with your food, you get up to throw the trash away before brushing your teeth. You look over at Harry as he starts undressing for bed, when you happen to get another craving. 

You quickly finish brushing your teeth before walking back into the room. 

“I have another craving!” You say. 

“Again? Geez, what else could you possibly want.” he laughs. 

“I’m not sure if I should be offended at that or not, but anyway, yes there is something else I want.” You say. 

“Okay, what do you want me to go get?” He asks. 

“Actually, you don’t have to go anywhere for this craving.” You say innocently. 

He looks at you confused. “What’s the craving then?” 

You smirk walking over to him. “My craving is you..” you say wrapping your arms around him. 

He smirks. “Is this going where I think this is going?”

“Yes, now let’s get naked and get to it!” You smirk pulling your shirt off. 

Harry laughs pulling you close to him so he can kiss you. You two spend the rest of the night, fulfilling your final craving for the night. 

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Imagine having sex with Harry when your pregnant and he's so gentle and slow and soft and he whispers to you and the baby!!!

Harry eating u out while you’re pregnant with his baby and him massaging ur tummy

Okay but imagine this: Harry eating you out while youre pregnant and him massaging your tummy

i’m gonna somehow work these together lmao 

making out while he rubs your belly, harry kissing his way down your neck and chest until he reaches your tummy, hands roaming all over it leaving small kisses from one side to the other “hello little baby, are you okay in there? i’m just gonna make your mommy feel really good for a little while, nothing to worry about” “harry, don’t talk to the baby when you’re about to go down on me” “i just don’t want the baby to get scared by all the weird noises” “are you saying my moans are weird” “no, now shhh”, giving your belly one last kiss before he settles down between your legs, bending your knees and spreading your legs apart, fingers gently running up and down your thighs making you shiver, taking you by surprise when he gets his mouth on you, hands stroking your belly while he eats you out, and you can’t really see harry’s head with your belly blocking the way, linking your hands together still on your tummy, grinding down on his tongue trying to ride his face, harry letting you use him how you want, releasing harry’s hands to throw them over your head fisting them in the pillow as you come, riding out your orgasm grinding down on harry’s face until he pulls away, helping you to roll over on your side, moving so that he’s face to face with your tummy again, fondly shaking your head at him, “see, wasn’t so bad was it? we’re gonna let you sleep again now, sorry for disturbing you”, giving your belly a few more kisses before he crawls up to you, kissing your face all over before you cuddle up together, just enjoying the silence and the small flutters in your tummy

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My birthday is on the 16th August - would love a litte daddy!Peeta drabble please :) xx

Happy birthday @everythingbutthemockingjay! We hope your day is amazing! Here is your bday drabble, and thank you to @mega-aulover for the celebration banner!

“Sssshh, it’s okay, baby.” Katniss hums while she rubs her squalling daughter’s tummy in circles as they lay in bed. The babe kicks and screams, her brilliant blue eyes scrunched in agony and her face tomato red.

Being a parent is exhausting. It’s only been two weeks since they brought Willow home from the hospital and every night is spent dancing and pacing up and down with a fussy baby until she passes out before dropping her exhausted bones into bed. And the books, the mile-high stack of parenting books Peeta had read voraciously, and stacked up on Katniss’s side of the bed throughout her pregnancy, have been no help at all. Chapter upon chapter of how to eat while pregnant. How to exercise and have sex safely. How to baby proof the house.

But helpful information about how to help a screaming, inconsolable, colicky baby while overcome with a surge of hormones the height of Mount Everest? Forget about it. Lots of sympathetic words but no solutions.

She lays Willow against her chest and rubs her back. Then she pats her bottom. Repeats. Wipes the tears from her own eyes. Repeats. Willow hiccups and roots around for Katniss’s breast. She obediently begins to loosen her top, but the baby pulls her knees up and screams again.

Peeta staggers into the door frame. His blond waves are in disarray, the shadow on his chin almost as dark as the circles under his eyes. He vacated their bed for the couch weeks ago, when Katniss’s belly grew so large there was no room for him anymore. Now that the baby has arrived, Willow’s been up so much that sleeping out there seems to be the only way he can get enough rest to keep the bakery open.

“Hey,” he says groggily, clutching the doorframe for support. “Belly pains again?”

She sniffles. “I’m terrible at this. What is wrong with her? She’s fed. She’s changed. I’ve rocked. I’ve patted. I’ve swaddled. Nothing is working. She just doesn’t like me, Peeta.”

Her husband’s eyes widen in alarm and he pads across the hardwood floor, wrapping Katniss in his arms. She buries her nose in the soft t-shirt he’s wearing. God, she misses him so much at night. What were they thinking? She’s never felt like such a failure in her life.

He brushes his knuckles across her cheek and gives her a worried look. “Willow adores you. You’re exhausted. Give her here. I’ll take her down the hall.”

“No, Peeta - you have to work tomorrow.”

He slips the baby out of her arms anyway and kisses her forehead. “Rest. Just for a couple of hours. I’ll slip her in with you when I leave for the bakery.”

Katniss collapses against the pillows, too tired to fight. The faint strains of Willow wailing and Peeta’s soothing baritone reach her ears just as she’s drifting off, but she’s already too far gone to do anything about it.

She wakes hours later to a silent house. The sun is rising over the neighbourhood; the sky the pale blue of early morning. She bends to nuzzle the sweet softness that is the top of her baby’s head, and finds her bed empty.

Katniss sits up in alarm. Did Peeta take Willow to work? Her nightshirt is damp with milk. Surely Willow is starving. Throwing the covers aside, she races down the hall and into the livingroom, where Peeta’s alarm is blaring. But he’s not on the couch. Instead, he’s stretched out on his side on the throw rug in his robe, his feet under the coffee table. Willow is sheltered under his arm, snuggled against his bare chest inside the robe. They both snore softly.

She bites her lip, trying not to laugh; contemplates the camera and decides against it. Instead, she pulls Peeta’s blanket off the couch, stopping for a second to bury her face in the faintly spicy, cinnamon scent that follows him everywhere, before gently settling it over her greatest loves.

She moves on silent feet into the kitchen, starts the water for Peeta’s tea, flicks on her coffee maker and starts breakfast. Panem will have to do without its baked treats this morning. The baker is needed at home.

If You Ever Want To Stare Again

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Summary: Sam sees the reader at the library while he and Dean are researching and he thinks that the faces she makes while reading are adorable.

Word Count: 612

“Sam? Did you hear me?" I shook my head and looked at my brother who was sporting an annoyed and exasperated look.

"What?” Dean furrowed his eyebrow and thrust his chair closer to me before looking through the library shelves to where my eyes had been previously transfixed. A maddening blush crept up my cheeks when a devious smile formed on his face.

“Aw, does wittle Sammy have a crush?” I didn’t delight him with an answer but moved my gaze back to the alluring girl who sat at the table not even 20 feet away. She was completely engrossed in the book she was reading, occasionally making facial expressions at the pages that San couldn’t help but think were adorable. Sometimes her nose would scrunch up and her brows would furrow and other times her eyes would widen and her mouth would circle into an “o.”

Dean’s chuckle could vaguely be heard but his swift hit on my arm made me hastily turn my head towards him. “Go talk to her man.”

“Really? Because last time you said that you ended up tied to a tree.”

An amused smirk made its way to my lips at the memory of that hunt last year. At first we thought it was a wendigo but it turned out to just be some really screwed up forest dwellers. 

“Yeah, whatever, just go!” He pushed my shoulder until I was forced out of the chair. I sighed but went anyway, knowing that he wouldn’t drop the subject if I didn’t. As I made my way to the table she was stationed at, nerves kicked in and I pretended to look for a book on a nearby shelf. I turned the pages of the book a couple of times but my eyes didn’t focus on the words. Instead they turned to the side in an attempt to see the female at the table but it was a lost cause.

“Are you expecting?” The enticing voice took me by surprise and I took a quick intake of breath before turning around. The girl was even more charming when her eyes weren’t hidden in a book. Her hair reminded me of waves and all I could do was try to force myself not to stare. She was still sat at her table but the book was down and her eyes were focused on me.


I blinked and laughed nervously. "Um, no, sorry, uh, I was just looking for some light reading.”

“On foods not to eat while pregnant?” She raised an eyebrow and stepped closer so that she could take the book from my hands. “Wow, yea, this really does look interesting.”

My breath hitched int he back of my throat when I noticed how close she had gotten as she stepped closer to put the book back on the shelf. 

“Well I hope you don’t mind me distracting you from your light reading, but you are absolutely adorable when you’re flustered.”

“You think so?” I stuttered and I know she heard it too, because her lips turned up in a playful smile.

“Yeah, hey I have to go, but here,” she took out a pen from her pocket and began writing on my hand, “is my number, if you ever want to stare at me from across the library again.”

With that she grabbed her bag and made her way to the front of the building. A hand slammed down on my shoulder and I spun around to find Dean watching her as she left.

“Damn, nice work Sammy.”

I looked down at my hand and couldn’t stop the wild grin that appeared.

‘Call me

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Not so much a gone wrong, but it's funny. I recently found out a cheat to affect the gender of an unborn sim. The mother eats 10 apples while pregnant for a boy and 10 watermelon for a girl. I had a dream that I chased my sim around her house force feeding her watermelon so she'd have a girl.

it works with just 1 too.. but if s/he eats an apple after eating 3 watermelons then it’ll be a boy

if you spend all the pregnant days besides 1 eating apples.. and the last pregnant day eating watermelons it’ll be a girl

autumn salad counts for boys too because there’s apples in it