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Hey guys,

I rarely share my own experiences on this Tumblr, but I thought that some of you might be interested in seeing more of Seoul and life here through my eyes ) So let me take you on a walk through one of my favorite Seoul neighborhoods - Hongdae 💜

Named after the famous Hongik University , Hongdae is a vibrant cultural hub known for its urban arts, indie music and underground culture, local fashion and night clubs.
❓What #ToDo and #ToEat 🍴around Hongdae? 🤔
Any wandering about should start with grabbing a bite to eat! 🍊🥙 One of my favorites - @ddamong.ddabong Healthy and delicious! It doesn’t get fresher than straight from a grapefruit, right? 🤗
It’s located in a quieter area of Hongdae, so take a stroll and check out all the cute little shops! 🛍
Lazy Weekend tip 👉 Browsing around Hongdae Free Market is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Walk around, enjoy the 1$ ice cream waffles (a must! 🍦😋), have a local artist draw a portrait of you (I have one, doesn’t look anything like me, but whatever, it’s cute), get some awesome postcards and prints (there are always new artists, so even if you come here every week, you’ll see some new artworks.)
Hongdae is a great place to shop - from the flagship New Balance store, to Forever21, to multibrand Lotte El Cube, to local fashion boutiques ($-$$$) - here you will find everything your heart desires. That is, if your heart desires all things young and trendy. If you are shopping with your mom, this might not be the best shopping destination )).
Tired of all that shopping and walking around? How about lunch/dinner?
@hakatabunko_official serve the most heavenly delicious ramen 🍜. They only have like 3 items on the menu and my gosh, do they excel at these! 🏆
#BadaSteak is ridiculously delicious! (📍look up the geotag). Btw, “bada” (바다) means “sea” in Korean. They specialize in seafood 🐟🦐🦀🦑🐙 And they serve black bread!
In Korea you usually have dinner at one place and then move on to another to get dessert/drinks. Hongdae is packed with all kinds of bars and cafes. Personally, I love the tiny little ones tucked away in the quiet side streets.
When you come out of the subway station into the crazy swirling of the crowd it might seem that Hongdae is just that - always bustling with people, always loud. But there’s really so much more to it!
Speaking of Hongdae Nightlife, there are a looot of clubs in this neighborhood! The more famous ones are Vera, Cocoon, M2, Aura. Fun fact: Gogos2 has no gogo girls, although judging from the name you would expect something special 👯 NB and NB2 are famously owned by YG.
As for the places that I like, Secret Society and The Henz 🖤
*All photos by me.  #GlobalSeoulMate 🤗🇰🇷

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I’m gonna try and visit you all in person this summer!! I may not make it to everyone since I have to work prob TWO jobs BUT

lemme know what city you live in to see if I can fly there. I don’t think my mom will let me go outside the US but she might if we go together and make it a mini-vacay or something.

I’ll start;

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Amongst all the amazing Japanese cuisine, there’s a little vegan American styled burger shop 😂
First burger is the cheeseburger filled, second is the felafel burger 🍔

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