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Amongst all the amazing Japanese cuisine, there’s a little vegan American styled burger shop 😂
First burger is the cheeseburger filled, second is the felafel burger 🍔

AIN SOPH. Ripple
Shinjuku - Tokyo - Japan


Not sure if i posted this either. It’s from Easter - CECIL BEING EATEN BY A KID, gleeful about it. 

Try This: 1 Simple Way To Attract What You Want

If you’re someone that is still recovering from the shit storm that was 2016, you’re probably more than ready to bless up in 2017.  Today, I propose a simple habit to you that made my 2016 a “good year”.  Last year could have easily been the worst year of my life, but everything began turning right side up at the beginning of the last quarter.  Just when I was about to throw my hands up, I received the best gig with a band I’ve come to adore and I’m working with the best team I’ve encountered on my touring journey.  With that, my bank account showed signs of life and was taken off life support.  I began eating well (hospitality on tour set me right), got a free therapist through a grant program, my credit score jumped 100pts and right at the very end of the year on 12/30th, the universe snatched my old whip (RIP) and gave me a “new” SUV in a matter of 36hrs of losing my first baby.  *I had her for 12 years and cried a deep ugly sob before the tow truck came to get her, but I embraced a much needed change.  I digress.

The point is that the universe completely supported me last year because I was consistently putting in hours discovering all the ways it’s designed to work in my favor. 

So.  I know that with everything going on in the world and in the media, strife can be hard to avoid, but in order to get your shit together and catch your life, you’re going to need to adopt new habits.  Let me get to the point.

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Please allow me to grace you with some examples of the delights on offer during today’s food tour. This was the launch of The Bristol Food Tour’s South of the River tour and it was AMAZING! It’s the third tour I’ve been on now and I loved every second. (Check them out if you’re a local/in close proximity to/planning on visiting. I promise you won’t regret it!

- Bread and Cheese with Chutneys at Marks Bread
- A Mezze feast at Souk Kitchen
- Pizza (and yes those are potatoes on top!) at Bertha’s Pizza
- A Vegan Sausage Roll at Spike Island Cafe
- Hefe Beer at The Bristol Beer Factory
- 2 Chocolates from Zara’s Chocolates plus 2 items that I bought for myself

I feel so happy that I was able to enjoy this. I took a Tupperware for leftovers and packed one stop off item so I could save room and I’m glad I did. I ate until I was full, overfull perhaps, but not in a bad way at all. This is why recovery is worth it. This is why weight gain isn’t important. I had so much fun; THIS is living!