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It’s amazing to me that people can think that our brain got so big from eating meat. Does anyone not realize that we had to invent the tools to eat meat? Imagine how intelligent we would have to have been? We’ve lost a golf ball size of brain since Jesus’ time

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College Cooking Necessities

I’m quickly approaching my last few days of dorm living, so I thought I would go through some of the most vital tools that I use to cook in my dorm room.  I rarely buy food at the dining hall because the food is typically disgusting and unhealthy.  By cooking food myself, I am able to have a more customized diet and I also save a lot of money on my dining account!

You can find plenty of lists online that will tell you that a microwave or a tea kettle are important for college, and I agree! These appliances have really helped me out.  But I also think that I have some unique tools that have really impacted my ability to easily cook meals in my room.

1. Electric Skillet

By far what I use most to cook dinner each night is my electric skillet.  These babies are so versatile.  You can bake casseroles, “grill” steaks, and scramble eggs! Pretty much anything you can make in a pan (and more) is possible in an electric skillet.  They’re pretty easy to clean in the sink, and can easily be stored in your closet or a cabinet.

This skillet costs less that $20 on amazon, and there are plenty on the market between $20 and $40.  

2. Spices

College cooking tends to be pretty bland at times.  The best way to liven up your meals is by having a few important spices on hand.  I recommend checking out the bulk section of your local grocery store, you may even have one on campus.  The spices I used most often are paprika, oregano, cumin and garlic salt.  It really depends on what flavor profiles you prefer, but having just a few can go a long way.

If you’re looking for a simple way to grab a few spices that won’t take up a ton of space, this multi-spice pack is a great option.  It is around $8 on amazon, but you can also find them at several stores such as target or Walmart. 

3. Mason Jars

Mason jars aren’t just trendy, they’re SUPER versatile.  Mason jars can be used to store ingredients, make mason jar salads, mix ingredients together (shake it up!) and so much more.  If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, check out pinterest.

You can obviously pick these up at any grocery store, but you can also get these colored ones on Amazon for about $11.

4. Measuring Cup

Sometimes easier to just throw in a little and hope for the best than measure out everything exactly.  This has actually been a lifesaver.  Its really simple to measure a bunch of things, takes up minimal space, and is super easy to clean.  It is also microwave safe!  If you’re on any sort of diet, measuring your food is important! In addition, it’ll help you stay closer to the taste of the original recipe.

You can buy Pyrex in tons of different stores, but you can also find this measuring cup for a pretty great price on Amazon for about $8.  If you’re buying a non-pyrex cup, make sure to check if it is microwave safe or not!

5. Large Microwave safe Bowls

Last, but definitely not least are these bowls that are super essential for cooking.  Being able to cook things in the microwave is very important.  I throw some cauliflower and water in, and it steams in 5 minutes.  You can also heat up soups, and even scramble eggs.

These bowls are especially college-friendly.  They are collapsable! When you’re not using them to microwave your delicious meals, you can store them in your small dorm room drawers.  You can find this set of 3 for under $15 on amazon.

I hope that this list was helpful!  Cooking in a dorm room is not impossible, and can be healthy, quick, and delicious.  Do you cook in your dorm room? What do you use to make the process simpler?

What HAES is;

Anyone at any weight can begin to make healthy changes and persue a healthy lifestyle

What HAES isn’t;

Because my mind is happy when I weigh 600 pounds I am therefor the epitome of both mental and physical health

What Intuitive Eating is;

And tool for people recovering from EDs to learn to understand when their body is hungry

What Intuitive Eating isn’t;

My body is craving a Big Mac, there for I  need a Big Mac and it is good for me

As the EPI remarks, “if workers consumed investment goods such as machine tools as well as groceries, their real wage growth would have been better and more in line with productivity growth.” Unfortunately, workers don’t eat machine tools.


the fools!

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“Humans who want to hunt shouldn’t be allowed to use guns so it’s a fair fight! I bet then we’d see who the REAL superior species is!”

Humanity managed to wipe the wooly mammoth from the face of the earth with sharp sticks and a few clever ruses involving cliffs. Animals already had their “no guns” chance, while they had bigger claws and teeth than they do now, even, and they still didn’t come out on top. Humans are predators Heather get over it. Submitted by Mikey Bautista
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Rounding out your EDC doesn’t always have to cost and arm and a leg. In the first installment of 15 Under $15, we showed that a complete and effective carry requires very little investment. If you’ve been feeling the pinch lately but still feeling the itch for new gear, here are some more of our affordable picks to keep both your carry and your wallet happy.


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Nitecore Tube

The Nitecore Tube with its 45 lumen variable output with 48 hours of runtime is more than an ample light for your keychain. It’s in for the long haul with a tough polycarbonate exterior and built-in micro USB charger.

BUY ($10)

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Maglite Solitaire LED

This isn’t your old man’s Maglite. The new Solitaire takes one of the most popular AAA light designs of all time and updates it for the next generation with 37 lumens in watertight anodized aluminum.

BUY ($14)


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SOG Micron 2.0

The SOG Micron 2.0 is a high-performance folding tanto knife at home right on your keychain. With a 2.25" blade and a lockback for safety, it’s minimum in stature but fully-featured for everyday tasks.

BUY ($16)

(Editor’s Note: Since the time of writing, the price of the Micron 2.0 has jumped to $16.17 but with free shipping. A similar, more compact alternative still under $15 is the original Micron, here.)

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Kershaw Crown

Classy design, great materials, and capable steel make up the Kershaw Crown, making it perfect for a dressier carry. There’s a lot of value to be had with its 8Cr13MoV steel and micarta handles, and usage is easy with its thumbstud opener and liner lock.

BUY ($15)

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Schrade Imperial Penknife

Schrade is a brand known for their time-tested gentleman folders, and the IMP16S Imperial is no different. With three blade shapes to suit all your cutting tasks and weighing only 1.9 ounces, the Imperial is ideal for an everyday pocket knife.

BUY ($10)


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Leatherman Brewzer

The Brewzer is Leatherman’s keychain multitool and keeps things nice and simple with its prybar and bottle opener. With two solid tools for a solid price, it deserves a spot on any keychain.

BUY ($11)


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Saddleback Leather Card Sleeve

With a 100-year warranty, Saddleback Leather products are serious about their quality. This card sleeve is made of 100% full-grain leather, slimly cut for front-pocket carry, and has a bottom hole for ease of retrieval for your cards and cash.

BUY ($14)


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Exotac FREEKey System

Stop breaking your nails on your keychain split ring with the Exotac FREEKey System. Designed to allow easy entry and exit with a press of its strategically-placed bump that acts as a pivot, the FREEKey ensures quick and painless keychain operation.

BUY ($8)

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Victorinox Clippers

The Victorinox Clippers bring Swiss quality and sharpness to nail maintenance on the go. The stainless steel clippers also include a file, keychain loop, and an intuitive closing mechanism which make for a compact everyday hygiene tool.

BUY ($13)

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Silicon Power 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

USB 2.0 speeds just don’t cut it anymore with today’s large files. Upgrade your old keychain flash drive with the Silicon Power Jewel J80, powered by USB 3.0, made from durable zinc alloy, and designed to perfectly fit on your keychain.

BUY ($13)


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The Friendly Swede Survival “Grenade”

The Friendly Swede Grenade is a handy survival pack that fits right in the palm of your hand. It comes with useful complement of tools from a knife to fishing hooks to tinder and an included carabiner lets you easily attach it to your pack.

BUY ($9)

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CRKT Eat N’ Tool XL

CRKT’s Eat N’ Tool XL makes dining outdoors a snap. Combining a spork, bottle opener, and three hex wrenches on one tool lets you conveniently tackle any food or beverage packaging that presents itself on your excursion.

BUY ($11)


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Parker Metropolitan Fountain Pen

Upgrade your daily jotter to this stylish Pilot fountain pen without paying a handsome price. The Metropolitan collection comes with a medium nib, two refill methods, and three colors to suit your use.

BUY ($13)

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Sharpie Stainless Steel Pen

Stainless steel Sharpies are an EDC favorite with their consistent writing action and durable exterior. This Fine Point model takes on a smaller pen form factor, giving you Sharpie reliability without the bulkier marker size.

BUY ($5)


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Anker Astro Mini 2nd Gen

With our reliance on our phones and tablets for everyday tasks, it’s a nightmare to get caught without power while away from an outlet. The lipstick-sized 3200mAh Anker is the perfect portable companion for a quick boost of power for most modern gadgets.

BUY ($13)

We hope you liked our picks for an inexpensive additions to your EDC. Did we miss a great piece of gear on our list? Tell us about your own inexpensive finds in the comments below!