eating so hard the eyeballs actually

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A bully corners Will in the lunch room and starts teasing him about his eyepatch and trying to pull it off and look at his eye. While Will's struggling Bill appears behind all pointed smiles and slaps a hand on the bully's shoulder like "Actually, eye patches are pretty great! You should have one too!" and just lunges at his face with a fork trying to stab an eye out and that's the story of Bill's first but not last suspension

Rumor has it that bill eats eyeballs for lunch and people actually don’t doubt that…………


Real life, you guys. Food and overeating will always be an issue for me. I used to be obese and I’ve gone through marathon training where I had to eat more. These two things mess you up and trying to find balance has been so dang hard. It is an everyday battle. I don’t necessarily eat a lot of junk or “bad” foods, but there are tons of days where I just consume way too many calories. 

I’ve been using MFP on and off for over seven years (currently on a 207 day streak, but it’s actually more than that). I can eyeball a serving of just about anything and am really good at guessing the calories in something. And I weigh a lot of my food because measuring cups just aren’t as accurate. The idea of simply scooping out some ice cream or pouring a bowl of cereal without measuring it is something I reallyyy don’t like to do. YES, I’ll totally still eat these things, but within reason. 

So, recently I’ve been really focusing on my macros and have been trying IIFYM (if it fits your macros). I ate A LOT today and am super proud with how close I got. I even ate a little more because I still had macros left and I’ll need them for my long run tomorrow.

Holding myself accountable! 1935 cals | 159g protein | 183g carb | 68g fat 

IIFYM has me at 1936 cals, 145g protein, 169 carb, 75g fat, so I was dang close. 

Birch Benders protein waffles with homemade strawberry and mango compote. 3 egg scramble with chicken sausage, onions, green peppers, asparagus, and salsa. Shakeology with unsweetened almond milk and ½ of a protein bar. Turkey burger salad and mint tea. Quest protein chips (YES). Greek yogurt with frozen pineapple and Walden Farms strawberry syrup. Not pictured: A small banana and a Thin Mint. 

This has been an entire post about food. You’re welcome?