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I’ve spent the past few months attempting to figure out a framework for Ghost Physics in the Danny Phantom universe? Enjoy my crazed scribblings.

Cliff notes version: The Ghost Zone is our dimension’s 4D “atmosphere,” absorbing harmful trans-dimensional radiation. Ghosts are made of the Ghost Zone’s version of matter, called ectoplasm, a substance capable of 4D motion (video explanation of that), “toggling” how physical forces (esp. electromagnetism and gravity) interact with it, and storing huge amounts of energy. A ghost’s unique nervous system and encoded body plan (the ecto-signature) remains in the upper energy levels of the Ghost Zone at all times, remotely controlling their body. Danny can chemically change his body between ectoplasm and regular matter, and has both a normal physical brain and an ecto-signature.

A Literal Essay:

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Mae,in the comsic horror? - scanned+photo 

I hope I can play through the game again,because I only hung out with Gregg and Germ :’) But heard about the college party with Bea and I need that 

How To Avoid Drinking Your Paint Water And Other Art Tips

  •  See the coke up there?  it’s in totally the wrong place.   KEEP YOUR BEVERAGE AT 4 O’CLOCK.  or 5, if you’re a leftie.  Keep your paint water on your table in front of you, and your beverage off to the side so that you have to physically turn around to get at it.  You will teach your brain that Drink Is Over There, Not On The Desk; your coffee will last longer that way, AND YOU WILL AVOID SPILLING IT ALL OVER YOUR WORK.
  • if you DO spill your drink, cover the page and call it “Organically Dyed Paper”  it ain’t coming out, run with it.
  • Instead of 7-hour continuous playlist, listen to albums so you’re stopping every 40 minutes or so to change the music THEN STRETCH YOU FOOLS.
  • Alternate caffeinated beverages with non-caffeinated.  your hands WILL start to shake if you keep mainlining coffee like that.
  • get this freaking pencil sharpener.  yes, that’s a lot for a sharpener, but this SOB will work forever, won’t eat pencils, and gets you the finest points possible.  this has been stress-tested by scientific illustrators and I promise we are the pissisest possible people when it comes to pencil points.  Mine it literally 6 years old now.  it’s great. (Yeah, yeah, it’s missing from the pic.  Have a backup in case of forgetfulness.)
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ART IN POOR LIGHT.  this means both too little AND too much.  You eyes, brain and spine will all thank you.  This mean making sure you’ve got direct, full-spectrum light indoors (it’ll make laptops and winter easier too, I promise) and wearing sunglasses outdoors.
  • FUCK PRISMACOLOR PENCILS.  The pigment’s good but the binder is brittle and breaks, and the wood is frequently warped.  literally 1 in 5 of the last prismacolor pencils I’ve had were totally unusable.  Faber-Castel is comparable in price/sometimes cheaper and had very high quality.
  • like, not shitting on cheap art supplies, because god knows I use them all the time, but pirsmacolors are EXPENSIVE and having the lead snap for the 7369205790235969th time will give you a goddamn stroke.
  • Remember to Eat maybe????
  • about every 2-3 hours, get up, leave the room, and do something else for at least 20 minutes.  Do the dishes maybe.  Gives your eyes and shoulders a break, lets your brain re-set and you’ll be able to see things that Need Fixing when you get back.
  • FOR FUCKS SAKE, USE REFERENCES.  All the greats did, you’ll stress less, and things will look so much better.  Just google image the sucker.
  • srsly eat something.  even some cheetos.  pls.
  • ok kids it’s 3AM i’ll think of more in the morning.  take care of yourselves.

Misophonia is when certain sounds, sights, or feelings that are considered “normal, everyday things” trigger someone into having a strong negative reaction. The person might feel angry, agitated, panicky, or even like they are in physical pain and have a “fight or flight” response to whatever triggered them. It’s very common for the person to have to leave the area of whatever triggered them or even lash out at whoever is causing the trigger. Some common triggers include sounds related to the mouth or eating, pencil tapping, and humming, but anything can be a trigger so long as it invokes that strong negative response. Misophonia doesn’t have a lot of research compared to other conditions, but it’s often associated with OCD. Misophonia can be extremely weird and irrational and that’s why it’s so hard to explain it to others or ask them to avoid triggers. So please, if someone asks you to stop doing something because it is bothering them, just don’t be a dick and stop doing it if you can. And for the love of god don’t intentionally try to trigger them more. Or you deserve the angry outburst waiting for you


FROGGER - Leader of the Horde. Has a drawn on mustache. Likes the wrappers off of Reese’s Cups. Tends to hop around like an angry frog.

CHICKEN LEGS - Walked through paint, legs are stained yellow. Likes to eat chicken bones. Should not eat chicken bones. Has a tendency to choke on chicken bones. Don’t let him near chicken bones.

MUTTON CHOPS - Has a more pronounced and darker face fringe. Likes pizza boxes and hot sauce packets.

BATTY - Has bigger ears than the rest. Tends to hang upside down on the fluorescent lights at three in the fucking morning like a goddamn bat, the weirdo. Likes plastic bags.

EYEBROWS - Has much more pronounced eyebrows than the rest, like damn. Somehow knows the combination numbers for every lock in the locker room. Found him eating my pencils once. Invested in a key based lock. Likes pencils, obviously.

FREEZER BURN - Got trapped in the break room freezer for an unknown period of time. Left ear got frostbite. Is a slightly bluer green than normal. Likes napkins and paper towels.

GREG - Somehow managed to get a nametag pinned to his ear. Will not let me remove it. The nametag says Greg. Who am I to argue with that? I am no one, that’s who. Likes coffee grounds and used coffee filters.

SNOOT - Has a bigger nose than the rest. Somehow has the worst sense of smell out of all of them. Does not know about the concept of irony. Likes pencil erasers.

BIGBITE - Has bigger teeth than the rest. Enjoys gnawing on plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

SPEARMINT GUMBO - Is the exact same color as Spearmint Gum. Also likes to eat Spearmint Gum. Might be proof of concept for the term ‘you are what you eat’, however further observation is required.

Anything You Are, Anything You Do

Prompt: So its officially pride month!! I was wondering if you could do a cute thing where Spencer’s S/O comes out as asexual to him and he’s chill (bc personal hc, he is also asexual but you don’t have to include that if you don’t agree) and then cuddling and doctor who. Submitted by @sassesu

A/N: Whooo! Happy pride month!

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I’m sketching out Widowmaker’s armor pieces and Narcissa is very helpfully eating my pencil.

I’m really excited to build these pieces. Widowmaker’s armor is pretty unique and there’s not a ton of it, so I think it’s going to be a really fun build! Her gun looks less fun - it’s giant and really intricate so I’m already rolling my eyes at it. But overall I’m hyped!