eating my popcorn


Me: [takes video of my dog eating popcorn]
Dad: “You never film me eating popcorn. You’re gonna post that all over the Internet but your own father gets no attention.”
Me: “Be careful what you wish for.”

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Tuesday Nights

Requested by @teenwxlfies

AN:// Thanks for the request! I hope this fulfils your desires. I am taking requests if anyone wants to slip one into my ask box. Feedback is always appreciated :)

Pairing: Cody Christian x reader

Word Count: 887

Warnings: Major fluff. Enjoy 

Originally posted by loveviral

Tuesday nights are my favorite. Eating popcorn and being surrounded by blankets and pillows while wearing nothing but my underwear is the best. Wait- scratch that. All this plus being snuggled up against my man is the best. I hummed softly as Cody shifted, wrapping his arms around me and moving my hair so we can properly spoon without him getting strands of hair in his mouth. Nothing can beat this moment.

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