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Comparing my side of the pantry shelf to Glynda’s while I rummage for lunch, I begin to understand why the faculty marvels at my ability to survive on a diet of sugar, strange snack foods, and caffeine…

Cherry (Part 8)- wolf!jikook story

Jimin’s birthday is in a week and Jungkook doesn’t know what to get for his friend.

“Get me a good present,” Jimin says through his pancakes, spraying the food onto his plate and all over the table. If his mother wasn’t showering, she’d have scolded her son for eating without manners.

She’s gone, so they can nuzzle as much as they want!

Patting his own stack of pancakes, Jungkook dips a piece into the syrup and chews the fluffy goodness. Yesterday was their Friday sleepover and today Jungkook awoke to Jimin sniffing at his neck, hand moving the collar of his shirt to nip the spot he always likes to mark. Every morning after the sleepover they mark each other, and Jungkook feels weird if he doesn’t mark Jimin’s neck with his scent.

“Wait,” Jimin’s eyes pop open in surprise, and he suddenly shoves his nose into Jungkook’s neck. “Oh my god!”

“Don’t say that word!” Jungkook scolds, causing Jimin’s ears to immediately flatten and for him to put down his fork, leaning away from Jungkook.

“Sorry,” he says quietly, tail curling between his legs.

“That’s a bad word,” Jungkook grabs Jimin’s fork and prods the pancake against Jimin’s lips. They’re not in their usual smile but in a wobbly line. “Don’t say it again, kay?” he adds in a softer tone.

Jungkook almost barks in surprise when Jimin covers his face with his arms and starts crying. “Don’t tell mom that I said a bad word!” he hiccups, tears dripping down his doughy cheeks. Jungkook’s so surprised he doesn’t say anything in response. “She’s gonna be mad at me, and then I can’t have you over anymore!”

“I’m not gonna tell her, Jiminie.” Hugging Jimin and nuzzling his neck, he frowns when Jimin still cries, tiny body wracking with tears. Doesn’t he like it when he nuzzles his neck? Jungkook likes it, so why doesn’t he?

“Jimin,” Jungkook forces a grin, nipping his cheek and ear. “Don’t cry.”

“I can’t stop!”

Well, Jungkook’s done everything and it hasn’t helped! He doesn’t like seeing Jimin sad and wants to make him smile again. But how?

He’s seen his mom and dad kiss on the lips and that always makes them happy. They said it’s one of the “most powerful actions for showing affection.” Maybe if he does it to Jimin, he’ll stop crying.

Grabbing Jimin’s tear-streaked face and looking at his watery irises, Jungkook presses his lips against Jimin’s. His lips are so soft, like a pillow!

Instantly, Jimin’s sobs die down and they keep their lips pressed together in complete silence. Jungkook can hear Jimin’s soft breathing and the clicking of a clock.

They snap apart when a door slams inside the house, his mother leaving her room. Jimin’s wiping at his drying face, tail wagging, and Jungkook can’t stop smiling when they pull away.

“I was gonna say that you smell like me,” Jimin mumbles, the smile returning on his face. “But I wanted to mark you again and again and again ‘til you turned into a cherry!”

“Jimin, I can’t be a fruit! I’m a wolf.”

“A cherry wolf,” Jimin giggles into his side, stuffing a spoonful of pancakes into his mouth. “Red, round, and cute.”

Hater gonna hate, let it be. Caryl is rising, let it come. After 7x10, Caryl gif, caryl art, caryl snapshot, caryl memes, caryl articles, caryl interviews etc etc etc…. All our dash are flooded withCarol’s beautiful face, Carol’s beautiful smiles, Carol’s tears, Carols hands, Carol’s eyes, Carol’s hairs, Carol’s boots, Carol’s hugs, Carol’s house etc etc etc… And Caryl hugs, Caryl touches, Caryl love, Caryl cries, Caryl feels etc etc etc… And Daryl’s eyes on Carol, Daryl’s hands in her hair, Daryl’s arms hugs Carol, Daryl smiles at Carol, Daryl (almost) kiss Carol, Daryl’s eating manner in front of Carol, Daryl’s soft voice talking to Carol, Daryl flirts with Carol etc etc etc… Oh, it’s apocalypse coming.

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When your mom think you're creepy but you're just a fannibal

Mom: I just have a horrible day.
Me: What happen?
Mom: Well, the clients at work were so rude with me today. It’s seems like nobody have decent manners.
Me: Eat them.
Me: Eat the rude.
Mom: ….
Me: ^^
Mom: Stop watching Hannibal!

The unbearable daintiness of women who eat with men.

By Kate Handley

A substantial body of literature suggests that women change what they eat when they eat with men. Specifically, women opt for smaller amounts and lower-calorie foods associated with femininity. So, some scholars argue that women change what they eat to appear more feminine when dining with male companions.

For my senior thesis, I explored whether women change the way they eat alongside what they eat when dining with a male vs. female companion. To examine this phenomenon, I conducted 42 hours of non-participant observation in two four-star American restaurants in a large west coast city in the United States. I observed the eating behaviors of 76 Euro-American women (37 dining with a male companion and 39 dining with a female companion) aged approximately 18 to 40 to identify differences in their eating behaviors.

I found that women did change the way they ate depending on the gender of their dining companion. Overall, when dining with a male companion, women typically constructed their bites carefully, took small bites, ate slowly, used their napkins precisely and frequently, and maintained good posture and limited body movement throughout their meals. In contrast, women dining with a female companion generally constructed their bites more haphazardly, took larger bites, used their napkins more loosely and sparingly, and moved their bodies more throughout their meals.

On the size of bites, here’s an excerpt from my field notes:

Though her plate is filled, each bite she labors onto her fork barely fills the utensil. Perhaps she’s getting full because each bite seems smaller than the last… and still she’s taking tiny bites. Somehow she has made a single vegetable last for more than five bites.

I also observed many women who were about to take a large bite but stopped themselves. Another excerpt:

She spreads a cracker generously and brings it to her mouth. Then she pauses for a moment as though she’s sizing up the cracker to decide if she can manage it in one bite. After thinking for a minute, she bites off half and gently places the rest of the cracker back down on her individual plate.

Stopping to reconstruct large bites into smaller ones is a feminine eating behavior that implies a conscious monitoring of bite size. It indicates that women may deliberately change their behavior to appear more feminine.

I also observed changes in the ways women used their napkins when dining with a male vs. female companion. When their companion was a man, women used their napkins more precisely and frequently than when their companion was another woman. In some cases, the woman would fold her napkin into fourths before using it so that she could press the straight edge of the napkin to the corners of her mouth. Other times, the woman would wrap the napkin around her finger to create a point, then dab it across her mouth or use the point to press into the corners of her mouth. Women who used their napkins precisely also tended to use them quite frequently:

Using her napkin to dab the edges of her mouth – finger in it to make a tiny point, she is using her napkin constantly… using the point of the napkin to specifically dab each corner of her mouth. She is using the napkin again even though she has not taken a single bite since the last time she used it… using napkin after literally every bite as if she is constantly scared she has food on her mouth. Using and refolding her napkin every two minutes, always dabbing the corners of her mouth lightly.

In contrast, women dining with a female companion generally used their napkins more loosely and sparingly. These women did not carefully designate a specific area of the napkin to use, and instead bunched up a portion of it in one hand and rubbed the napkin across their mouths indiscriminately.

Each of the behaviors observed more frequently among women dining with a male companion versus a female one was stereotypically feminine. Many of the behaviors that emerged as significant among women dining with a female companion, on the other hand, are considered non-feminine, i.e. behaviors that women are instructed to avoid. Behavioral differences between the two groups of women suggest two things. First, women eat in a manner more consistent with normative femininity when in the presence of a male versus a female companion. And, second, gender is something that people perform when cued to do so, not necessarily something people internalize and express all the time.

In the Heights Headcanons

- Benny and Nina have like, a buttload of kids?? They could just about have their own football team
- They all have various ranges of interests and talents, some flying through academics while others are best in other areas, but without fail they will all sit down and do their homework and revision every night. It’s been trained into them, and while they might complain occasionally about the obligation there is a sweetness to how they all help each other out with their home from across school levels
- Camila is the stern Abuela who will have none of your rudeness thank you very much, but keep your manners and eat properly at the dinner table and you will have free range of the masses of homebaked delights she has at all times
- Daniella never marries, people sometimes look at her with some pity, as though she is some failed woman because she never scored a husband but she’s got so many better things to do? She’s got a business to run and advice to give (usually unrequested) and, let’s face it, the barrio would fall apart if she didn’t have the time to regularly visit
- Carla, sweet lesbian, realises and accepts her sexuality somewhat late in life, due to being somewhat demisexual and never having much attraction anyways. Cue nervously turning to the happily bisexual Vanessa, who is more than overjoyed to answer whatever questions Carla throws her way
- Which Carla takes far too liberally and Vanessa has to distance herself lest she drown in queries about the most insignificant things
- Benny and Nina marry one year after she graduates from Stanford, but they were pretty much planning the wedding long before Benny ‘proposed’. Mostly, they figured a year of being a couple in Kevin’s presence would ease him into the fact that Benny was going to be around for a long time
- Usnavi and Vanessa date fifteen years before tying the knot. For them, it wasn’t a big gesture, more of a ‘may as well throw a wedding’; they are very comfortable in their relationship and loves together, they felt little need for a ceremony to prove that they would keep living together forever
- This is different to how the Romantic Usnavi had once planned for his future, but he wouldn’t change any of it
- Their wedding is small and heartfelt, most of the night being used as a chance for everybody to dance their arses off
- Daniella often speaks only in Spanish to the kids in the barrio, because she knows that by living in America from so young they can easily lose all ties to their culture
- They all groan to being forced to speak Spanish with her (if they use english she won’t respond in the slightest)
- But everybody is immensely grateful as they get older
- Usnavi, as the obvious best man at Benny’s wedding, cries during his speech
- According to all accounts of the evening, Vanessa definitely did NOT cry during her Maid of Honour speech where on earth did you get such an idea… okay don’t tell her I told you but she just really loves Nina okay?? Please don’t tell her I told you she’ll have my head on a platter

BTS Reactions: When You Fart

Rap Monster:

*Starts laughing hysterically*

“Omg Jagiya!”


“Yah,don’t do that while we are eating! where are your manners?”


*Suffers from second hand embarrassment*


“Did you really just?…”


*Bursts out laughing*


He was talking to his members when you farted.

“God damn,what are you a cave man?”



“Oh my gosh. I don’t know how to react.”

Vandead Carnival Kou Sub Scenario w/Reiji Translation

Prologue   Chapter 1   Sub Scenario w/Ruki   Sub Scenario w/Reiji   Sub Scenario w/Yuma   Chapter 2   Sub Scenario w/Ayato   Sub Scenario w/Subaru   Sub Scenario w/Azusa   Chapter 3   Sub Scenario w/Kanato  

-Scene: Saint Nore Park Streets- [Location on Map: Saint Nore Park]

Reiji: Sigh. I absolutely cannot stand to watch you eat with those manners.

Kou: *talking with food in his mouth* … …Hm~? I’m not bothered by it.

Yui: Kou-kun, I think there’s popcorn around your mouth.

Kou: Eh, there is? Well, it’s fine~. I can just lick it off when I’m done eating.

Reiji: L-Lick it off… …!? To say something so crude, just how much discipline do you lack!

Kou: Ahhh geez, what’s it to you! If it’s that much of a problem… …

Then M Neko-chan, can you clean the popcorn off for me?

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America will throw a “Sibling movie night” Where he invites Canada, Australia and Sealand over to his places, they spend the night ( Or “nights” as it often ends up with the brothers sticking around all week.) watching movies and eating all manner of junk food.

If the movie night falls on a Father’s day, England is also invited over.

It’s not me; it’s you?

Title:  It’s not me; it’s you?
Words: 3,497
Pairing: Barry Allen/Caitlin Snow (Snowbarry)

This was meant to come out before 1x19 (hence the difference with the episode), but school made it impossible form me to finish it before the episode aired, any way here it is (finally) hope you like it; feed back is always welcome.

Hanibal Bates is not your average meta-human, he is a calculative master of plan, unlike most villains, he likes to observe his subjects, they way they talk, walk and eat their food; their mannerism, routines, every single quirk that make them, “them”.

The minute he discover that the great Dr. Harrison Wells was the one responsible for his condition, he decide to take justice in his hands, and he would of done just that, if it wasn’t for the scarlet speedster; he may have delayed his plan, but now that his data was complete, nothing and no one would stop him.

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Stanford Pines having to survive on whatever he could get during his thirty years in Bill’s dimension, learning how to cook raw, alien meat without setting a fire that would let monsters know of his presence and sometimes having to go for days without food

and then comes back home to Stan and the twins and the first thing they do is have a family breakfast, because Mabel insists, and suddenly there’s options. Bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, waffles, Dipper’s pop-tarts, coffee, tea, orange juice, cereal so brightly coloured it’s like eating a rainbow rather than a meal, but it’s still good. And they ask what he wants and how he wants his eggs and if he’d like jam or butter or honey and everything just melts in his mouth. It’s so difficult to eat with manners in front of his new family because all he wants to do is shove every last bite into his mouth.

tails & talons - you liiike her

Part (17) of my NaLu Florist/Tattooartist AU series
check out the amazing art for this fic: here
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When the door swung open, Natsu blinked several times.

But the scene in front of him didn’t change.

There stood Lucy, wrapped in a blanket, a dangerous glare on her face and his cat pressed tightly into the valley of her breasts.

“You can’t have him,” she hissed, and then the door slammed shut.

Natsu blinked again.

And he continued blinking for at least twenty seconds before she opened the door once more, this time to actually let him in.

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