eating is such a workout

Sometimes, we don’t have the capacity to be perfect for large amounts of time. And that’s okay. We’re only human. But don’t think for one second that it’s the end of something good. Take a step back, and realise that that rough patch is only there to make the that good into great. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be so amazing. So next time you make a mistake, or forget, or simply don’t do it. Just think, there’s a reason for this, and you know better.

Yes, I eat bread, I eat refined carbs, I eat gluten, I eat eggs, I eat egg yolk, I eat dairy, I eat fats, I eat sugar, I eat everything that the internet tells me not to eat if I want to lose weight. Why? Because I trust my body and myself to tell me what is good for me and what is not and I don’t need the internet to make me feel guilty about what I eat 🖕

Everyone asks me what diet I’m doing, if I’ve gone vegetarian, or if I’m doing weight watchers.
The answers are: no diet, not a vegetarian, and not doing weight watchers.
Has my diet changed? Yes and no.

Yes, here’s why:
•I make all my food at home now. I have 0 fast food unless I’m out of the house and can’t come home for food. Fast food includes pizza, in case you were wondering.
•I cut back on sugary drinks (pop, milk, juice)
•I cut back on junk food snacking (including candy)

And here is why it hasn’t changed:
•I didn’t go out and buy all these fancy health foods that don’t taste good to me. I literally make homemade meals that my mom would make and eat them in reasonable sizes. I buy food I’ve been eating for years. I’m not eating eggs and avocado toast with kale smoothies like an Instagram health model. I’m eating simple home made food that I know is healthier.
•While, yes, I did cut back on sugary drinks, I didn’t cut them off. I still have pop, milk, or juice from time to time, just not everyday multiple times like I used to. One cup of sprite is not going to kill me. (I might be a tad bloated for a little while, but who cares it was delicious)
•I let myself have snacks. I’ve just traded out less healthy snacks for healthier ones. Apple’s, peanuts, cashews, chips. As opposed candy bars, multiple bite size any candy, anything ridiculously sugary. (Peas and mashed potatoes totally qualify as a snack in my book)
•If I have a craving I let myself satisfy it. If I want some chocolate, I’ll have chocolate. If I’m craving a glass of root beer, I’ll have a glass of root beer. Trying to replace it with something else always leaves me unsatisfied and I end up eating more trying to fill the original craving.

So the biggest change I’ve made is actually taking the time to make food instead of going for the fast unhealthy option of fast food.
The other biggest change is not punishing myself or denying myself food I like in the process.

It’s not hard, but it’s not easy.

And anyone who says mashed potatoes aren’t good for a diet is a liar and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life😉😂

4/26 weigh in: 172.4 (-2.2)

I honestly had no expectation for this weigh in today. I had a good week, but decided to not try and guess my weight or go in with any preconceived notions. I guess it worked out because I lost 2.2 today, so I’m happy about it 😁

I’ve been eating horribly due to stress from finals and horrible people in my life. But I worked 6&½ hours today so I was able to get a lot of steps in even though I didn’t have time to exercise. Hopefully when I’m home in a week I’ll be able to get back to eating healthy and exercising more than I am right now


Lots of greens and browns and whites today for my meals. Lunch is hummus with veggies and chipotle baked tofu. Snack is health warrior coconut chia bar, plain skyr, and some almonds. Dinner is eggs and broccoli. Breakfast not pictured because I already inhaled it, but it was sprouted flax toast with peanut butter and banana. Also copious coffee and water. 

No workout today because my shins are killing me, and my shoulder started acting up again, so I’m not making the mistake of making that shit worse. Gym and yoga hopefully tomorrow. 

5/1 weigh in: 171.6 (-.8)

I’m really enjoying going into my weigh ins with no expectations. Like it’s actually a nice surprise seeing that loss and not getting all up in my head about hitting a specific number.

In other news, I chopped all my hair off on Thursday. I was never the kind of person who felt the need to hid behind all of my hair, but I also used to hate how I looked with short hair in the past because my face was so round. So when my “long” hair started getting annoying I decided I was ready for short hair again, and I’m really feeling myself now!

Want to know where I workout every day? My kitchen.

Want to know how long it takes me to get ready for workouts? A couple of minutes.

No driving to the gym. No crowds. No waiting for machines. 😣

The convenience is crazy! 🤗 I have my own trainer with me right in my kitchen.

Let me know if you want to know how I do it!

First post since around finals: how I broke today’s fast (Green antioxidant/protein smoothie, and a hard-boiled egg on chia/sprouted grain toast with cremini mushrooms and oregano). Also prepped some veggies & fruits that I’ll use at a later time. 🍃🥒

⭐️ UPDATE ⭐️ Last week, I was interviewed by the former Co-Presidents of my University’s Me to We group, and I’m extremely excited to be one of their two new Co-Presidents! Can’t wait to get the ball rolling and start interviewing potential members for the rest of the executive committee.

(Side Note) I’m more determined than ever to get back on my crazy gym routines and intermittent fasting schedule for the summer. Also made a summer bucket-list in my bullet journal. :)