eating in thailand

Eating Açai bowls in Chiang Mai = dreams 🌈🌟 maybe one of the best ones I’ve ever had. And all in perfect timing because today celebrates one year of me being Vegan! Can’t believe it’s come so fast, and it’s the best thing I ever did 💚 Our journey and travels in Chiang Mai are nearly coming to a close but I’ve taken many videos and the vlogs will come as soon as I retrieve my laptop back from work 😅


I’m loving all the vegan-friendly restaurants in Chiang Mai. 😍 Kuba and I had an amazing lunch at Morning Glory Thai Vegetarian Restaurant this past weekend. Everything on the menu is vegan except for two dishes which have the option of adding honey or yoghurt. We ordered pad Thai, spring rolls (three orders total!), Thai tea, and a mango smoothie. So tasty! This is my favourite restaurant so far. The pad Thai and Thai tea were excellent! Thanks to Felix and Angelina for recommending this place! See more of our weekend in my NYE vlog: 😎

My first love and true love of my life ❤️🐶 this little dog has been by my side through some of the worst and lowest times in my life. My running partner, my movie watcher, my tear catcher. At the other side of the world 🌎 this year I’m bringing my dream to reality of bringing her over to live with me. For years, my sibling has been taking care of her but as time goes on - both our dreams have taken us abroad. Me with a more stable location. Reuniting with my little nugget soon 🙌🏽