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Another day, another dan bing!

This is a famous street stall here in Shanghai located at 585 Nanchang Lu, right behind the iaPM mall. The auntie working here cranks these Chinese stuffed crepes out at a rate of about one per minute, wrapping them a little tighter than a few of the other locals do. Got mine with a little more spice this time as well!

Video by Snowing Dong


Just like corn dogs and funnel cakes as American carnivals, the most common food you’ll find at street fairs and festivals here in China is the lamb skewer. I had a great one at the Beernanza beer festival in Shanghai yesterday, brushed with a soy glaze and heavily dusted with cumin! It was so good, in fact, that I went back to try their other option, the chicken skewer, which was deep fried first then quickly charred on the grill.

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How 'bout food craving, and horrible moodswing, and Victor having to sleep in the couch but then Yuri asked him to come up because he's cold? Or the 2 AM: I WANNA EAT SHANGHAI CRAB by Yuuri? Vkusno! Oh please, I long for this Victuuri mpreg universe

The cravings oh my god

Victor grumbled as he tossed and turned on the couch. Yuuri had kicked him out of the bed after he had refused to stopped rubbing his swelling belly. Unbelievable! He just wanted to love on his husband and growing child and he had been robbed.

Victor huffed and buried his face in the pillow. He couldn’t sleep without the warmth of his husband pressed against his front. It just wasn’t right.

Eventually though he was able to drift to some form of unconsciousness with Makkachin cuddled to him. But a hand shaking him awake brought him out of dreamless slumber. Victor blinked turquoise eyes up at his drowsy husband, glasses off and one hand pressed to his stomach.

“Is everything alright?” Victor asked, slightly panicked by the way Yuuri was holding stomach.

“Victor.” Yuuri began, “I’m hungry.”

“Ah.” Victor said in response, “What would you like?” He was glad that Yuuri wasn’t hurt.


“Katsudon.” Victor repeated. Victor would love some katsudon himself but there was one problem.

They were currently in Russia. Where there was no katsudon.

“Um, well, I can make you some ramen-”

“I don’t want ramen, I want my mother’s katsudon.” Yuuri flopped onto the couch beside him and crossed his arms over his chest, pouting indignantly. Victor thought it was cute but had to keep his thoughts at bay.

“I’m sorry Yuuri.” Victor hummed, “Is that the only thing you would want?”

“Yes.” Yuuri huffed.

Victor knew this was going to end up being a long night.


20160313 ShenZhen 堔圳 #BigBang MADE (VIP) China Fan meeting cr: 4K Live #Seungri #승리 Strong Baby 

160312 BigBang -SHANGHAI -MADE (VIP) China Fan meeting  - Strong Baby CR: 后院懒人帮






Donghae with the monkey which is not Hyukjae ^-^  (and please someone tell me, what did we do to deserve this man? And how can someone’s eyes look this sorrowful and cheerful at the same time?)

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I had this dish at Shanghai Tang in Xintiandi this past April as part of a large Chinese banquet dinner, and have never been able to forget its taste and texture, both of which blew me away. Easily one of the best things I’ve eaten all year! The problem was, no one was able to tell me what the dish was, not even the restaurant staff. So after six months, just as I’d given up hope on ever identifying the ingredients, my ever-intrepid friend Snowing went back to the restaurant, found the chef and figured out what it was: a seasonal dish of Gorgon fruit from Suzhou (only available fresh for a short period of time) sauteed with diced cuttlefish, kale stems and wood ear mushrooms! I’ve already noted this on my calendar for April 2018 as I want to go back and eat it again.

I Have a Chinese Banknote That Everyone in China Is Scared Of

I have a very special Chinese banknote. It’s only worth ten Yuan, but it might be the most precious object I own. The front of the note shows a drawing of the former leader of the Communist Party, Mao Zedong. Rumor has it, he spent every night with the young, virginal daughters of different farmers, because he believed popping cherries was the key to eternal youth. But that little factoid is not what makes this banknote so special. What’s special about my banknote is that in China—a country where everything is about money, money, and more money—nobody accepts the damn thing. It’s practically worthless. And I now understand why.

During a recent reporting trip to China, I found myself with a group of journalists and Chinese fixers sitting in the biggest mall in Shanghai eating shitty pizza at a fake Pizza Hut. When it was time to pay for the food, we all pulled out our cash. Amy, a Chinese student who showed us around, took the stack of bills and handed it to the waitress. Not long after that she came back with one piece of legal tender in her hand, stammering that the restaurant didn’t accept the cash because it was a “bad note.” I asked why, but she wouldn’t say. “Later, later,” she told me. When she offered up the bad banknote to my group, I snatched it up.


Cybertron Con Eats

Last week, Cybertron Con was held here in Shanghai, an dedicated exclusively to the Transformers, which are still huge here in China! Even Optimus Prime himself was in attendance…

But seriously, OP voice actor Peter Cullen even flew over for the event!

So why I am posting about this on Eataku, you ask? Well, every convention must have food, and even Transformers fans need to eat. But here at Shanghai Mart, the space where the con was held, there are no official food vendors, so they lease booth space to local restaurants who want to come in and cook for the hungry attendees.

There were about seven or eight food booths in total, selling everything from sweet bean cakes to spicy Sichuan noodles. All at reasonable prices too!

I opted for a beef skewer about the size of baseball bat, which cost me a dollar…

And a glass of fruit tea, pulled from this fancy fountain, also just a buck…

No crappy $7 slice of cardboard pizza here.

“Everything I touch is food for my hunger!” - Megatron