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Cybertron Con Eats

Last week, Cybertron Con was held here in Shanghai, an dedicated exclusively to the Transformers, which are still huge here in China! Even Optimus Prime himself was in attendance…

But seriously, OP voice actor Peter Cullen even flew over for the event!

So why I am posting about this on Eataku, you ask? Well, every convention must have food, and even Transformers fans need to eat. But here at Shanghai Mart, the space where the con was held, there are no official food vendors, so they lease booth space to local restaurants who want to come in and cook for the hungry attendees.

There were about seven or eight food booths in total, selling everything from sweet bean cakes to spicy Sichuan noodles. All at reasonable prices too!

I opted for a beef skewer about the size of baseball bat, which cost me a dollar…

And a glass of fruit tea, pulled from this fancy fountain, also just a buck…

No crappy $7 slice of cardboard pizza here.

“Everything I touch is food for my hunger!” - Megatron

Anfu Lu Lamb Skewers, Shanghai

If you find yourself on Anfu Lu in Shanghai and are not in the mood for bagels or Western fare, then I highly recommend you drop by the small shop next to Boom Boom, as seen in my previous post, and get a couple tender and tasty lamb skewers…

Pop into the shop, tell the kindly gentleman there how many you’d like, and he’ll happily grill them up for you right there in the street while you have a beer or cocktail next door at Boom Boom…

He sprinkles them with cumin and chile powder for the most tantalizing taste…

Only 75 cents each!


(Right next to Boom Boom Bagels)

41 Anfu Lu

Xuhui, Shanghai



Donghae with the monkey which is not Hyukjae ^-^  (and please someone tell me, what did we do to deserve this man? And how can someone’s eyes look this sorrowful and cheerful at the same time?)

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