eating hay

sometimes i get really messed up thinking about Erebor. 

  • it’s hugely vast - Thorin says there are “halls upon halls beneath the mountain” and i imagine it stretches vertically as well as horizontally, so like lots of levels climbing upwards and downwards and just a HUGE amount of square footage, an entire city (perhaps larger than Minas Tirith) literally carved out of the interior of a mountain
  • on that note, travel around Erebor must be facilitated by something. what if they use goats or ponies? imagine little carts, coaches, etc., driven by dwarves and transporting dwarves and visitors from point A to B, ex: the residential level is the main level but the market is three levels below - no one wants to haul groceries by hand up miles of stairs/ramps and damn like, who has enough hours in their day for all that walking? draft animals it is then. (for that matter, oxen could also be involved, in which case they would need cows to keep supplying offspring to be turned into oxen, and that means some dwarves could be dairy “farmers”).
  • which brings us to… what are all these pack animals eating? hay would be easy enough to purchase from Dale or other neighbors but then it needs to be stored. and if there are lots and lots of load-bearing animals needed for everyday life in the mountain (and also for mining operations, lots of material to be hauled there) then that’s a LOT of hay and other feeds needed.
  • so maybe the dwarves have something akin to a pasture somewhere in the mountain, high up, with an entire exterior wall made of glass or a similar transparent substance that lets sunlight in and creates sort of a giant greenhouse or cold frame, so they can grow grass year round for the ponies and goats and cattle to graze. otherwise hay expenses could be astronomical. 

i don’t know. just. Erebor everyday life stuff. fascinating. 

Bonding Time

Okay, I said that I was gonna placed a fanfic over the weekend, and I have delivered it! Like all, this is based on @shinyzango​ 2D Bendy AU. Bendy and Henry have an adventure for a few days out in a campsite and Bendy will get to experience things like never before!

Also, special thanks to @justchillinginspace@mythmica@sugarhoneyicedtea-bendy​ and @practicalmelon​​ for helping me plot down ideas to make this happen! So here we go!

Henry grunts as he placed the last of the bags onto the top of the car, tying it up nice and tight so that it would not fall off when they are going to drive off to the campsite. Once he finished up, he smiled at his work before going up to the door of the home.

“Bendy! You about ready, bud!?” Henry called out, looking at the staircase. Just as he was going to upstairs to check on him, he could see Bendy carrying a large bag in his arms. “I’m comin’, Henry! I just finished packing my stuff!” Henry smiled at the toon, who smiled up at him.

“Alright, bud. Let’s place it in the back and then head on out. Did you forget anything before I lock up the house?” He asked, looking at Bendy.

Bendy thinks for a moment and for a moment, Henry could see the wheels turning around Bendy’s head as he thinks. “…nope, I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything.” He said.

“Alright, head inside of the car, bud and let’s head on out.” Henry smiled as he locked the door, watching the toon bound happily to the car and climbed onto the passenger seat.

Henry chuckled a bit while he walked over to the car, getting inside of the car. “Alright then…we’ll only be gone for a few days. But trust me, Bendy.” He looks over at Bendy, smiling softly, “You’re gonna love what we’ll be doing.” 

Bendy looks up at him and smiled, already eager to leave.They were going camping! Henry told him about camping that he wanted to do with Bendy before the weather got too cold to do anything. Bendy never went camping, but he knew it was gonna be fun.

So, Henry…how long were you camping?” Bendy asked, looking up at Henry while holding his Bendy plushie in his arms. That’s when he saw a distance look on his face, but he was smiling.

“Well…me and my dad would go camping all the time, just me and him whenever we get the chance during the summer. We did a whole bunch of stuff together. So I thought that you should have that experience as well.” Henry smiled.

Bendy could tell that he liked his father a whole lot, making him place his hand on his arm, giving it a gentle squeeze. This made Henry smile more and continued to drive to the campsite.

As he drove, he could see Bendy looking at the window with excitement, seeing the sights passed by them. He wanted the little toon experience the fun in camping. He hoped that he could experience the fun he had as a kid.

It was nearly a five hour drive, but they got to a campsite and he parked by a empty spot for them to stay for the week. “Okay, bud. We are here.” He said, but then snorts when he saw that Bendy was just about to doze off.

“Bud, wake up.”

Bendy nearly jolts and looks around, but then saw how the environment changed. “Oh! We’re here?” Bendy asked, getting out of the car. He could smell the fresh air and made a squeaking sound.

“So, what are we gonna do today, Henry?” Bendy asked, helping Bendy unload the car. Henry had to think for a moment when he got the package to make a tent for them both. 

He smiled when he came up to it and looks over at the toon. “Well, I was thinking that we could see what the camp has for activities.” He said, starting to set the tent up, Bendy holding some of the parts to make it a little easier for Henry. “Activities? What kind?” Bendy asked, tilting his head.

Henry smiled. “Well, as far as I saw from the add, there’s horseback riding, a petting zoo, fishing, all kinds of stuff.” He smiled. Bendy just tilted his head, mostly out of curiosity. “What’s a petting zoo?” He asked. 

That’s when Henry had a smile on his face.  

Bendy was standing on the fence as he saw a whole bunch of animals, just grazing on the food they were given, kids walking up to pigs, goats, chickens, ducks and ponies. 

He looks at Henry, who was leaning against the fence as well and watching the animals as well. “This is a petting zoo, Henry?” Bendy asked. He nods, petting one of the goats that walked up to him by the fence. 

“Yep. You can pet them and feed them the food the caretakers give you.” he smiled, then looks at Bendy. He seemed a bit hesitant of petting the goat, who looked at him with its eyes, letting out a loud noise. 

That nearly startled Bendy, which Henry caught him on time when he nearly fell. “Whoa, easy there. Don’t want ya hurting yourself.” He smiled a bit, settling Bendy back on the fence when the goat walked up to the toon, sniffing him. 

He hesitated for a moment before starting to pet some of the fur. It felt a bit weird, but it was soft to the touch. Bendy was amazed for a minute and looks at Henry. “Henry! I think he likes me!” Bendy smiled. 

Henry chuckled, love seeing the toon so happy now. The goat baaed at him, scraping it’s hoof against the ground as Bendy pets the goat. 

Can we keep him, Henry?” Bendy asked. 

“I’m sorry, bud but we can’t.” 

…but why not?” Bendy whined, giving him the puppy eye looks. Henry chuckled and ruffled the top of Bendy’s head. “I’m sorry bud. But I can’t afford pets for the time being, okay?” He chuckled. 

Bendy pouted and drooped his head down, making Henry chuckle sadly. “Come on, bud. We’ll be here for a few days, right?” Henry offered, rubbing the top of Bendy’s head, which he leaned against Henry’s touch. 

The goat kept at the spot for a few more minutes, both Henry and Bendy petting it, before it walked away to eat some hay. Just as Bendy was about to call the goat to come back, he saw a sign. 

…hey, Henry, what’s that?” Bendy points at the sign. 

Horseback riding lessons: 5 dollars for each person 

“Oh, horseback riding? You want to try riding a horse, bud?” Henry asked, helping him off of the fence. Bendy seemed hesitant as he clings to Henry’s pants a bit, hiding behind him when he saw a larger version of a pony. 

The horse snorts and shook its head, the rider beside it brushing the mane gently. “It’s five dollars for each person sir.” He smiled at him. Henry nods and looks down at his little friend, who was still trying to hide himself from the horse. 

“It’s okay, little guy.” The rider smiled a bit, then pats the side of the horse’s neck. “Ol’ Blaze here is friendly to all, even to little guys like yourself. If it makes you feel better, your friend there can be right there beside Blaze with ya. Sound like a good deal?” 

Bendy looks up at Henry, who smiled and nods. “Yeah, I’ll be right beside you.” He said, slowly petting the top of Bendy’s head. The toon looks up at Henry, then back at the horse. 

So very slowly, he nods his head. 

Henry smiled and picks Bendy, who wrapped his arms around his neck. Blaze looks over at Bendy, who froze on the spot. It was a silent moment between the two before the horse lets out a snort. 

“It’s okay, bud.” He smiled as he lets Bendy come close to the horse. Bendy looks at him before he reach his hand shakily reach to pet Blaze. The horse didn’t seem to mind a bit, just standing there. 

Bendy’s smile grew a bit more. “H-Hey, I’m doing it, Henry!” Bendy smiled, looking up at Henry. He smiled before he places Bendy on the horse’s back, which it snorted. 

“Okay, little guy. Just hold onto the nose of the saddle right here and I’ll lead Blaze around an’ don’t worry, yer friend will be right beside ya.” The owner smiled, taking the reins gently. 

Henry smiled and squeezed Bendy’s hand. “You’re doing great, bud. We’re gonna take small and steady steps, okay?” Henry said. Bendy nods, but nearly jolts when the horse starts to walk. 

“You’re okay, buddy. We’ll just take a few laps around, okay?” The owner smiled, watching the two together. Bendy was nervous at first, not experiencing this before, but after a few minutes, he starts to relax. 

H-hey, look at me! I’m riding a horse, Henry!” Bendy smiled, pumping his fist in the air before clinging onto the nose of the saddle again when the horse suddenly shook it’s body a bit to clean off the dust. 

“You’re okay, bud. He’s just cleaning himself up is all.” The owner smiled, petting Blaze’s mane. Bendy could only nod in response, but had a smile on his face. 

They walked around the small track for a few minutes until it was time to head back to the car. “Okay, bud. We better grab something to eat, okay?” He said, gently getting Bendy off of the horse. 

Bendy didn’t complain, feeling his legs a bit shaky of the fun experience. Henry looks at Blaze before he reached over and pets the mane. “Bye, Blaze! I had fun with you!” Bendy smiled. 

His only response he got was a small neigh from the horse, bobbing his head up and down. 

Henry smiled at Bendy and nods at the owner. “Thank you.” He smiled. The owner smiled and tipped his hat. “Anytime, sir.” He said before leading the horse back to the barn to feed the horse. 

Henry smiled before looking over at Bendy. “Alright, bud. Let’s grab something to eat.” He said, which Bendy nods, holding onto Henry as he walked back to the campsite they rented for a few days.  

As the first day comes, Bendy was confused of why Henry has two long sticks that had some lining of some sort. “What is that, Henry?” 

“Fishing poles. We’re going fishing for a couple of hours.” He smiled, Bendy just tilted his head in confusion. “Fishing?” He asked and Henry nods. “Yeah, it’s by a lake–” 

Henry felt a struck of fear in the back of his head and looks over at Bendy, who seemed to be frozen on the spot, some ink running down from his forehead. Henry then winced, remembering from the incident from winter around a lake. 

“Bendy, Bendy, look at me. Breathe, bud. It’s okay.” Henry said, placing his hands on Bendy’s shoulders. Bendy was breathing fast, a look of fear on his face as he clings to Henry’s sleeves. 

“Bendy, it’s okay…you know that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. You know that, right?” He asked, pressing his forehead against Bendy’s. Bendy froze on the spot, but he starts to relax. 

His breathing starts to go back to normal, his forehead being pressed firmer against Henry’s as he starts to relax. “…’m sorry….” He mumbled. 

“Don’t worry about it, bud.” He whispered, wrapping one arm around him to rub his back gently, which made Bendy relax even more. “…we…we won’t go into the water, right?” 

“I promise.” 

“Pinkie promise?” 

“Pinkie promise.” Henry chuckled, holding his pinkie out to him. Bendy pulled away and grasped Henry’s pinkie with his, making that promise. Henry grabs the fishing poles, along with a small and large cooler for them both. “Alright, let’s go, bud.” 

Bendy nods and follows him from behind. He was still nervous, but he knew that Henry was right. He knows that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. They walked over for nearly a few minutes until they got to a large lake, which seemed empty to most. 

“Huh? Thought it would be pack…guess no one is in the mood for fishing.” Henry shrugged as he sets a blanket down for them to sit on. Bendy sat down as well as he watched Henry get the fishing poles ready. 

Bendy would watch the water in tensity, still clenching onto Henry’s sleeve as he got the stuff ready for them both.. Once he did, he hands a pole to Bendy. “There you go, bud.” 

Bendy looks at the pole confused before he slowly grabbed it. He watched Henry when he cast his line down into the water with a flick of his arm. So, Bendy tries to copy him. 

It did not work at first, but after a few tries, managed to cast his line in the water. He smiled when he saw he got it, which it made Henry smile as well. “Well, now we wait, hoping we can catch something.” 

Bendy nods and waits with Henry. 

It seemed like it took forever, Henry just watching his pole before he suddenly felt a small weight just sitting on his shoulders. He chuckled and glanced up at Bendy, who resting his arms on the top of Henry’s head. 

“Bored, bud?” 

…you do this for fun? Just watching this until something happens?” He asked, looking at the line. This made Henry snicker a bit before he looks up at Bendy. “I know it’s not the funnest thing to do, but imagine if we catch a big fish.”  

Bendy looks at Henry, then back down at the fishing line again and sighs deeply, just resting his chin on the top of Henry’s head. 

That’s when he suddenly noticed the line started to bobbed in the water. “H-Hey, it’s moving!” Bendy shouted, then squeaked when he fell off of Henry’s shoulders when Henry moved, nearly about to doze off. 

Henry saw and starts to reel in the fish, which turned out to be a lot stronger than it did. “Ooh, looks like we got a fighter here.” Henry grunts, pulling the rod back to wore out the fish. 

Bendy could only watch until an idea pops into his head, a smile on his face. 

Just as Henry thought he was gonna lose the fish, he suddenly felt himself being grabbed from something large, pulling him up along with the fish that wiggled on the line it was on. 

When Henry turned, he was greeted by a familiar one eyed ink monster, who smiled happily at him with that all too familiar grin looking down at him. Henry sighs, but smiled. 

“…normally, I would tell you that’s cheating…but we got a good fish.” He chuckled, gesturing the large bass they caught. It wiggled aimlessly on the line it was on, gasping for water. 

Bendy got close to the fish, a curious whine coming out of his throat–


Bendy jerked back at the stinging sensation he got, making him accidentally drop Henry, which he ‘oomphed’ when he landed on the ground, the fish now flopping on the ground. 

When Henry looks up, he could make out the mark from the fish’s tail on Bendy’s cheek, who whined and wiped his cheek, a flat look on his face. That’s when Bendy looks at him confused when Henry starts to shake. 

He was laughing. 

“I-I’m sorry, bud…it’s just….the-the same thing happened to me when I first went fishing…and…and….” He just kept laughing, laying on his back as he tried to get his laughter under control. 

Bendy looked at him unamused, huffing a bit and crossed his arms, turning away from Henry when he placed the fish in the cooler. When Henry looks at Bendy, he saw his back turned. 

“Aww, come on, bud. Don’t get mad at me. I didn’t mean to laugh at you.” He chuckled, trying to get the demon to look at him. But Bendy was not having it, turning away from Henry every time he got into his eye sight. 

“Come on, bud, please?” Henry asked, patting his arm. Bendy sighed deeply. The large ink demon looks down at Henry, who was smiling up at him. “Please, bud?” He asked once more. 

Bendy knew that he couldn’t stay mad at him before leaning down and nuzzled him, whining. Henry smiled, petting Bendy’s head and ruffling in between his horns. “Thanks, Bendy.” 

Bendy whined more enthusiastically and nuzzled him more, making Henry laugh a bit. “Okay, okay. Think you had enough fishing for one day? Or are we gonna have another repeat?” He asked. Bendy shook his head before giving the cooler that had the fish a glare. 

He did not like that fish. 

Henry smiled as he placed the stuff all together, Bendy slowly turning back to his normal form, but kept his eyes on the cooler that had the fish in it, following Henry to the shop. “Here, I’m here to turn the fish in for the weight.” Henry smiled. 

“Sure thing, mate. Let’s take a look at it.” The owner smiled, Henry showing the fish. The fish owner smiled and placed the fish in the tank. “Well, ya got a good one, that’s for sure. Probably the second biggest fish been caught.” 

“That’s cool.” He said, getting the money he got for the fish, then looks at Bendy, but held in a snicker at the sight. 

Bendy had his eyes narrowed at the fish, not even blinking once. The fish just swim casually around the tank it was in. “…Bendy, you know that fish don’t blink right?” 

Bendy blinks and looks up at Henry. “They don’t? So I was having a staring contest against someone who can’t lose?” He asked. This made Henry double over in laughter, clinging onto the counter so that he wouldn’t fall on the ground. 

“I-I’m sorry…but…but no, they don’t lose….” He said, getting his breathing under control. 

Bendy huffed and crossed his arms a bit over his chest. Henry soon calmed down and hugged Bendy. “I’m sorry, bud. Forgive me?” He asked. It took Bendy a moment or so to answer, but hugged him back. “Yeah…” He said. 

As the night came, Henry was asleep, exhausted from the day. But Bendy was still wide awake, just watching the sunset inside of the tent. He said that they were gonna have a campfire along with s’mores. 

But just as he was gonna wake up Henry, he saw something zoomed past his eyes. When he looks, he gasped slightly. 

It was a rabbit!

It starts to clean its face with its tiny paws, the ears flickering back and forth to find if anything was gonna sneak up on him. 

The rabbit then made eye contact with Bendy, who was now mere inches away from it. Bendy could only stare at it in awe, looking at the brown fur it had, the large eyes just looking at him. 

…hey there, lil’ guy.” Bendy smiled, but gasped when it just suddenly darts away from him. “H-Hey, wait! Come back!” Bendy was soon going after it, giggling a bit at the game he was thinking about while chasing the rabbit. 

It would dart from left to right, trying to get away from the toon, but Bendy was high on its tail. Well…that is until it got into its burrow. 

Aww…okay, you win. Now…” When Bendy looks up, his expression changed a bit. 

He was in a forest, the trees so big and dense that he could barely make out what’s all around him. He didn’t know that he wondered that far from the camp, or worse yet, where the camp was. 

H-Henry?” Bendy called out, but he did not hear Bendy. He was REALLY far from the campsite. This made Bendy a lot nervous, starting to wring his fingers together out of anxiety, some ink starting to melt a bit on his forehead. 

The place was so dark that he did not know where everything was. “H-Henry!?” Bendy called out again-

A twig snapped, making the toon look at the source, which was a bush. “…hey, Henry…is that you?” He called out, slowly walking over to the bush. 

No response. 

…Henry, you’re scaring me…” He said, but then stilled when the large form loomed over him when it revealed itself out of the bush. 

It was a large bear as it roared out, standing on its back legs to show how powerful and big it was. Bendy was shaking, now completely scared as he starts to slowly back away from the bear, but it was taking its steps towards Bendy. 

The beast kept roaring and tried to slash at him with its large bear paws. This made Bendy scared more and starts to run away from the bear, but it had plans and gave chase. 

Bendy didn’t know what to do or what to think, all he can think of was run! Get away from the bear. Lose it, somehow. He was scared, fear running through his mind like at the studio. 

He got to a large opening, but slid to a halt at an old bridge, seeing the rushing river down below. He was trapped, looking at to where the bear was at when it came out into the opening as well, roaring loudly. It stood back up on its hind legs, showing its teeth. 

Bendy would start backing up just as the bear keeps stepping towards him, growling. The bridge groan at the sudden weight from the bear when it stepped on the bridge. 

The wood starts to crack, making Bendy look at the bridge below them, stilling when he can see the cracks getting bigger, seeing the river down below them. He had to get to safety! 

The bear roars loudly at Bendy, showing signs that it was going to attack. Bendy had to time this right if he wants to live. So he waits until…the bear stood on it’s hind legs again. 

Bendy rolled underneath it, going in between its legs and onto the other side, the bear falling back down on all fours, making the bridge crack more until it broke. The bear roars out when it fell into the river, along with the bridge. 

Bendy was gasping, holding onto a root on the edge of the cliff, trying to pull himself up. But each time he tried, the root will start to break more, making Bendy tear up in fear. 

S-SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASE!” He shouted, trying to hold on with both of his hands clinging onto the root of the branch, which it kept slowly starting to break more and more. 

I’m so sorry, Henry…I should have listened to you…’ Bendy thought, feeling his grip slowly loosening on the root. He closed his eyes, the root slowly coming out from its place and he can feel his whole world going in slow motion. 

He could not feel anything….

…that is until he felt something grabbed his hand. 

When he looks up, he was surprised. 

It was Henry! 

“I got you, Bendy! Hold on and don’t let go!” Henry grunts, trying to hoist him up from the roaring river down below Bendy. He could feel the fear in the back of his head earlier and he knew that it wasn’t his fear. And when he woke up, he saw Bendy gone. 

Henry kept hoisting Bendy up slowly, Bendy clenching to his arm with both hands as he starts to get him up from the cliff. Once he did, he fell onto his back, gasping while having a hold of Bendy. 

Bendy was just starting at Henry with a surprise look, shaking as well, Henry raising his head up to look at the small toon. “You…okay…?” He asked, trying to catch his breath. 

Bendy didn’t say anything until he suddenly broke down, tackling Henry into a very tight hug. “HENRY!!!” He starts to sob and wail into his shoulder, his arms wrapped tightly around his neck, shaking entirely. 

Henry held him tightly in return, inhaling shakily, his eyes clenched shut. “Don’t…ever run…off like that again…” He gasped, still trying to catch his breath. 

O-Oh, Henry! There, there was a bear and-and it-it just chased me! And-And the bridge just gave out and-and–Oh, it was horrible!” He sobbed harder into his shoulder, hugging him tighter. 

Henry just hushed him, still holding onto him until he felt him calm down, slowly standing up while holding onto the small toon. He refused to pull away from his shoulder, his arms wrapped tightly around his neck. 

Henry glanced at the river, slowly seeing the bear coming out on the other side of the river far from them. It roared at them before going into the forest, not being seen again. 

“…c’mon….let’s head back…” He whispered before going back to the campsite. 

As a few hours passed, Bendy did fall back asleep, Henry watching him with one arm wrapped around him. He could not fall asleep after what happened. He sighs deeply until he can feel Bendy squirm. 

“Bud?” He asked, looking down at him. He could hear him whimper in his sleep, some of the ink starting to run down. He got out a handkerchief and starts to wipe the ink on his head. “Shh, shh…you’re okay, bud…” He whispered. 

Bendy woke up, gasping and looks around shakily. “You’re okay, bud. You’re dreaming.” He said, petting the top of his head. Bendy looks up at him, still gasping as some of his form was starting to melt a bit. 

H-Henry, I-I can’t breathe! I-I need air!” Bendy gasped, trying to wriggle himself out of Henry’s arm. “Bendy, calm down, it’s okay–” 

Bendy got out of Henry’s grasp, running out of the tent before his form transformed into his nightmare form, roaring loudly. Some dogs were barking before they saw the sight and coward away, hiding from Bendy. 

Bendy was gasping, his sharp teeth grin turning into a frown as he was on his knees, gasping. “Bendy….” He looks down to see Henry, slowly walking up to him. He lets out a deep whine and lowered his head. 

Henry smiled sadly and pets his large forehead. “It’s okay, bud…” He whispered, resting his forehead against his. “I know you’re scared, but it’s okay…I just wished you didn’t run off…” He said, glancing at his large eye, which held sorrow in it. 

He lets out a deep whined in response., lowering himself more and more until he could feel himself shrinking down to his monster form. Inky tears were rolling down his cheek, letting out a whine. 

“I know, bud. I know…I know you’re sorry, but please…I don’t want you wondering off like that. You could have been seriously hurt. Or worse….the forest is a dangerous place to be at, especially at night…do you understand?” He asked. 

Bendy nods. He pressed his forehead against his shoulder, one hand on his other shoulder. Henry smiled and hugged him in return. “Yeah, it’ll be okay…” He smiled, rubbing his arm gently. 

“….you know that I was scared then, didn’t you?” He asked. Bendy pulled his head away to look at him, tilting his head and lets out a confused whine. “Well, yeah…I thought that I was gonna lose you.” 

Bendy lets out a whine before nudging him gently. Henry smiled and pets his head. “….I know this whole bond thing is a progress for us, but I know that whenever we are apart, I’ll be able to tell what you’re feeling, including you of how I am feeling.” 

The ink demon tilted his head again before having a sad smile on his face and nuzzled his cheek. Henry smiled and hugged his head the best he could. “Love you too, bud….” He smiled. 

They stayed like that for awhile until he could feel Bendy can feel himself getting tired, slowly going over to the tent, his form shrinking down again until it was normal. Henry smiled sadly and picked up Bendy and walked back inside of the tent. 

“…sleep tight, bud.” He whispered, slowly laying down on the sleeping blanket, one hand stroking Bendy’s head before sleeping got a hold of him.  

As the morning came, Henry can see Bendy still bummed out after last night’s incident. He sighed sadly, but he knows that there could be something to cheer the little guy up. 

And that’s what he’s going to do. 

A parade?” He asked, having a hold of Henry’s hand when they walked through a crowd. “Yeah, heard the town is holding one here, so we might as well check it out, ya know?” He asked, finding a spot for them to be at. 

Bendy looks up at him, thinking about what happened and looks down slightly. He still felt bad at what happened, not meaning to upset Henry and give him a scare. 

…how can Henry forgive me after all that happen…’ He thought–

He gasped when he suddenly felt himself being lifted up, now sitting on Henry’s shoulders. “Hey, none of that negativity now. You know that I can feel what you’re feeling, bud.” Henry said, tilting his head up to look at him. 

Bendy winced silently, totally spacing that out. “…sorry, Henry…” He mumbled. Henry smiled and adjusted Bendy on his shoulders. “It’s okay, bud. We both got a scare yesterday, but let’s enjoy the fun for now, okay?” He asked. 

He nods and watched the parade as they come. Bendy was just in awe as he watched a whole bunch of things passed by, leaning forward a bit. Henry chuckled when he suddenly felt himself leaning forward a bit. 

But he deals with it, knowing that Bendy was enjoying the parade. So he watched the parade with Bendy until he could see the parade pass. He looks up at Bendy, who watched them leave. “…did you enjoy it bud?” He asked. 

Bendy nods, smiling down at Henry. “I didn’t think balloons can grow that big!” He smiled, which made Bendy smiled back. “Yeah, they can get pretty big.” He chuckled before walking around. 

Bendy kept looking around, his gloved hands resting the top of Henry’s head before Henry saw a stand that had ice cream and he smiled. “You want some ice cream, bud?” He asked. That changed Bendy’s attitude quickly as he grinned happily. 

Yeah! I want chocolate swirl!” He called out, making him chuckled and walked over to the stand. He ordered the ice cream and hands him his cone. “Just don’t drop them in my hair, bud.” He chuckled. 

He smiled as he starts to walk again, having a drink for a moment, not really in the mood for ice cream, but he knew that Bendy would want some. When he stops at a part of a sidewalk, he suddenly felt one arm wrapped around his head. 

…Hey, Henry?” 

“Yeah, bud?” 

“…what was your dad like?” Bendy asked. Henry blinked for a moment before he started to think about his father. “…well…I’ve always looked up to him. He was a veteran like me, guess that’s what got me to follow in his footsteps at one point after me and Joey had a fallout. But he was always there for me and my ma. I just keep thinking…what would he think of me if he saw me now..?” 

He looks up at the sky, watching the cloud pass by. 

….I think he would like what you’re doing now, Henry.” He heard Bendy said, making him glance up at the toon. “When you think of it, you’re are like him. You look after me and I look up to ya whenever I need someone. And you helped me out of the studio and…you are kinda like a dad to me…” Bendy smiled a bit. 

He didn’t feel Henry move for a few minutes until he felt him squeezing his hand. “….thanks bud…” His voice was a bit shaky, but he was smiling. Bendy smiled and hugged his head–

Henry nearly jerked his head and Bendy looks at what happened before he was trying to cover his snickers. 

He accidentally hit Henry’s cheek with his ice cream. 

Bendy lost it and starts laughing, hiding his face in Henry’s hair. “I-I-I’m sorry, Henry! I-I forgot I was holding the ice cream!” Bendy laughed, his shoulders shaking in humor. Henry couldn’t move for a minute before he starts to join Bendy in laughter. 

“Okay, I guess I deserve that for the fish bit the other day.” He chuckled, grabbing a napkin and wipe the ice cream off of his cheek. He smiled up at Bendy, who calmed down. “Guess we’re even, huh?”  He asked and he nods. 

“Yeah, we’re even. 


The day to come back home came to them rather quickly, Henry packing up the car, then looks at Bendy. “Well, bud? Ready to head back home?” He asked, kneeling down in front of Bendy. 

Bendy nods before he suddenly hugged Henry tightly around his chest, nearly knocking him down. 

…thanks for taking me camping, Henry. I really had fun.” He said. Henry smiled and hugged him. “You’re welcome, bud.” 

Bendy hops into the car and Henry enters the driver’s seat, slowly starting up the car. He backs out from the parked spot they were in before driving off, going back to their home. 

With new memories for the summer. 

FINALLY, it has finished! I was holding this back for some time and I was glad that I was able to finish this over the weekend. Thank you all for being patient with me. More fanfics to come. 

Until then, 


What if Yixing obtained eight bunnies and named them after each of the other members. On days when he missed his brothers the most going back to his temporary apartment was the highlight of his day. When the dark brown bunny named after Chanyeol continuously jumped on him, the tan and white fluffiest one named Sehun laid in his lap as the grey bunny, Baekhyun licked his arm. It all brought him joy, his day melting away as he watched Kyungsoo and Jongin eat hay together while Minseok and Jongdae napped using Junmyeon as a pillow. Even though he still missed them, the bunnies were more than enough for the time being


Day #168: Blueberries

Twilight hasn’t gotten many weird cravings so far, which is probably a blessing. She could be eating hay! But no, just blueberries. Can’t tell you how many times Sunset’s had to take the bus down to the grocery store in the middle of the night just for a couple packs of these. Oh well, at least it’s healthy. (Sorry for the sketch, busy week ahead)

fighting with taylor stans has really put things into perspective for me because when it was katy vs gaga at least we were all gay.. when i fight taylor stans i know they’re probably a str8 white girl sitting behind a computer screen in montana eating hay and smelling like a horse


The babies are home!! We’re keeping a close eye on them both. Ricoh is eating and drinking, he’s a little reserved but seems to be recovering well. He loafed around and is currently resting in his litterbox. Holliday is definitely taking it a lot harder.. we syringe fed her some water and a mix of pellets, apple sauce and water. Haven’t seen her eat any hay yet. We have a hot bottle covered with a blanket next to her as she felt a little cold. She’s resting a lot, but we definitely will be monitoring her. Hoping for the best 😞 - Update 2:50AM syringed fed holliday some more water. She ate some hay and pooped a little!!!! Her temperature is better and she’s moving around a little more. Ricoh is doing well rn, hopefully no other complications

dizzycottontail-deactivated2017  asked:

Who are you most closest to?

Jin: Mm.. Jiminie! Because he was the first person I met and he introduced me to the boys– Jimin what are you doing??

Jimin: If you say I’m the closest to you..

Jimin: I’m gay for yo

Jin: What??

Jimin: I mean I’ll eat hay for you

Jin: Jimin, you’re not making any sense rn just stop

Sometimes i feel like the shittiest horse owner ever. But when i get to the barn and see a horse who desperately wants to be with me i become sure that i’m at least doing something right. 

Like if i call her when she’s in the field, she instantly drops whatever she’s doing to come with me. 

I’ve stopped using a leadrope when i go get her because i don’t need one. She follows me anyway. 

If i bring one of the other horses in instead of her, she will look so concerned that i’m leaving her behind and tries to squeese her way in too. 

If i put her in her stall with a pile of hay before brushing or training, she will refuse to eat the hay and instead hang out of her stall waiting for me to bring her out. 

While the other horses are difficult to bring in, she refuses to go back out. Doesn’t matter how green the field is or how nice her friends are.

i’m a shit rider and trainer but at least she enjoys doing stuff with me.