eating good in the neighborhood

double standard of a person being a rich

black women make more than a white man in same job it’s not always about sexism gender or race or sexuality it’s all about doing good at the job and Serena its good if someone believe in white privilege people of color have privilege too and supremacy as well , like Amy Schumer use gender card and she demanded equal pay with Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle two talent and funny men vs unfunny women who steal joke , the myth about equal pay in first world countries that feminists want people to believe it and the hater always attack rich white people especially attacking rich white male seeing them as evil , and saying white never work hard but people of color being rich that mean they work hard it’s something Connected with history and victim mentality 

people of color love using race card against white who earn money or successful , to call them supremacy and privilege white send their kids to best school or live in good neighborhood , buying or eat expensive stuff and anti white gonna call it privilege and mention poor people but people of color doing the same white do nobody call it privilege , some people are envious of white with money and what they buying and do and enjoy , rich black or asian or arab …etc brag about being rich and show their money and stuff and their house , cars …etc and it’s cool but if white did the same the hater gonna call it privilege

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Halloween headcanon: Kevin and Camila are known as the house that gives King-sized candy bears for trick-or-treaters. Abuela Claudia gives out home-baked goods.

Awww! I think they especially did this when Nina was little and all the barrio babs would come flocking to their front door with their bags at the ready! Maybe Kevin even hints over the dispatch if any kids are listening at what candy they’re giving out that year, get them all riled up and ready XD

And yes, Abuela would make cookies or muffins, something warm, soft, and sweet, and since the babs always travel in groups, she makes little bundles for them and always tells them to wait until they get home to open them (half of them listen).