eating facility

If you want to get rich, study yourself and your own wants. You will find millions of others have the same wants, the same demands. The safest business is always connected with men’s prime necessities. They must have clothing, dwellings; they must eat. They want comforts, facilities of all kinds, for use and pleasure, luxury, education, culture. Any man who can supply a great want of humanity, improve any methods which men use, supply any demand or contribute in any way to their well-being, can make a fortune.
—  Orison Swett Marden

Russia: ‘Treasure Hunter’ - Lost Nazi weather station unearthed in Arctic

Russian scientists have located a secret Nazi facility that was abandoned before the end of World War II.Constructed in 1942, the mysterious base, which was named ‘Schatzgraber’ or 'Treasure Hunter’, had remained lost for so long that many people believed it to be little more than a myth.

The story goes that the Nazi scientists stationed there all had to evacuate the facility after eating polar bear meat that made them sick. Some have speculated that the team may have been deliberately poisoned however it is now believed that the meat was infected by a parasite.

The Russian scientists who discovered the base have reported finding hundreds of objects left behind during the evacuation including shells and other WWII weapon fragments.

One thing that still remains a mystery however is what the base was used for. With a name like 'Treasure Hunter’ it almost seems like there could be something important still hidden there.

Whether the Russians will succeed in unraveling its secrets however remains to be seen.

is anyone else sad about how haise is such a good cook and enjoys cooking for others, like cooking for a christmas dinner, but, when everyone actually sits down at the table, he can only watch them eat… like think about how haise must have practiced for a long time to learn how to cook different meals, since he can no longer taste or eat the food correctly. think about how he sits down and stares at people, waiting to make sure it’s edible because he honestly cannot tell… think about how he probably eats at some ccg facility under watch or by himself in a secret room in chateau every month or two, so that the ccg can monitor him or so that the q’s won’t see or smell him… think about haise sitting at the table during the christmas dinner that he prepared with no plate or silverware feeling more like a ghoul than he usually does… it makes me sad.


After decontamination was over, they headed inside. Otto was not there, but Brock wasn’t really surprised. He guessed he was somewhere else in the facilities, perhaps eating something or in the bathroom or maybe resting in a waiting room. “You can get closer,” he whispered to S, then gently guided his friend towards the lago in the bed.


S looked down at his best friend, surrounded by machines and bandaged up. Part of him was heartbroken seeing the white lago lying there still and broken, but most of S was just happy that he even got to see his Cocky again.

S looked up at Brocky with a serious expression. “What are the specifics of his condition?” The off white lago reached out slowly toward Cocky’s forehead, giving Brocky time to stop him if he wasn’t supposed to touch Cocky.