eating disroders

It’s not about eating. It’s about coping with everything that comes after. Bloated tummy, feeling the blood running through your veins, beating heart… altogether that uncomfortable feeling you have after being brave and finishing your whole meal.
You are so fully aware of everything what’s going on in your body and it’s all you can think or feel.

And still you have to go through this all. So you can feel better again someday. Be healthy, and strong. And free from all these bad feelings and thoughts you get when you even think about food or eating or your own body.

And It’s so damn hard. Probably the hardest thing you will ever do. Because you have to fight against your own mind, against the illness what’s in your own mind. And still you have to remember and understand that your eating disorder isn’t the same thing as you, it’s an illness and you are ill. You are not the problem, your eating disorder is the problem.

And every day you have to try again, believe it’s possible, and what’s most important; remember it’s all worth it

You deserve so much better than this. You don’t need to suffer anymore ♡