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What is Diet Culture

Diet culture is the 12 year old girl who asks her mom if she can join weight watchers over the summer so the other kids will stop bullying her.

Diet culture is the thirteen year old girl whose friends are eating chips and candy, but who stays home to eat plain rice cakes because they have less calories.

Diet culture is the sixteen year old girl who reads an article about how Portia de Rossi hid her eating disorders like it’s a bible.

Diet culture is the eighteen year old young woman who is planning her grocery lists in her head - once she moves away from home she’ll be free to stop eating and no one will notice.

Diet culture is the twenty two year old woman who can’t eat in front of her friends because she’s fat and what if they’ll judge her. She hasn’t eaten anything in over ten hours but goes hungry to avoid the shame.

Diet culture is me not knowing I could be beautiful until I was twenty five.

Diet culture needs to die.

We are all worthy of love and happiness.

When you eat something you shouldn’t have…


Ask yourself, “Why did I do that?”

The answer will always be “Because I am human and I make mistakes”.

Breathe. Cry if you have to. Think about all the weight you’ve lost so far, and how thin you’ll be in a few months if you don’t give up.

Don’t purge.

Instead, go for a jog and burn off as many of those calories as you can.

Come home, have a cup of green tea. Have a hot shower.


You’re alive aren’t you? You’ll be okay, right? You’re human, and you make mistakes. Do not give up.

-some more sweetspo for my fellow Ana’s



“crying over a bowl of cocopuffs because the only time i feel pretty is when I’m hungry" fucking crying so hard