eating dinosaurs

Mor: Feyre, you’re the married one. How’s Rhys?

Feyre: Well, last week he was supposed to go buy gas, but he came home with novelty cookie cutters. Now everything we eat is shaped like dinosaurs.

Feyre: [fondly] He’s amazing.


 Meet the nodosaur — the plant-eating armored dinosaur! Discovered by miners in Alberta, it is the best-preserved fossil of its kind.

Dick likes to perch.

Like, aside from playing on rooftops at night, he’ll sit on the back of the couch instead of actually sitting on it. Or he sits on tables instead of chairs, and on counters when he’s talking to Alfred. Thank God all the furniture in the Manor are expensive, quality wood because he’s been climbing on those since he first started living there, and being in his mid-twenties has not stopped him from bickering with Bruce from atop the dresser.

He loves sitting on the railings, or sliding down them instead of just using the stairs. He nearly collided with Bruce once, who hadn’t thought to look for a 12 year old boy barreling down a railing as fast as he could.

(Alfred always checks. Dick was not the first child in the Manor to slide down the railings too fast)

Tim once caught Dick eating takeout on top of the giant T-rex’s head.

(“We have a table! And nice chairs! Why are you eating on the dinosaur?”

Dick shrugs)

Fossilized dinosaur feces is challenging some basic assumptions about dinosaur eating habits.

Hadrosaurs, a kind of duck-billed dinosaur, are among the most common herbivores of the Cretaceous period. But new research suggests that actually, these animals also chowed down on crustaceans.

The prehistoric snacking was likely intentional and linked to mating behaviors, seeking some extra protein and calcium to help with egg development.

Shellfish Surprise: Common ‘Herbivore’ Dinosaur Found To Snack On Crustaceans

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images