eating clean while traveling


London Farmers Markets

Yesterday we took a trip down to one of London’s most charming farmers markets in Hampstead Heath.  If you are into clean eating and live in the UK or are visiting, farmers markets are one of the best ways to sample fresh, local and unique foods.

Although there are many large and amazing fresh markets in London, what makes this one really special is that all of the food sold is local.

I sampled some of the most delicious freshly pressed English apple juice along with the most incredible goat’s chevre with peppercorns…yum!

As there are only a couple days left on my trip, I wanted to be sure to pick up some really special ingredients to use whilst we were here so that I could treat my friends to a few of my best clean dishes before I leave.

On the shopping list:

2 Dozen Free-Range Organic Eggs

What was incredible about the eggs we bought is that they were laid the day before!  The yolks were bright orange and I whipped up the most delicious pesto & sundried tomato fritatta with them!

Local Raw Honey

Ended up discovering one of the most delicious pots of honey I had ever tasted.  It was a raw brandy, cinnamon honey made in Cheshire! Farmers markets are goldmines for these sorts of discoveries.


Tomatoes, beet root, apples, fresh lettuce, chard, kale & pumpkin


Raw buffalo milk, raw peppercorn chevre

With bags stuffed of delicious, clean eats we enjoyed a walk back through the heath all the way home where I whipped up a delicious pesto & sundried tomato fritatta made with roasted parsnips, capers & of course peppercorn chevre! 


Couldn’t quite leave Switzerland without enjoying a delicious cheese fondue at one of my favourite mountain top chalets…

Classic fondue is a major indulgence (I mean its pretty much a loaf of bread dipped in hot full cream cheese) so my plan was to order a regular meal of grilled prawns with steamed veg and a huge salad and dip some of my veggies into the fondue cheese rather than eating the entire thing as a meal. 

The veggies were delicious when dipped in the melted guyer and it was a perfect gluten-free way to indulge in this local classic dish!

Note: My dairy serving for cheese is usually about 1 ounce per day but I enjoyed a larger portion as a planned guilt-free treat meal.