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Jughead x Reader | Texts

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I absolutely adore this imagine!


Plot: You and Jughead are texting, they live next to each other but can LITERALLY just go to the others house, but it’s late at night and the two of you are bored. Just a short lil fluff I guess

based on show

Warnings: None

“Ugh I can’t believe it finishes like that!” You shouted to yourself. You just finished an amazing movie which had the worst ending in the entire world of movies. You grabbed your remote and switched the TV off. You sighed and scrolled around on Netflix looking for something better to watch. You put on an old episode of your favourite show and sat chilling for a while. Just eating Cheez-Its and trying to stay awake. You were determined to have a good Thursday night.

You got up from your bed to grab your laptop from your desk which faced your window. You looked outside and up at the moon. A full moon, it spooked you out a little as you thought about Jason Blossom death and how his killer is still out there. You shivered and looked up at your neighbour’s window Jughead Jones, the ‘boy next door’. Well… More like ‘the weird spooky boy next door’. You’d known him since grade school and have been friends with him ever since you defended him against a bully.

What you didn’t ever mention is that you liked him a whole lot. He was always there after a breakup, you confide every emotion in him and basically share everything. A lot of your stuff is at his and a lot of his is at yours.

Oh god you’re wearing one of his shirts right now…

Your parents would constantly ask ‘when are you two settling down?’ or ‘shall I send out a Save The Date?’ obviously they were mostly jokes but sometimes you found yourself imagining living with Jughead and waking up next to him in the morning and-

But they were silly daydreams, you knew he had an interest in someone else. Betty Cooper, the actual ‘girl next door’ she was so lovely to everyone and especially you, you were close. Her and Jughead worked on The Blue and Gold. You could sense there was something going on in his head. But you wished it was you. You grabbed your phone from your bed and sent a text to Jughead.

You: You up?

The ‘seen’ message came up almost instantly, he was probably bored too.

Jughead: Yup… Stuck on homework… You?

You smiled and typed away.

You: Bad movie… Hey I can see you!

You walked up to your window and saw Jughead walking round his room looking down at his phone. He looked up, pissed off

Jughead: Creep

You: Pervert

You laughed and kept your eyes on him and saw him texting.

Jughead: I’m a pervert? Wouldn’t a pervert rather see someone undressed?

You smirked and noticed Jughead looking up at you. You mimicked taking your shirt off but stopped before Jughead shielded his eyes.

Jughead: That came out wrong, and you’re immature

You: You’re annoying

Jughead: Why don’t you just come over instead of awkwardly standing in front of your window?

You: Cause it’s almost midnight, I have a curfew. Plus I need my beauty sleep for the Pep rally tomorrow

You almost forgot you made it on the cheer squad. You tried out with Betty and Veronica, the three of you got in. You looked over at your very cute uniform and smiled.

Jughead: Oh yeah… I didn’t think cheerleading was your thing

You: It became my thing once I found out I looked so good in uniform!!

You noticed Jughead smiling and you put your hand up before ducking away from the window. You quickly changed into your cheerleading uniform and walked back up to the window. Jughead chuckled and looked down.

Jughead: Give us a twirl Y/N

As he said, you did a little spin and a few poses. He watched you, a little mesmerised and smiled a whole lot more. He leaned on the window frame.

You: Like what you see Juggy? ;)

You smirked at the text and put your hand on your hips.

Jughead: You’re so annoying.

Jughead: Yeah you look okay

Jughead: I guess

You blushed, he rubbed the back of his neck. You couldn’t see but he was blushing too.

You: You look good too

Jughead: I said okay…

You: Yeah but I knew you meant The Most Amazing Person On This Planet.

You saw Jughead chuckle.

You: I’ll be mad if that’s not my new contact name.

Jughead: Go to sleep!

You: Make me ;)

Jughead sighed and you shut your curtains to change into your pyjamas.

Jughead: Where did you go?

You: I’m changing, wanna see?

Jughead: Not this again…

You opened your curtains, to reveal you just in your pyjamas. And Jughead shook his head smiling. You also opened your window. Jughead did the same.

Goodnight Jughead.” You said

“Goodnight Y/N.” He said. You closed your window and walked over to your bed. You got under your duvet and shut your eyes. Until you heard another phone notification. You picked up your phone and read the text.

Jughead: You’re really pretty

Jughead: I’m sorry for that

Jughead: Do you wanna get a burger and milkshake tomorrow?

You blushed furiously and smiled.

You: I would love to Jug <3

You smiled to yourself adding a cute heart emoji at the end. You put your phone away and went to bed.

Jughead was in his room smiling down at his phone. Blushing furiously.

(Hope you liked it!!)

Okay everything about this picture I just love.


Edd and Ringo being buds.

The husbands.

Tord don’t hug my bae or I throw couch.

OMG Tom’s like right by me do I act natural okay act natural you handsome ginger prince maybe he’ll ask you out!!~

Lol dunno who this Todd guy is but Imma let him shoot me into space.

Cutie Edd.

Eduardo be the lucky.


Markiplier Name & Birthday Scenario!

So, this idea was inspired by DarkAdmin-E while I was lurking on Deviantart, as they had done Markiplier scenarios based on birthdays! Definitely check them out, and see what answers you get!

This is very similar to that. Your first initial of your first name, first initial of your last name, birthday month, and zodiac sign will determine your scenario with, respectively, an objective, a person/character, the reason why, and…a twist at the end. You can use your own, or make random combinations to see what you get!

First Initial Of Your First Name: What Are You Doing?

A: Making & Telling An Improvised Story to Santa’s Bastard Kiddies With

B: Playing Hide-And-Seek Flashlight Tag with Slenderman and

C: Recording An Episode of The Boner Cast At A Strip Club With

D: Doing A Pax Panel With

E: Having A ‘Sexy’ Dance-Off With

F: Eating Cheez-Its and Playing ‘Amnesia’ With

G: Playing Laser Tag With An Army of Bastard Kiddies And

H: Filming A Sketch Comedy With

I: Cooking With Chef Iplier And

J: Surviving Five Nights At Freddy’s With

K: 12-Hour Charity Livestream With

L: Three-Hour Drunk Minecraft Session With

M: Playing Outlast On The Oculus Rift With

N: Hosting A Karaoke Night With

O: Going To An Empty, Creepy Carnival With

P: A Contestant On ‘Hire My Ass’ With

Q: Cutting Off Your Lips And Putting Them On Cats And Dogs With

R: Making Pancakes With

S: Pole-Dancing With

T: Building A Human Raft With

U: Ghostbusting In The Victoria’s Secret Store In Kansas, Missouri With

V: Don’t Laugh Challenge With

W: Whisper Challenge With

X: Surviving Subnautica IRL With

Y: Smashing Bottles Against Your Head With

Z: Testing Scent-O-Iplier With

First Initial Of Your Last Name: With Who?

A: Darkiplier

B: Ryan & Matt (SuperMega)

C: Game Grumps

D: Bob

E: Chica (AKA: Boat Dog & Chef Dog)

F: Santaplier

G: PewDiePie

H: Tiny Box Tim

I: Stone-Faced Tyler

J: JackSepticEye

K: A Pet Named Steve

L: Wade

M: Wilford Warfstache

N: Ninja Sex Party

O: Matthias

P: Google IRL (Googleiplier)

Q: The Crazed Butt Stabber

R: CinnamonToastKen

S: Markiplier

T: The Blonde Boyz

U: Freddy Fazbear

V: Sienna Spaulding

W: RubberRoss

X: Zombiemold

Y: Latin Goddess


Birthday Month: Why?

January: Because You’re SPECIAL!

February: Because, Bitch, I’m FABULOUS!

March: Because…life and love is apparently NOT Candy Crush…

April: Because That’s What The Book Says To Do!

May: Because You Know What’s Best!

June: Because….*coughs* I Got A Haircut!

July: Because I’m Pregnant. DON’T EAT JEWS!

August: Because…There Are Boobs And Butts…hehe…

September: Because You Just Want To Have A Good Time!

October: Because Ryan Needs To Stop Blowing That Horn On My Crotch!

November: Because There’s Something Of Utmost Importance: You Look Beautiful Today!

December: Because Santa And His Bastard Kiddies Are Comin’ Tonight!

Zodiac Sign: When Suddenly…What Happens?

Aquarius: It’s Cthulhu!

Pisces: Flying Dildos Rain Like Rain!

Aries: The Author From ‘Danger In Fiction’ Has You Trapped In His Story!

Taurus: MMMMMMMMM Joins Super Smash Bros., So You Cancel It For That!


Cancer: POOF! A Flare From ‘Toward The Light’ Was Shot!

Leo: At Long Last…You’ve Found the Blacksmith! …maybe?

Virgo: Someone Pressed B To Blow…yep.


Scorpio: It turns out…YOU were the ghosts!

Sagittarius: What? A Nurse? Tell Her To SHUT UP!

Capricorn: A Harpoon From Happy Wheels Stabs You In The Butt!

Now, put all of them together…what did you get? 

Thanks for playing! Have a great day!

Tumblr Tuesday: Decades on deck

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The 1950s. The decade of impish men eating Cheez-Its.

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The 1970s. Truckers were our heroes and we bought CB radios just to talk to them. They sent us “QSL cards” in return. Because of the ’70s, they were often bitchin’.

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Soupy Sales doing the mouse via popculturerelapse

conniecorleone  asked:

Your vibe: overeducated personal assistant to a high-profile hockey player who secretly moonlights at a sloth sanctuary.

i mean, i love this, because in my head it’s just a lot of the both of us looking at one another and being like, “do you….have any idea……how to proceed? no? ok” and then me having gentle nervous breakdowns while covered in sloths.