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Hey Faiza! So I was wondering. Is the reason that Sana is refusing to go and have McDs because the meat is not halal? I don't know how it's in Norway. I'm from UAE and here it's halal but I have no idea about elsewhere.

Hi, Anon!!

I’m not sure about Norway! Urm, where I am, in the UK, I don’t eat McDonalds/KFC/Burger King, because, some people say it’s Halal, some say it’s Haraam. So, just to be on the safe side, I avoid it all together completely. But I know some Muslims who do eat from there!

But when I go to the UAE, Saudi or to Pakistan, I eat from McDonalds/KFC/Burger King, because I know for certain it’s Halal!

But yeah, at home, I don’t. I avoid it. 

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Captain Jack, River, or Missy?

shit this one is actually really hard

Lab Partner: River, we’d make mischief and flirt the whole time and it would be great

Stuck in the elevator: me and Jack would have so much sex in that elevator in 10 hours, my god, what a time, and the rest periods would just be us laughing and chilling and man that would be fun

McDonalds trainer: she could murder annoying customers and we could just chill and eat burgers probably

So Netflix just keeps ‘em coming with the hilarious vids of the Riverdale cast, and this time round it’s a crackingly awkward video of Cole eating a burger (to make up for the lack of Jughead eating burgers on the show) with sensual music in the background xD…..but what’s even more hilarious are the reactions from his co-stars and friends…

love this cast.


i draw on post-its at work when i get bored, here’s the majority of my stash! ive probably already posted some of these somewhere but ayy they look cool all together

dang looking at these all together breathed some much needed life into me, tomorrow i’m gonna draw 🤘🏽🤘🏽