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For the minific meme, 479er and Carolina in U?

U. Coming home.

So at the end of the war – ‘The war’. Singular. What a fucking joke. Which war? And when? One of how many real or metaphorical? – Four-Seven-Niner finds there’s a certain level of work available to morally flexible combat pilots with nothing to lose. She comes highly recommended. She comes with her own drop-ship. She comes with a head full of slip-space trajectories and read for flash-jumps through the contested voids between one UNSC system and the next. She has a head for ducking law.

In the end, she’s just looking for a color.


She finds it in a space port along the outer systems, eating burgers and fries from a docking cantina, hair buzzed up the back, sticking up on top. Niner taps her on the shoulder. She turns around, blinking green and Niner isn’t sure why this occurs to her: an image of a skyline, a horizon frayed by the rippling green of trees, a long stretch of rolling hills that climb from her feet to the edge of that great wood. She imagines a rocket, no, a single bottle rocket, winding a trail of smoke into the atmosphere. Popping in the sky. The smell of hotdogs on a grill.

Niner’s eyes burn a little. “Hey, there Carolina.”

And the woman with a green eyes, a new massive scar across her cheek, she says, “Fuck you, Four-Seven-Niner.”

Then she lunges out of her seat and Niner’s weightless and spinning. She’s tasting ketchup and salt. She’s kissing a women two steps from SPARTAN, saying her name to make it stick. And home is the sound she makes when Carolina says her name (her real name) in a time of peace.


We spent the evening exploring the west end, eating burgers and waiting for our show. The drinking age is 19 in Canada so Elysia was able to order a drink for the first time! The My Favorite Murder show was wonderful. It was absolutely worth the drive 😄



NAME.    paiyonce (to the common folk). or paige.
PRONOUNS.    she - her.
SEXUALITY.    straight.
TAKEN OR SINGLE.   single.


ONE.     i swallowed my tooth while eating a burger in kindergarten lmao.
TWO.      apparently i have a very good poker face.
THREE.    my knees hyperextend.


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?).    about 6 or 7 years.
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED.     forums, tagged (when it was poppin), and here.
BEST EXPERIENCE.   wonder woman (:


FEMALE OR MALE.    both.
MULTI OR SINGLE.    a part of me has always wanted to do single, but multi.


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT.    i love doing fluff over everything but obvs cristina isn’t as fluffy, so angst is second. smut is whatever.
PLOTS OR MEMES.     i suck at plotting. like i literally do not know how to plot. that being said, feel free to shout anything at me bc i will 110% will be down for it most likely?? yes. and im slow with memes and like to collect them so one day i can sit and tackle them all and just have a meme day… i’m weird.
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES.    mini-para mostly. i like to have some dialogue but also some actions too. i love writing longer threads as well it’s just that i’m slow. it takes me like two hours for one reply akjdksgj. but also… i like turning mini-paras into longer threads sometimes. oh, and one-liners. i like it all hm.
BEST TIME TO WRITE.    when i’m trying to sleep or when i have to go do something smh.
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S).     i’m more so like diana rather than cristina, but i do have my cristina moments.

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