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yesterday i accidentally made a new oc

she enjoys weaving (more efficient with many limbs), communing with smaller arachnids, home decorating, crawling up walls, and eating bugs.

You know, I can really relate to Spock. Being a child of two worlds. I’m Hispanic and a lot of white (Polish is the most predominate one) and the two sides of my culture are always a constant battle inside of me.

Like. I love being Latina. I love my rich culture that can be traced to the Incans of South America. I love how mi Abuelita passes down oral stories from her family to me in this hopes I continue the tradition. I love being Polish and celebrating holidays and learning the little Polish my grandparents know. I loved listening to my great grandma tell me stories about her country.

But it seems that whenever I try to connect to people of the same culture it goes one of two ways. The Hispanics shun me much like the Vulcans did Spock, because he was half. They tell me I’m not a true Latina. Whereas the white side see me as some science experiment and ask me if I eat bugs and ear rice every day.

I truly understand Spock and I know what it’s like. You have to choose one and basically turn on the other. And it’s a hard thing to do.

ladydeadlynightshades asked:

[1/3] Hi Vero!:) I have a question that might seem stupid, but since you're vegan too I think you will understand me! So here's my problem: I live in Québec, as you might know it's very cold during winter (which is from late November to, well, we're in March and it's still -10°C!-_-). In summer, when I see a bug in my house, I always take it and put it outside without harm. The thing is I don't know what to do in winter… I mean it's so cold outside the poor bug will freeze to death, but I don’t

[2/3] wanna let them live in the house! It’s gross, even if I let for example, small spiders alive because they eat other bugs, I don’t wanna keep ants and flies… What I do for now, is that I kill them with a tissue, because I think it’s less cruel than putting them outside to freeze to death. I still feel bad every time, especially since I’ve gone vegan. Do you have any alternative for this kind of situation? Any tips, please?

[3/3] Thank you, I love you’re blog and what you’re doing, scrolling down my tumblr and seeing your stuff is one of my motivation! :D I send you best of vibes <3 

Hello ladydeadlynightshades ! :) Thank you, you made me smile. You’re so kind :)

It is very nice of you that you want to treat bugs the right way even when you don’t like them that much. I wouldn’t worry so much, insects in general, experiment something called: Insect winter ecology which are survival mechanisms. Maybe you can check this guide I have with some tips that can help you to prevent them to enter your home, so that way you don’t have to take them out every time. :)


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David George Gordon, also known as The Bug Chef, has updated his awesome and indispensable Eat-A-Bug Cookbook. The Bug Chef is a proponent for expanding our diet to include insects as a way to reduce the environmental impact of food production. He says that raising insects instead of cattle would reduce greenhouse gas emissions between 20% and 60%. 

Protein is protein, right?

As you can see in the lush pictures from the book, he doesn’t expect us to suffer. The recipes are truly delicious and include everything from deep-fried tarantula to three-bee salad.  

You can read an interview with him, and get a few yummy bug recipes, in National Geographic

[Photos by Chugrad McAndres]

Even Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Now Munching On Bugs

The American Museum of Natural History hosted the annual Explorers Club dinner on Saturday night, and the guest of honor was none other than Neil deGrasse Tyson.  The delicacies at the event were made of insects, and ever the explorer, Tyson tried a few.

“‘I have come to surmise, in the culinary universe, that anytime someone feels compelled to wrap something in bacon, it probably doesn’t taste very good,’ he said.

Tyson, a modern-day science hero, says the logical appeal behind eating bugs, a growing trend in the West, is perfectly clear: ‘Insects have been long known as a great source of protein, so I don’t have a problem with that.’”

Read more via npr.


Swan Queen Appreciation Week: Day 2

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[The makeout stakeout session in the bug]